Suvreen Guggal 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 27th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with suvreen being shown urgently begging rc to pick up his phone which he hd kept in silenced bt vibrating mode..rc is shown already inside manini’s cabin looking gloomyst n crestfallen..he fails to notice his ph vibrating as he is in flashback mode retracing every fond memories of iris 4m its birth..manini trys pushing rc to hury n sign her contract to complete d take ovr by lecturing that this is like a bandage on ovr a wound..d earlyr u gt rid of it..d lesser u feel d pain..rc flexes his jaws n squeezes d pen in his hand more firmly showing his apparent irritations bt thankfuly n timely he does notice his ph n picks it up to hear suvi babbling rapidly pleading desperately to him to nt sign d contract..a perplexed rc is unable to understand wat suvi ws trying

to tel suvi slows dwn n starts explaining vividly that d original contract is nw with her n manini can b proved false so iris need nt b sacrificed n given to d hungry shark nw..rc teks time to comprehend wat suvi tels he finaly understands d changed scenario n recovers..he hangs up n gets up 4m his chair..manini in ridiculing tone asks y he left his seat n stood up..hs he changed his decision 4 sum reasons..rc replies he hs nt changed his decision..n picks up d contract n tears it into pieces flinging it on a bewildered shrieking with anger manin..she screams her lungs out threatning to destroy a laughing smiling relieved man in rc walks out..once outside on d road an exuberant child like gleeful rc calls up suvi n thanks her profusely 4 saving him..he says part of his heart alwaz blived that she wd cum 4 him n stand by him in his sorrow n that she hs reaffirmed his faith that miracles do happen..he asks suvi to meet him in iris 4 celebrations within 15 mins n throws up his fists in air blissfuly..suvi exalts in hapynes n celebrates in her own flat with her mom too..n samar does a bhangra-in-car!!
samar walks in to yuvis place to brief him abt iris recovery bt a gloomy angry head-strong yuvi refuses to smile n greet samar..infact he shows no reactions 1st..samar casualy nests himself on yuvis bed n says iris hs bin saved evn without his assistance..yuvi retorts so sd he dance n sing 4 that?samar says evn sales-men r greeted with more politenes than d way yuvi is treating him nw..he then starts his free advice that suvi needs him more nw than evr..n that he hs two options..either to play on as crying griefing man or go n stand by her..n samar leaves..
suvi is shown nxt climbing up iris’s d mean time rc calls up ira breaking her d detailed news..d other tensed interns arnd her notices her facial change n asks wats d news nw?she informs them that suvi hs saved iris..evry1 breaks into jubilations..congratulating each othr..geeti cals up suvreen..n every1 thanks her in chorus n starts questioning together..suvi tels them she is cuming so hold on..ira teks d ph n apologise 4 her rudenes n asks her to cum to iris asap saying that iris needs n awaits her..
rc n suvi both reach iris..he thanks her again..ira says sory to suvi again..suvi decides to nt waste any more time bt reveal abt her being pepper then n thr only..she starts to try rc interupts her n calls up manini taunting her abt her failed attempts to grab iris..he adds that she hs 24hrs to tell d truth to media or b ready to be sued n hangs up..suvi again begins to tell her side of d story..she tels sir i am 1st rc disbelieves..they assume she posed as pepper n fooled manini to save iris..n geeti vikram preity too trys to divert d suvi refuses to buckle dwn n tels every1 that she is pepper n y she ws forced to do so..rc bcums very upset..he says she cd hv asked mony 4m him bt he is hurt that suvi didnt trust him..ira screams n accuses again that may b she is d iris mole bt nw to cover up 4m being exposed she is faking as iris’s saviour to gt bak into thr gud buks..suvi denies all these..she says she alwaz put her best 4 iris..she asks rc to trust him..he says he he is right nw too upset to react..n ignores her..he turns his back on her n tels d other interns to join him n start thr celebrations n tek iris to a higher level..

Precap:suvi says she wants to quit iris..rc’s face clr fades..yuvi tels samar suvi wd chose iris ovr him..suvi tels samar gudby..she is shown carying a cartoon full of her belongings n walking away 4m iris with every1 else looking at her tearfuly..

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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