Suvreen Guggal 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 20th August 2013 Written Update

It happens to be suvreen’s dream .She comes back to senses when Rc tells he has some work so she should meet JD.She enters the cabin wearing scarf and gogles.Jd asks her the reason ,she tells her she has cold and flu which is contagious.Jd tells her to go home she will manage.
Suvreen enters the store room and dials Jd .She tells her she is free now ,would meet her in 30 mins at coffee shop.Preti overhears her conversation and calls her pepper.Suvreen is surprised ,but then preti tells she knew she was doing freelance work since she had heard her speak to Palash.Suvreen requests her not to tell anybody.She tells on one condition she should make her assistant.suvreen agrees.

Here yuvraj sees a courier boy carrying chocolate box.He asks him to whom he has brought.he tells Samar.Yuvraj tells he will show him his room.In room samar is working on the pics.the boy enters gives the box and leaves.
Samar gives the box to Ash.She is surprised and he tells her he is really very sorry for the way he dumped her.Ash is happy ,she opens the box,its filled with cockroaches.Ash screams and shouts at Samar and leaves.Here yuvraj and rathi enjoy the fun,while says Yuraj i will not leave u .this time its personal.
Suvreen changes her dress and comes out from store room.Rc is surprised seeing her,but she says she spilled coffee so changed.She tells him she going to get that samples.Rc tells her to go home after that work as jd told him she has cold.Rc tells that he will tell vivaan u can’t come today for dinner.

Yuvraj sees ash and cheers her up by giving coffee and telling her how immature of samar to give such surprises.Later he gives her chocolate cake ,she is impressed and tells him that u are different from all people she has met,and leaves.Rathi comes there,yuvraj thanks him for the cake he brought.Rathi tease him he is flirting with her ,yuvraj clarifies that he wanted to cheer her as they have spoiled her mood.

Suvreen meets jd .at that time she notices suvreen specs and says she has seen it somewhere.Then she remeembers and tells her friend’s intern had worn it.At that time suvreen gets call from vivaan telling her if she doesnot come for dinner tonight,he will stop speaking to her and cuts the phone.
Yuvraj and rathi are playing a prank in which he is shouting at rathi for having dumped his gf by informing on phone.Hearing this ash gets upset and l;eaves and samar slaps rathi.Yuvraj is about to hit him back when samar hugs rathi telling him not to make such mistake.
All get ready for photoshoot,and samar agains mocks yuvraj regarding his expression,but ash supports yuvraj and tells samar that he knows the meaning of love ,,he very geniune not like u.Hearing this samar gets angry.

Precap”suvreen calls yuvraj and asks him whether he read her message,He tells he didn’t,she tells him that near mansion she and rc,at that time rc opens the door and suvreenstops speaking.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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