Suvreen Guggal 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th November 2013 Written Update

Suvreen and gang complete Manasi order, Manasi is very happy she invites Suvreen and gang to attend her wedding, Suvreen and Gang congratulate Manasi. Mama, Papa Guggal are waiting for Suvi call they are worried, just then Suvi ring them she tells them they completed the consignment Suvi is very happy so are Mama, Papa Guggal. Papa Guggal tells Suvi to take care of herself. The Door bell rings two girls come with tiffin they tell Mama Guggal they want to place more tiffin orders, Suvi hears all this on the phone she is very happy so is Papa Guggal.
Manani and Alisha are discussing some work, just then Manani sees the newspaper article Manasi has praised Suvreen, Manani is very angry, Alisha reads the article, Manani starts shouting damn damn (yay Kamini ki chopsi hogayi) Manani says they need to get the wings airline contract.

Gloriya and Suvreen are discussing new project Wings Airline project also, Suvreen thanks Gloriya she tells her she has sent the designs already the tender will open soon. Alisha says they will get the contract for sure, Manani rings the manager to ask what happened about tender, the manager tells Manani the company are finding difficult to make decision so they want Manani and Suvreen to do presentation he tells Manani to prepare. Manani laughs she says will prepare so well, she will destroy Suvreen.
Gloriya congratulates Suvreen she tells her Suvreen has been selected, Suvreen says she wants Manani to lose.

Manani and Alisha are talking about Suvreen, Manani says Suvreen is doing all this t compete with her, Alisha says Manani will get the contract, Manani says we shouldnt underestimate our enemy, Manani says this is an ego trip for her she has to get this contract.

Samar is taking Yuvi pictures, he tells Yuvraj to take off his shirt, Yuvi says why, Samar says because he wants to see his body, Yuvi says no tell Samar to stop saying crap and do the shoot, Samar says the shoot requires it, Samar tells the other crew members to throw 3 buckets of water on Yuvi, Yuvi says no he has fever he will get more ill if they throw water on him he says they will do the shoot tomorrow, Samar says no they will do shoot today, Yuvi says he will get ill after today then tomorrow there will be no shoot. Samar says are you threatening me? he says luckily you got once chance be quiet and do you work or get out, Yuvi says he is ill they will do shoot tomorrow or after he says he is going. Samar grabs Yuvi arm,Yuvi say what are you doing? Samraj fake fight…. Samar say he is lucky he hasn’t broken his face yet he is a model so he needs his face. Yuvi says he Quit he is being harassed and traumatised he will not work with in TGI anymore, he will tell Manani about Samar. Samar s says fine go he dont care.

Yuvi says he quit to Manani, Manani is annoyed she tell Yuvi he cant quit or else she will make sure he gets no work, he will have to go court rounds all the time, Manani says to Samar to stop all this, Manani tell Samar to say sorry to Yuvi, Samar says Samar Raghuvanshi doesnt say sorry to no one to a model never. Samar says he was working Yuvi wasnt doing any work, Manani says dont bring your ego in this, Samar says its Yuvraj not him. Manani is very annoyed she tells Samar only 1 day shooting left not to ruin it,she tells Yuvraj to ignore his personal problems, he has no professionalism. Yuvraj says no he is leaving TGI, Manani says she has had enough of Samar and Yuvraj acting like kids, Manani says she will do case on Yuvraj in his contract it says he cant leave she will do case, Yuvraj says shall he phone the lawyer or she will he says actually first you would like to read the contract, Manani says to Alisha to take Yuvraj contract out, Samar says he needs to make an important call.

Manani is shocked seeing the contract, she says this is not the contract she had written, Yuvraj and Samar smile, Yuvraj says he knows he smiles (love Yuvi smile so cute) Samar says to Manani someone wants to talk to her, its none other than Suvreen, she tells Manani they are playing a game with her she tells Manani keep watching see what happens next, she says bye. Yuvraj says he is going, Manani says tell me who changed the contract, Alisha hints Yuvraj not to say her name, Samar says it was him. Manani says if it wasnt for VC she would of never got Samar in this project, Samar says he would have got the project forcefully, Manani says to Yuvi you hated Suvreen Guggal how could you do this? I thought you were my side, Yuvi says he was never on Manani side he says whatever you done to Suvreen you will pay for it all this was their plan.

Precap- Manani calls Mohan to tell him to come to see the rushes of the shoot, Mohan tells Manani to cut the crap he knows Yuvraj has left TGI and Samar hasn’t completed the shoot, he tells Manani he will do case on her.

Update Credit to: Anam

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