Suvreen Guggal 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Yuvraj walks down and maddy sees him and offers him lift in his car.Yuvraj refuses,but maddy persists .and says he will drop him at some place.Yuvraj sits in the car.Yuvraj is looking for samar at the place,and sees samar with a basketball.Here he says that why u dropped me here.Samar says lets see who wins.At first yuraj is not interested ,but samar says as college sports captain why are u afraid.Yuvraj is surprised,samar tell he had read his biodata.They play ,samar wins 1st time.After that ball is with yuvraj that time samar says always if there is tension between 2 people then a 3rd person always comes in between therefore u should sort out your differences.That yuvraj says he doesn’t know anything .Samar says he knows that she kissed somebody else.Yuvraj is very furious,about to strangle samar,when samar says if u kill me u will be hanged.Yuvraj stops.Samar wanted him to remove his frustation on him.He tells him to forgive her.also that whtaever I know of her she is type of girl who knowingly will never do any mistake
Suvreen is waiting for Yuvraj near his house.She decides whatever happens she will speak to him.Yuvraj arrives in an auto,he ignores her,Suvreen runs behind him,but he slams the door on her face.Suvreen says Yuvraj u were never like that,to which yuvraj who is near the door inside says even she was never like that.Suvreen tells she was to speak to him.will not go home unless he comes out ans says I love u as she says I love u.Yuraj sees rathi inside the house,Rathi again asks what is the problem,he tells him not to interfere.Suvreen standing outside says she will not tell her parents ,neither she will pick their calls and wait till he comes out.She goes down and keeps waiting for yuvraj.
Here her mother is trying to call her but suvreen doesnot pick up the phone.She is worried.At that her father thinks of calling maddy.They call him,he says she is busy inthe office.He tells himself that he knows where she will be now.

Here suvreen is waiting and the song bin tere is being played.Her parents are packing their bags to go to Kathgodham.Her father is worried and says she will alone as soni is also not there ,how will she manage.Her mother yuvraj will take care.Her father says it is very easy to make relation,but difficult to maintain it.Her mother says suvreen will manage.
Rathi comes down to meet suvreen,she asks whether yuvraj send him .He says yes.She tells u are telling lies.He asks her why is is playing statue statue.,and please come up.She refuses.
Rathi angrily enters the room ,and shouts at yuvraj is this the way to treat a girl.She standing alone in road at night.He tells him u don’t the problem so please don’t interfere between us.Rathi tells him if 2 people have problem then 3 rd person always comes to interfere.Suddenly yuvraj remembers that even maddy had said the samething,he immdiately rushes down.
Suvreen is not their ,but her bag is there,then he sees suvreen surrounded by 3 guys.Suvreen sees yuvraj and calls him.The guys tell looks like she likes yuvraj the cricketer thats why she called.At that time yuvraj tells he plays also and he hits sixes.

Precap: Yuvraj says u are topper and I cannot win with u.They both hug and the song Tum hi ho is played.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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