Suvreen Guggal 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suvreen. She comes home and puts her bag on the couch and sits on the couch. Her mom comes and asks what happened in Iris today? Suvreen says it was normal like always.. there was a lot of work to do. And then Mumma guggal goes. Suvreen talks to herself. She says that she has to say the true. She calls mumma. Her mom comes and Suvreen says that she has to tell something. Mumma says but first I have to ask you something. Suvi says tell me, what do you want to ask me? Mumma asks did you get your salary? Suvi says no , why? Mumma says that Puppa Guggal has phone and said that he needs money. He didn’t want it , you know your dad can’t tell you that he needs money but I’ve the feeling he needs money urgent. Suvreen says don’t worry, I’ll get my salary

soon then we will give it to puppa.. Mumma Guggal is happy and then goes.

In the next scene. Rehan talks to the interns. He says I’m sorry for yesterday. Rohan says that they understand, he should not say sorry. Rehan says that Iris was his dream. He says that they are like family to him. He says just because of one mistake everything changed. I should not trust everyone. And then Ira asks Suvreen didn’t come?? Geeti says that she was depressed and she said that if we need help we should call her.. Rehan and Ira are sad. Alisha says it can be that she has met Manini. Ira shouts hell! She says it can’t be she will not meet her and I’m sure about it! Rehan says that she made a mistake but everyone can make mistakes. Rehan says that he made a lot of plans for Iris and to make the plans real I met a lot of people. He says for this project we took a lot of money so Iris can be closed. Vikram and Geeti saying is there anything we could help? Ira says ohh.. thanks guys.. and then Rehan says thanks too. Rehan is almost crying. He says you all have already done sooo much for me. And then everybody are going.

Suvreen calls Soni. Soni is really happy. Suvreen tells her everyone about Iris. Soni asks did you think that it’s right to take the Iris contract?? Suvreen says that she doesn’t know whats right or wrong. But she knows that she will do everything for Iris to be successful again.

Samar comes to Manani and says good morning He lies on the couch. Manani says good and then she looks how Samar lies on the couch and says good morning. And then he sees the designs of pepper. He stands up and wow.. finally you talked to Pepper? Yuvraj and Suvreen are watching them on the TV. Manani asks where do you know it? Samar says that he knows everything and then he wanted to take the designs but Manani doesn’t let him do that. She says now go and do your work. He asks but why are the design here? She says that Pepper has called her today. She tells everything about the call. After a while Manani goes to put the design on her safe. Suvreen phones massages him to check the safe. He goes and asks Manani for a caffee. Suvreen phones Samar. Yuvraj says him to check all the password.. he tries and it’s opening. Samar asks now what to do? Yuvraj says that Topper will take the contract from Manani.

Samar and Manani are going to the car. She says that he is driving. And then Manani sees Suvreen with the Iris contract on her hand. Manani gets shocked. She says stop to Samar. She gets out of the car and runs there where Suvreen was but she can’t find her. Samar asks where are you going?? Did you drink too much? Manani says shut up, I saw Suvreen with the Iris contract here. After a while she runs to her office. Samar is searching for Suvreen and then he sees her. He asks why are you here? Suvreen says that she wanted to scary Manani and she wanted her to realize that she can’t open the safe. Samar says ohh.. not bad! Manani tries to open her safe she can’t do that. And then she gets angry and goes. Suvreen says brilliant idea right? It’s Yuvraj’s idea. She says that the plan is not complete, he has to go to the office again because Manani needs your help. And then Samar says not Manani it’s Kamini!!

Manani talks to her interns. She shouts at them. The interns are saying that they didn’t know that there is a safe. Manani calls the police. And then she says get out. Samar comes. He says calm down. Manani shouts are you crazy?? She says that everyone tells her that nobody knew that there is a safe but I think one of them did it! And I’m sure one of them is working for RC. But who is it? Samar smiles but she doesn’t see it. Samar says that in this situation to call the police is not a good idea. And then Samar imagines what Suvreen said to him (but they doesn’t show us what she said). Samar says do call your safe (maker) and tell them to fix it. Manani calls them. Suvreen is watching them.

PRECAP: Rehan tells to Suvreen on phone that he will give Iris to Manani. Suvreen gets shocked she wanted to say no but he hangs up. Suvreen tells to Yuvraj that RC will give Iris to Manani. Yuvraj gets shocked. And Samar gets shocked too.

Update Credit to: YuvReen

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