Suvreen Guggal 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts of with Suvreen coming to Iris… the news is on in the background Rehan Charles vs Manani seth… RC is accused of stealing Manani designs… all the interns are shocked…Suvi says they made all the designs its RC designs Manani was supposed to feature Iris collection in her London shop only so if RC has put his deisgns in Iris catologue what is wrong in that?… Suvi is very worried she says if this carries on like this she will never will be able to tell RC about Pepper.

Ira rings Iris tells everyone to ignore all this andcarry on working as usual and ignore thr rumours and lies…RC is very tensed he says this is all a misunderstanding…Ira says no its not a misunderstanding Manani has purposely done all this she wants Iris gifted pack… RC says they should meet Manani to sort all this… Ira says no we need a lawyer she says Kajol is a very good lawyer she will fight our case… RC says Manani is a friend and all this is not right I’m sure there must be some problem… Ira then says she wants to sue Manani becuase of her all their exclusive clients have left… she tells RC she wants to hear all this from Manani she will come with him… RC says ok.

The media people are in Iris and are saying RC is guilty maybe he did copy the designs thats why he is hiding.. Suvi is very angry she tells the journalist to stop gossiping she says it their job to find out the truth not to gossip.. she says how long do they know Manani she just came to India… they know Iris RC for longer so many designers copy other on the name of inspiriation but RC never does that you guys had written an article on him so how can you all accuse him by hearing some rumours.. Suvi says in 2 hours they will find out the truth… she says all these accusisations are false she says whoever is doing this is an unethical person she says we are taught here in Iris to work with honesty and be innovative.. we will not be scared of all this… Iris wont be ruined we will fight back we will get back to them.

RC and Ira go to meet Manani… Manani blames the journalist she says she will sort all this she will make the jounalist say sorry… she asks for 24 hours she says she will fix everything… RC says fine… Ira isnt very happy.. Manani is tryign to act innocent she tells RC why would she do all this?… RC say he knows he apologises to Manani for doubting her.. Manani says to RC to trust her.. RC says yeah… both RC and Ira leave.

Samar gives some papers to Manani… he says you wouldnt be able to anything without me.. Manani gives Samar a cheque and Samar leaves.

Suvreen is working on the laptop in her house.. she is thinking about Manani how she came and asked RC to help design and all… she launched Iris in London there were no pics of the Iris London collection… Suvreen searches on the internet for the pictures there nothing there… now Suvreen searches Friendsbook but the file on their is private.

Mama Guggal comes with tea.. she complains that Suvi is busy with laptop and work and Soni is busy with the phone… Soni comes says she is going out.. Mama Guggal complains why she is going out at night… Mama Guggal tells her to eat and then go but Soni says no… Soni tells Mama Guggal to stop anwsering questions she can look after herself… Soni leaves.

Suvreen point of view comes she says its an misunderstanding day today so much misunderstanding in office… misunderstanding between Manani and RC… now Misunderstanding at home between Soni and Mama.. she says Please Ganuji get rid of all these misunderstandings make everything better.

The next day we see Iris.. Ira is really angry she tells Rehaan Manani hasnt put any apology in any newspaper she was lieing… she tells RC let me take action RC says no relax… Rohan tells Rehaan to put on national news… in the news Manani has put a case on RC on plagrisim of designs… she demanded 100 crores copensation from RC.. everyone is shocked. Ira is very angry she says we should of done a case on her yesterday she wants 10 crores she has lost it…RC is very upset… Ira says to everyone to calm down she asks Rehaan where are the original sketches of the global indian collection… RC says we should have it Preeti checks the folder its not there… Rohan says Samar has them… Geeti says he took them to match the photograpghs… Samar comes to Iris he says he doesnt have the sketches.

Precap- Ira tells everyone to concentrate and find the sketches.. who had the hard copies… Samar says Suvi has them.. Suvi searches her desk she cant find it.. RC says you did register the designs Suvi says sorry sir I forgot… Ira and RC are shocked….

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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