Suvreen Guggal 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 1st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Soni and Puppa Guggal meet in the office. Both get shocked. And then Alisha comes and says hi uncle. She asks do you know her?? Puppa looks at Soni. And then Manani comes. She gets confused. Puppa tells that Alisha called him coz Manani wants to meet him. Alisha says I called uncle. He knows the secret of Pepper, right uncle?? Manani asks Alisha: Pepper ka secret?? Are you still on that?? Alisha says you know na who she is? Soni makes signs to Puppa Guggal to say no. Alisha says please tell us uncle please.. Manani watches them. Puppa Guggal says I see the girl for first time. Manani says to Alisha are you mad??? Did you call Puppa just for that stupid question? Now you will say that he is too saying lie. Alisha says yes. Mannai asks what?? Alisha says I mean no.. Manani tell to Alisha to say sorry to Puppa Guggal. Alisha says I’m sorry uncle. Puppa Guggal says it’s ok bachi!. Manani says go to Alisha. Alisha goes. Manani says sorry to Puppa Guggal and Pepper. Puppa Guggal says it’s ok. Manani asks how is Suvreen?? Puppa Guggal says that she is better now. Manani says that she should not come if she is not 100 percent well. Puppa guggal says it’s ok.. and then goes.

Puppa meets Suvreen outside of the office. He says that he doesn’t get it why she is doing that. Today only just because of you I lied. Suvreen says Puppa how can I explain you. And then he goes. Alisha comes to Suvreen. Suvreen says that she will say the true now. Alisha asks what do you want to say?? I know everything! Who always comes to the office, she is not a designer. She doesn’t know anything. Suvreen says yes she is not pepper. She is Soni my roommate. Alisha asks who is pepper then?? Suvreen says that she would not believe if she says that. Because she is Pepper. Alisha gets shocked. Suvreen says the sketches the designs everything is mine.! Now you got it that I’m pepper.. so go to Manani and proof it that I’m pepper. I’ll take iris back.. do whatever you want! And then Alisha goes.

Puppa Guggal comes home. Mumma asks why did you come so late? And what did Manani say? And why didn’t you bring Suvreen with you? Mumma gives water. Puppa says I don’t want. Mumma asksh what happened?

Alisha is in the car and watches the designs. She says I don’t believe these designs are Suvreen’s designs.. I have to proof that Suvreen is pepper.

Vikram, Geeti, Rohan, Pritty and Suvreen are outside of the office. Suvreen says that she told the true to Alisha that she is pepper. Alisha will do everything.. Suvreen says that she will do everything on Soni’s name. Vikram agrees. Pritty says that your parents know it too.. how can you handle it? Suvree is tensed.

Suvreen comes home. She says that she wants to talk to them urgent. She says that she is working in iris and as pepper. Puppa says you lied to RC too na? Suvreen says yes but then I said the true. She tells everything why she started working as pepper and she tells how it come that Iris is now Manani’s. Mumma asks her are you crazy??

In the restaurant. VC, Yuvraj and Samar are sitting. VC praises Yuvi in front of samar and said he has fire inspite Yuvi hold VC’s collar. Samar says stop it to Yuvraj. Yuvraj goes. VC says nice guy.. and then Samar goes.

Puppa asks are you worried about yourself, your career, your family, your friends?? Mumma says we won’t stay here anymore. We will go to kathgodam. Suvreen gets shocked. Suvreen says I can’t go.. I can’t go. Suvreen says that she wants to give iris to RC back.. it’s my fault.. Puppa says ok.. but we won’t stay here.. Suvreen says I will go office tomorrow. And then she goes out of the house.

In Samar’s house. Suvreen is sitting. Samar says that all parents are worried about their child. Suvreen says yes. He says you know na you are doing right? Suvreen says yes. So sometime your parents will understand you. Chill maar! Suvreen smiles and says to come near to her. He comes. Suvreen stands up and hugs him. Samar is shocked and asks what was it? Suvreen says thank you for understanding me. Nobody understands me except you. She says thank you… Samar smiles. Suvreen says that yuvraj would say that too. Samar says yuvraj is ghada!! Suvreen says no he is not . Samar says I’m smarter than him. Samar says if somebody will get to know about my this side.. then you escape.!! Suvreen smiles and beats him..

Alisha search for pepper in net. She safes the number of a band.

Alisha talks to someone on the phone and says that she can’t find the number of pepper can you give me it? The man gives her the number. Alisha phones. Pritty phone rings. Pritty sees it. Ohh god it peppers.. Shit!!

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

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