Suvreen Guggal 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd April 2013 Written Update

RECAP: Rehan said that he has to go, so Suvi has to do it alone. She designed the clothes alone. She was alone in the office. Everyone left her alone.
The Episode starts in mumbai. In the morning. Preeti comes to the office and makes the lights on. Suvi comes and sees that there is anyone and goes. When preeti goes, suvi comes inside. After a while preeti calls “Suvreen”.. Suvi gets shocked and screams.. when she starts to scream preeti screams too.. Preeti asks when did you come?? Suvi says Now.. (Preeti talks too much yaar And then Vikram and the girl are coming. Suvi calls Tanu on the phone. Tanu asks what happened why you didn’t call me?? Suvi tells her that everyone left her alone in the office, so she slept there. And then they hang up.. Alisha stands behind Suvi.. (I think she heard everything) Suvi says hey to her. Alisha asks where did you go yesterday night?? Suvi says that she was with her friend. And then she goes.
In Delhi. Mumma Guggal says to Yuvraj : Suvreen doesn’t say the true, there should be a problem. She says please call her and talk to her. Yuvraj: I’m trying to talk to her but she doesn’t want it. Mumma says: Try anything else.! Yuvi says that he will be talk to her. Then they hang up. Yuvraj is very sad…
Back to Mumbai. Ira says to everyone that todays meeting was very nice. Rehan says anything to Vikram that anything has changed.. (dunno what??) After a while a phone rings. It’s preeti.. She said anything to Ira. Ira gets very happy. She says that she has a surprise for them. She takes RC’s hand and goes down the stairs.. everyone comes behind them. She says this is our new logo.! (it’s purple ) Ira says : Rehan made is really beautiful.. but RC says that Suvreen has made it. Everyone gets shocked. Suvi says that she doesn’t design it. Rehan says he saw the designs by her. She imagines that. Everyone clapping for her.. only Alisha is looking angry again (hate her) Preeti hugs Suvreen. Suvi is still shocked. Vikram and the girl come (I don’t know her name) and congratulating her. And then Alishas phone rings.. It’s Yuvraj…!!!! Alisha thinks: Yuvraj is mine. Yuvi asks how are you wassup? And then he asks how is Suvreen?? She says I’ve something to do.. I’ll call you later. And then they hang up. There comes a voice *Boyfriend?* it’s Preeti.. Alisha doesn’t answer the question.. Preeti goes. Suvi asks Rehan : My job is finished, can I go?? He asks : Now?? Ok.. you can go And then she goes. Suvi takes her back but anyone is screaming.. It’s Jolly.. he says that everyone has to come to him. Suvreen wants to but Jolly asks do you want to go anywhere?? I know you stealed me iTab. Rehan comes and says that nobody is interested in his iTab. ! Jolly says that he has to find his iTab. Ira says that they have to find his iTab. And then RC goes with angry face. Everyone is searching for his iTab.. Suvi looks in the pink box.. preeti doesn’t want to let her see what is in it. She saw a book with the title: Don’t lose your mind lose your weight. Preeti crys and goes outside the office. Preeti says that everyone called her cute but she doesn’t want to be cute. She wants to be hot. All my friends has boyfriends. She tells about her past. Suvreen says that she is very preeti. Anyone will be like you.. if he comes then you will have a boyfriend too.. And then they hug.. Preeti screams and jumps into suvis arms.. and they fell
Rehan comes and asks did you guys find his iTab?? Everyone says no. And then Jolly comes he is very happy and asks what is happening here? I found my iTab it was on my couch. Rehan gets very angry. And then he goes. Suvi is very tensed.. she has to look at a house, she is late. Suvi calls Tanu and says that she has to wait some minutes there and then Rehan comes Suvi hangs up the phone. He asks what happened?? Any problem?? She says no. He says that the dress has to be perfect. She is desgining the dress.. she comes out and the light are off again and she Is late. She says it’s ok.. I could sleep here. Nobody will get it. Anyone is calling her name.. she looks and it’s Ira. Ira asks what are you doing here? Suvi gets shocked.

PRECAP: Alisha wants help from Suvreen.. and when she goes to help her, Alisha cuts the dress what Suvi made.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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