Suvreen Guggal 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 19th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Suvreen’s home. Suvi says that she is in love with Yuvraj. Puppa Guggal gets shocked. And then she says that he loves her too. Mumma Guggal gets shocked and Baby is smiling. Puppa guggal screams: What did you say?? Suvreen says: Yuvraj & Me are not only friends, we love each other. He gets shocked again and then he looks at Mumma Guggal and asks: Did you hear it that she is in love.? Suvreen almost cryies.. And then Mumma Guggal says that she knows it. She says that Suvi said it her before. Puppa Guggal says: That means you.. And then Suvreen says: Puppa.! He gets angry and screams: Shut Up!! Mumma Guggal says that she will talk alone with him. Baby smiles. Mumma Guggal says, Come with me, Puppa Guggal. They go. Baby comes to Suvreen and asks: Are you together with Yuvraj? And why you told it to dad? Suvreen says that she wanted to say it but not like this.
Mumma and Puppa Guggal: Mumma says that she wanted to tell him about that. He asks when? Why you didn’t tell me that? Lovely tries to persuade him to accept their love, but in vain. Mumma says that Suvreen is not a kid anymore, she knows what bad or good is. Puppa says: That means you are on her sight? Puppa says that he will never accept YuvReen.!
Suvreen talks with yuvraj on the phone. She tells that she has confessed their love to her father. She cryies and says how she said it. Yuvraj says: Don’t worry I’ll come to your house to clear everything. Suvi says: NO. Puppa is in anger. Yuvi says: That’s why I’ll go to your house and tell that I’m in love with their daughter. (Their cute romantic tune is playing). He says that he will be lways dare for her. And he says: I’ll tell them that it’s not your fault are you ok? She says yes. Yuvi says: Topper you are not alone.. I’ll always dare for you. Suvi asks: If he says no? Yuvi: Why you saying this before?? If anything will be not ok then they will come together and make it ok .. And then they hang up.
Back to Puppa and Mumma Guggal: Mumma guggal explains that Suvreen is not like the other girls. Puppa says that he will not accept it. Mumma says: What did you think?? Will you say no?
Suvi is in the livingroom and waiting for Mumma Guggal comes out. She comes and asks what happened? Mumma answeres: Puppa needs time.. go to sleep now. And then she goes. Suvi tensed..
Yuvraj is in the hostel.. Rathi and Mannu are saying that he has not to be in tension. They are making jokes again. Yuvraj wanna go but they say sorry to him. Yuvi says: If any child sees his parents sad then they can not live happy.
Next scene: Alisha is looking to Yuvraj’s picture in fb on her laptop (netbook).. He phone rings. Yuvi calls her. She is shocked when Yuvi calls her coz she thought about him at that time. She says Hi Yuvi and then she corrects herself and says Hi yuvraj. Suvreen called Rehan at that time. She says Sorry coz she is calling very late. RC says it’s ok.. (Suvreen is crying) he asks her : are you crying?? What happened??
And then Yuvraj & Alisha’s call: Yuvraj is telling about Suvreen’s dad. She says that’s really bad’ she must not say it..
Back to Rehan & Suvreen : RC says: You didn’t do something bad.. it’s nice that you said it to your parents.
Yuvi & Alisha: Yuvi says that Suvreen was right with telling it to her parents.
Suvi & Rehan: Suvreen says that her father is not talking with her.. She doesn’t know what to do.. RC says that she is a kid for them.. and that it’s not easy to accept that their daughter is older. Suvi says: I’m not a kid. RC laughs and says: I know but fathers are not thinking like this. Don’t give up and give time to your father. And then they hang up..
In the morning: Suvi is telling to Zorro and Annie in the class that her father is not talking with her.. Alisha hears it and thinks : I did it.. Alisha never lose.. RC told in d class that he his called all 4 f them i.e. suvi, zorro, annie n alisha in a hurry coz he wants them to tell that he’s going to starting a a joint venture fashion house with his friend ira so as to hlp d budding fashion designers 2 give a platform fro der creatives..everyone starts clapping.. and den he says that he’s not finished yet.. and continues saying that when he said a platform that means it will be internationally..everyone get’s excited …and then he introduces his friend Ira to everyone. evr1 stnds n surprised to c ira..shez abt 2 say charles brownie to rehan bt stps wn rc gvs a stern luk @ her..she den says let me guess whu u all r..she recognises annie. suvreen n zorro..evry1 is surprised hw she guesed dem so well…n den she luks @ alisha n tls dt sry rc hs nt tld abt her so she dsnt knws her..alisha feels bad n abt 2 say smtnhg n den ira says hey chill ur alisha i kmw dt..i ws kdng..then she tks her seat n tls evry1 to sit..n asks questns 2 evry1..1st she asks zorro dt y he chosed fashion course..she den says wtevr in hs heart he cn spk dt..zorro says dt he ws vry mch fascinated by d costumes f super heroes n thus got the interest in fashion,,ira says very honest answr..then she asks alisha..with is fashion for her..she says fashion 4 her is style n confidence..n den she asks annie..annie says she choosed fashion coz of personal reasons as she wants to look stylist n gud..n finally she asks suvreen..n suvi says that for her fashion is all about carryng a smile in d face coz a person looks completly beatiful when he/ she smiles..ira was very much impressed with everyone’s answer…then Ira says…ok lets make it shrt that they are done with the interviews and now can bunk der classes.. everyone is shocked.. she looks to RC and RC too is shocked..

PRECAP: Mumma Guggal tells to Suvi in the phone that she doesn’t see Puppa in tension like now. And then she says that she doesn’t think that he will understand it.. Suvreen throws the papers down.. Yuvraj and Suvreen tensed..

Update Credit to: nazomel

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