Suvreen Guggal 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Manani is very stressed and angry she is worried Samar says Peppers designs were in the locker to what else was in there? Manani in anger shouts out that the Iris Contract is in there too. Manani immediantly rings the locker company but they tell Manani none fo their Engineers are free today they will send someone out in the morning 11am. Manani is very angry and shouts but the company people say they cant do anything untill tomorrow.

Suvreen tells Yuvi she hopes their plan is sucessful she says they need to save Iris, Yuvi tells her not to worry just then Samar comes there and tells Yuvreen the good news that the engineer will come tomorrow at 11am. Yuvreen are happy Suvi says tomorrow they will have the Iris contract, Yuvi says to Suvi lets go out for dinner Suvi asks Maddy where they should go? Yuvi says what is Maddy going to there kabab mein haadi.

We see Iris and the interns Vikram is continuously ringing someone and is pacing in the office, Alisha is annoyed. Rohan asks Vikram why hasn’t Geeti come yet Vikram says Geeti isnt anwsering her phone he is really worried, Alisha says did your break up make routine started again? Vikram tells Alisha not to say anything like that. Rohan and Vikram says that Iris was all there dream, Geeti always wanted to work with RC, dont know what going to happen now? Alisha says to herself her dreams will surely be achieved she will be designer in global indian her mom will be very proud of her. Just then Geeti comes Vikram runs to her he says he was so worried abotu where was she? Geeti says she was trying to explain to her Dad about the condition of Iris she asked for financial help and her Dad refused. RC overhears their conversation from upstairs. Alisha says no one can help Iris now, Geeti says if Guggle was here I’m sure she would have a plan. Rohan says where is she? she isn’t even anwsering anyone phone calls, just then Geeti phone ring its her Dad she says maybe Dad agreed she quickly anwsers the call. Alisha says what happened? what did you Dad say? Geeti says he Dad said that Iris has a bad reputation in the market bankrupcy and all the company cant look after itself, she says her father has also said to leave the job. Alisha says dream can get broken anytime. RC is very upset.

Manani is thinking who came to her cabin she then says Samar Raghuvanshi he could be working for Iris why should I trust him? she says now I will kill 2 birds with one stone. RC is very disturbed and upset, Manani rings RC informs him she has found Pepper and she tells RC about his financial state, she asks him about his decision to sell Iris or not, RC says he is ready to sell Iris to her. Manani is happy she says if Rc had contract he wouldn’t have said that. Manani tells RC she will get the papers ready tomorrow, RC is upset. Manani then informs RC she saw Suvreen doing rounds of her office, she tells RC if she sees Suvreen anywhere near her office she will call the police.

RC says to himself what is Suvreen doing there she wil come in problem, RC rings Suvreen, he tells her he didnt mean what he had said that day, Suvreen says to RC he doesnt need to explain anything, RC says I know you care for Iris but please whatever you are doing dont do it, I dont want you to get into trouble. RC then says Iris is a part of your life your career has just began so please dont get involved in any of this, he says I have decided to sell Iris to Manani. Suvreen is shocked she says why Sir? RC disconnects the phone.

Manani rings someone tell them I have some special guests coming, if they try and get into my office dont let them leave in one piece. Preeti is talking to RC she is very upset she thanks him for giving her a job in Iris although she didnt deserve it, but she got the job becuase of her Dad she tells RC her house is not hers she needs to pay loads for it she has no money, RC tells her its ok she can look for a new job immediantly and leave Iris. Preeti apoligises to RC he tell her not to. RC is upset.

Yuvi says what happened to Suvreen? Suvi tells him RC is selling Iris to Manani Samar says what all our hard work went down the drain, Suvi says dinner canceled we have to go to save Iris, Yuvi says to Suvi she is obsessed with Iris she needs to calm down and think properly, what does she want to do? he always listens to her he says when we help someone we should stay in limits what else can we do? he says do you have a plan.

Mama Guggal is talking to Soni she says Suvi hasnt come yet I hope everything is ok, Soni says she must have lots of works thats why tells Mama Guggal not to worry. Mama Guggal tells Soni that she had asked money from Suvi is it becuase of that Suvi is really down and upset. Soni says no it not because of that she has lots of work to do Soni says Suvi will arrange the money she has told her not to worry.

Back to the Trio Suvi says they will go to Manani office and steal the papers, Samar says like James Bond 007 thats cool, Yuvi says to Samar its not cool he is mad, he then says you both have gone mad, the locker is in Manani office, he then says this is not a film, she isn’t a spy, all this is very risky,Iris could get into a lot problem, Suvi says I’m not spy I know this is not a film she needs to save Iris and its all her fault Iris is in trouble today. Suvi then says I need to get them papers tonight no matter what, she says I dont care if you guys come or not I will go by myself and brake the locker get the papers if not I will bring all the locker here, Samar says Sachi like Shri HanumaanJi, Suvi says Yes, Yuvi is angry he says to Samar chupkar warnah mein mein tere ram ram satya yahin kardogha samaj aiyi. Yuvi says this is suicide, Samar says do you any other ideas, Yuvi tells Samar to be quiet and not to make Suvreen mad just because he wants adventure. Suvi says we are going!!!

Suvi tells Yuvi if you dont want to come dont come me and Samar are going, becuase I have no other idea, Yuvraj says you both have gone mad go to hell he is angry. Suvreen says to Samar lets go both leave.

Ira tells RC what is all this why is having this loser mentality why should they give up and give Manani Iris, RC says why should everyone sacrifice he will end this we will fight life together, RC says to Ira if you are with me we can do all this again we can create another Iris if not here somewhere else. RC says I dont want Manani to ruin the interns future, Ira says its all becuase of Suvreen carelessness if she had registered the designs we wouldnt be in this state, she is such a stupid girl. RC says even if Suvreen had registered the design Manani would of come up with another plan to ruin us and snatch Iris, RC goes he has finally understood Manani. Ira says to RC stop protecting Suvreen is she more important than Iris to you, she then says Iris was our dream we created it with so much love we are going to lose Iris just becuase of Manani, Iris is crying she says they wont have anything left she tells RC he has to do something he cant take a decision like this. RC hugs Ira.

Precap- Manani rings Suvreen she tells her you had sent Yuvraj SIngh to steal the papers, he is outside my offce the guards have beaten him up badly for now some bones have been broken, but next time he wont be spared she tells Suvi to come and get Yuvi.

Update Credit to: Anam_ali

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