Suvreen Guggal 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Suvreen runs and hugs Yuvraj, she is very happy that finally her father has accepted their decision. YuvReen keep jumping in excitement. Yuvraj tells her that he cannot believe that her parents have finally agreed for them to be together. Suvreen asks him that if his parents will accept her or no? This saddens Yuvraj, he keeps quiet and tells Suvreen that she may get late for her class.

Suvreen gets into the class and Annie-Zorro are very excited to know what happened with YuvReen. Before she could say Ira and RC arrive and ask everyone about their projects. But there is a problem! Suvi cannot find her individual project! She searches for it hard and still can not find it. This irritates Ira and she removes Suvreen from the internship! But wait, someone looks very happy and yes! its non other than Alisha! Becuase Alisha was the one who hid Suvreen’s individual project. RC shouts at Suvi for being irresponsible and exclaims her to leave the class!

There, Yuvraj is upset because of his parents. He is talking to himself saying that Suvreen is lucky to have parents who understand her. But his father doesnt even wanna see his face. Still for Suvreen Yuvi tries to sms his father waiting for a reply.
Suvreen is sad and calling Yuvi but he isn’t receiving her call. This makes her upset because whenever she needs him, he doesnt pick her call. Annie and Zorro come to console Suvi and tell her to confront RC and Ira mam. Alisha comes there to tell them that she heard the two talking about Suvreen that how annoyed they are with her and won’t give her another chance.

Suvreen is leaving the campus and there comes Yuvi. She asks him where is he and why isn’t he picking her call and he replies saying he forgot it in the room. Before he could say anything further she scolds him and leaves from there. Yuvi is upset as for her he tried to contact his father and she didn’t even listen to him.

Suvreen reaches home and finds Baby shouting at parents for being partial and bias with her and Suvreen. Baby tells Baldev Guggal that she wants to go for a night out with her friends. He agrees to let her go out with friends but tells her to return home before 6pm. This irritates her and she tells her parents that they allow Suvreen to do evrrything but not her and leaves from there. Baldev is sad and asks Lovely that he hopes giving permission to Suvi hasn’t set a wrong example for baby, where she tells him to not worry and she would speak to baby about it.

Suvreen who is listening all this from outside the house thinks that it was a bad day. She lost her internship, fought with her bf and now would upset her father if she tells that because of her carelesness she lost her internship.

Suvreen decides that she won’t lose hope and strive back again! Next morning she comes to Yuvi’s hostel room and cutely wakes him up with a cup of coffee. she apologises for her behavior the previous day and tells that she would love to hear what he wanted to tell her that day. She also tells him about losing her internship and he is worried for her but at the same time encourages her to not lose hope. Suvi decides that now she will manage her personal, professional and love life all together without any further mistakes and Yuvi tells to stand by her side always. She is about to leave and Yuvi is happily drinking the coffee when Suvreen turns behimd and kisses Yuvi on his cheeks taking him aback! He didn’t expect that. She tells him that she would love to hear what he wanted to tell her, at the canteen during lunch time. And kisses him again on his nose. Yuvi is left blushing.

PRECAP: Suvreen confronts RC and Ira to give her one more chance.

Update Credit to: Jyo Ksg

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