Suvreen Guggal 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen. She goes to the new house. A girl opens the door. Suvi looks at the girls dress and then she goes.. but the girl stops her with saying: Are you suvreen guggal? And then she goes in. The girl shows their beds, washroom and kitchen. (she talks too much yaar) And then she asks do you have any question. Suvi opened only her mouth but the girl talked again.. The girl says : I know my dress is not so good. I’m Soni. Soni tells about herself. That she wants to be actrees. (Star) Suvi wants to ask how much does it cost. But Soni is still talking Suvreen thinks: Everyone came to Mumbai for their dreams. I’m not alone. Everybudy came here for being a good actress. She doesn’t answer my question about the rent. Soni asks Give me your number. Suvi says I don’t have phone. Soni asks how can you manage without a phone, she gives a phone to her. And then she asks do you have any questions?? You didn’t ask about the rent..She tells her about the rent.. Suvi says that it’s too much for her. Soni says that she knows Suvi is new in Mumbai and all.. she will do anything. And then she wants to go but then she says that the neughbours are the big trouble.. She goes but then she opens the door again and says You didn’t tell me something about you. Suvi wants to say something but Soni says : Ok.. lets talk later. And then she goes. Suvi looks at the door from the neighbours and asks herself what will be the big trouble there?? And then she says: You won’t know anything when you only look at their door.. and then she close the door and goes to her bed. And then she sleeps..

Next Scene: Rehan, Ira and Jolly are sitting on the couch. Jolly says that they want him to do the final decisions. RC says: You said to me that I’ll do the final decisions but now you are saying that I can’t design in my company?? Jolly says: you will design and your credit will in it but you have to show me the designs. Rehan stands up.. Jolly says if you want the contract then you have to follow my ideas. Deal or No deal??? RC says thanks but no deal!! And then he wants to go but Ira stops him. Jolly says that he has to follow his ideas. Rehan comes closer to him and says : You don’t have to tell me what I’ve to do or not. Ira says that Rehan is doing the design and Jolly is giving some ideas. RC says ok.. Rehan is angry and goes.

Back to Suvi. While she is sleeping she hears anyone is listening to a song, she can’t sleep.. and then anyone is knocking the door. She says : I think it’s Soni. She stands up and goes to the door and then she notices that Soni has a key for the house , she would not knock the door. She asks who is it?? She gets scared.. and then she screams it’s your neighbor, I need ice. Suvi says that she won’t open the door now and then she wants to go but he stops her with saying: It’s emergency, my friend had an accident. And then she opens the door. It’s MADDY!!!!! (my cutie pie) Both are screaming : YOU??? Suvi imagines their first meet. Maddy smiley He calls her Mumbai hater You didn’t hear to me, you are living in Mumbai. Suvi looks at his clothes.. (he is shirtless and he has only towel He laughs and says Welcome to neighbourhood.. Suvi wants to close the door but he asks what is the story?? Suvi asks what story? He says : You told me why you came to Mumbai, so why you came to this house?? Suvreen says you wanted ice right? And she goes to bring the ice.. he comes in.. And he asks again what’s the story?? She says: I told you na to stay outside why you came in?? what did you think, I would hear to a drunk stupid boy ? He says tell me why you want to live in Mumbai?? I’m sure you want to live in Mumbai just because of me.. Why are you soo impressed in me?? Ahh.. I know, because of my intelligence, my good looks or’ Suvi asks: How can anyone love himself soo much?? He laughs.. She says I can’t remember anything about our first meet. And then he sits on a chair.. You didn’t say sorry to me .. She says I said twice. He starts laughing.. and says You are remembering.. Tell me how did you find me??? In the big country how did you find my address?? My neighbor?? Woow.. I’m impressed!! She says: What did you think?? Anyone will waste their time with finding you?? He says: I don’t feel soo.. It happened like that! He laughs.. She says : Your friend had an accident right?? Why you don’t go? And then he takes the ice and goes.. She close the door.

In the morning. Suvi tells everything to Soni about Maddy. She says: now, I know why you said that the neighbours are the big trouble. Soni says that the bad boys are looking cool outside but inside they looks burned like’ like bread. And then they noticed that the bread is burning.. they run to the kitchen and put the bread out. After a while anyone is knocking the door. It’s a women. (I didn’t get what she says’. :// but I think she is the sister or anything of Maddy..) The woman comes in. She gives the plate what maddy took for the ice. Soni goes to Suvreen and says: look your bad boy is not soo bad, he gave your plate. And then Suvis phone rings. It’s her mum. She goes to talk with her.
In Delhi. Puppa guggal is screaming lovely ji. She comes and says that Suvreen called her. Puppa Guggal is not happy to hear that.. She says that she is very happy. She tells everything what Suvi told her.. and then Puppa Guggal goes..

Yuvraj calls Alisha. And asks how are you? She says I’m fine and how r u? Yuvi says : Awesome.. today is a very good day.. She asks why? He says that he is together with Suvi again .. Alisha gets shocked and asks what?? And then she hangs up without saying bye to him.. She talks to herself.
Episode Ends!

Yuvraj talks to Suvreen on the phone. Suvi says that she is really irritated of anyone.. Yuvi asks did he do anything bad?? Give me the address I’ll come..

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