Suvreen Guggal 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st November 2013 Written Update

Suvreen,Yuvraj ,samar and Gloria are talking at coffee shop.Gloria asks how is the plan going ,they say its all fine.Yuvraj says only he is unemployed to which gloria says I am making your contract and u will work for me.Actuallyafter manasi work I am planing a wedding line
with suvreen and me designing and u and Suuvreen can model as groom and bride.Suvreen is surprised at that time she gets call from Preeti saying Manini’s a/c is freezed.They all are happy.
here in the office Manini is talking to her financial broker about loans she will get if she leases her shares.She tells him not to tell anybody.Alisha asks about money ,manini tells they will get loan tom,u ask the vendors and workers to start work.To which alisha says they will work only if their earlier dues are cleared.

Suvreen is shown talking to rc about Yuvraj comin to pick him up day after tom.suvreen is shown talking to camera she prays everything goes according to plan.Waiting for any thing to happen is most difficult thing.
Next day manini receives the money and they all are busy working on the project.After 2 days rana tells he wants the delivery by tom.manini is worried she shouts at tailor and tell them not take rest and work continuously.They are angry and they leave.Manini is talking to alisha at coffee house and telling her even this will pass and she will be a winner.At that time a colleague from comes to give letter ragarding cancellation of order.Manini is shocked and the guy tells her u bribed rana to get this contract so we fired him also blacklisted u too.Manini goes crazy ,she wonders whats happening to her.At that time alisha tells even she also cheated her,to which she tells her to leave before she slaps her.

Manini enters her office and finds suvreen,yuvraj and samar and all interns in her cabin.She is surprised to see Rc sitting in her chair.She asks whats happening,this is my office.To which Suvreen says it was your now it is mine.I bought the shares which u kept on lease so now I am the owner.Manini says 3 days back u were a salesgirl and now u bought my shares.Suvreen says gloria made me her partner and gifted the shares to me so now actually Rc sir is the owner with 69percent shares.At that time soni comes and says 72 percent as I an giving my 3 percent.manini says I gave u shares,house and u do this to me.Soni says actually I am not pepper Suvreen is so its her and I lost all my friends because of what i did.Manini is shocked says Suvreen u are great ,u will go places and become big in life.

At that time suvreen’s parents enter and asks if they have change of 500 Rs as they have to pay the auto guy.Manini tells them I was praising your daughter and I may have not won but I have not lost yet and I willcome back.

All rejoice and our happy.Soni is about to leave when Suvreen stops her.soni says I am sorry and I am very bad u would have won it earlier but because of me you couldn’t.Suvreen forgives her and after that yuvraj,samar ,soni and Suvreen hug each other.

Samar removes the tGI banner and replaces it with Iris logo.All are happy.Rc says Suvreen u are great I lost hope but u did it,Iris is yours,Suvreen says no its yours u made it.

Precap—Suvreen’s father says she has got chance to go to Paris,and he tells we spoke to yuvraj and he agreed.Yuvraj tells suvreen I don’t know how I will stay for 4 yrs without u.Next they show yuvraj proposing to suvreen.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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