Suvreen Guggal 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with Soni singing and enjoying dusting the house.. Soni is helping Suvreen by doing her work and Suvi asks her why is she doing so? She says she doesn’t have any other work to do as those ad people haven’t called her yet. :P Suvi tells her that whenever it will have to happen it will.

There at the office, RC gifts Ira a beautiful necklace set. She thanks him and informs him that in his absense Jolly has accepted 2 new projects shocking him. Rohan is finding Preeti while Preeti is hiding from him. She tells Suvreen to not tell him where she is. RC is angry and tells Ira how can Jolly do commitments on their name, its his and Ira’s company and not Jolly’s. Ira supports Jolly like always & RC tells her to let Jolly know that decisions will be taken only by him and not Jolly.

There Geeti and Vikram are fighting since Vikram has problem with commitment as he is not ready for marriage now. Geeti forces him to do so, but soon Preeti arrives informing about a meeting by RC in 15 mins.

Alisha comes and gifts Ira a branded purse but she refuses to accept it. Ira informs her to come for the announcement. Alisha is thinking of making another announcement too. Preeti comes to call her and Rohan asks Preeti why is she avoiding him.

RC informs everyone that their Cannes visit was fabulous. Everyone focussed on Madhura’s design. He informs everyone about their new projects. Suvreen gets a call from her friend Miral and she informs her that her designs have been approved by the contracters but they need some sample designs by tonight. Suvreen is confused how would she do that. There RC announces everyone to start working on their new projects by tonight itself. This shocks Suvreen and she stares at RC for his sudden decision though he has left. Alisha notices this and uses her dirty mind. She tells Suvreen that what is that she is noticing RC so much that she isn’t concentrating on other things. Suvreen is irritated and doesn’t understand her real meaning. She tells Alisha to stop day dreaming and let her work.

Part 2:

Suvreen is working hard on the project given to her. She is chanting All Is Well..:P She calls Miral her friend and pleads her to give her some more time to work on her designs. Miral tells her to give it by tomorrow. Suvreen tells her to meet at V Spot cafe for breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. Alisha hears this and promises herself to spoil Suvreen’s picture perfect life soon.

There Ira asks RC to go home and take some rest, she’ll manage everything out there.
Rohan shows his designs to Geeti who is still disturbed. He asks her if she didn’t like his designs at all? & she informs him saying that she is a bit disturbed as her parents want her to get married soon.

Part 3:

Geeti tells Rohan that she hasn’t told about this to anyone, Rohan tells her that RC and Ira wouldn’t have any problem with Geeti and Vikram working together after marriage. Geeti tells him that its Vikram who has problem, he doesn’t want to marry her. Geeti tells that even if she gets married to someone else, then it will be difficult for her to work with Vikram or in front of Vikram anymore.

Preeti books table for two at V Spot Cafe. Alisha is anxious to know who it is for and she bribes Preeti saying Ranbir Kapoor has just parked his car outside their office, hearing which Preeti runs away leaving her cabin for Alisha. She peeps in and finds RC and Ira’s plan for breakfast at the same cafe where Suvreen had to meet someone.

Suvreen and Miral at V Spot Cafe. Suvreen gets a call from Yuvraj and no sooner she finds RC and Ira entering the cafe. She tries to get away hiding her face with a menu card, but is stopped by a waiter for if she needs any help. RC notices Suvreen.

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