Suvreen Guggal 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 17th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraj and Suvreen sitting in the cafe. Suvreen says that she has to confess something. And then she says I love you. He laughs and kisses her forehead.. (I love how he is kissing her forehead or how they are looking to each other.. it’s just magical!!) He sits and says that he has to confess something too. She says : Tell me.! She gets confused. (I didn’t get what he says but he made joke.) he laughs.. and then he holds Suvis hand and says I love you! (their background tune plays.) and then she says: Love you! after a while he looks at his bracelet clock and says that he should go now. He stands up and goes to Suvreen and kisses her on the cheek. he says bye and wants to go but then she says thank you. He gets confused and asks why thank you? She answeres that she doesn’t thank you enough. He says no need of saying thank you.. did you plan something for Soni? She says says yes. Snd then he goes. She looks at him while he goes.
Samar and Soni are sitting in a caf. She says you didn’t tell me. He asks what? She answeres that he didn’t tell her the score how many girls he liked.. he says that he doesn’t have scores at girls. She says that he is a hot photographer so he has scores, but I’ve to know how many!! he gets shy. And then she asks him whats ur type.. he asks type? And then he says NEXT!! (he means that she has to stop the questions.. ) she asks which game you played? He says hockey and football. After a while she asks do you have a girlfriend.. he always says NEXT!

Suvi comes to the house. She sees the photos of Soni on the couch. She takes some of the pictures and watches them. She is really shocked.. the pictures are very well. ! she goes to the bed and watches the other pictures. And then Soni comes and asks how are the pictures?? Suvi says that all the pictures are nice and that Soni suits on the camera. She wants to go to Maddy but Soni stops her with saying Maddy does the pictures.. Suvi gets shocked and asks maddy does it? Soni says yes and tells her everything.. Suvi still doesn’t believe that. She gives the pictures and goes to her bag. She takes some clothes out, they are for Soni. She gets happy and hugs her. And then both are going. Suvreen makes Sonis her and she makes make up. Soni looks at the mirror and is more than happy she runs and hugs Suvi. She wears a black/white dress.

In the office. Jolly takes ta Saree. He gives them to Geeti and says that she has to wear it. She looks really unhappy and then she goes. Jolly asks Rohan hows this Saree? Rohan says that it’s nice. (The sari is green) and then he asks Vikram about it, he says it’s more than nice.! And then Geeti comes. She wears the sari! (she looks really beautiful) Vikram and Geeti are looking at themselves (they look very sad) jolly says to Geeti to turn around, he says that there should be changes. Rohan writes notes. Vikram is still looking at her. And then Geeti turns around. Jolly asks geeti are you ok? She says yes. Jolly says you can change and then she goes. She cries very badly and sits on the floor.. :( :(

Everybody are waiting for Madhura to come. She comes. She wears the dress. Madhura goes to the mirror and watches herself. Rehan says I like it. Madhura smiles, turns around and shouts: I LOVE YOU IT RC!! She hugs him. everybody gets happy. She hugs Ira.. Rehan starts laughing.. Madhura says to Ira that she ofcourse knows Ira. They are making jokes.. Madhura says that she was really happy and excited to see Ira but it was Rehan’s idea. After a while Ira laughs too. Madhura says sorry to the interns.. Alisha brings the other interns. And then everybody comes. Madhura says sorry because of yesterday. She says that she feels really bad about yesterday. She says to Rehan that he has a brilliant team. And then she calls: Smart one to Suvreen. She says : always speak your mind. If you will stay like this you will be a brilliant designer. Suvreen gets happy and says thank you. Alisha gets jealous.

While Suvreen designes some clothes she thinks what Madhura said. And then her phone rings. It’s her mom. She says that they found the money what suvi sent to them.. she says thanks. Suvreen says thank you!! Suvreen says that they don’t need the money but.. Mumma gets sad. Mumma starts crying and hangs up the phone without saying bye. Suvreen gets confused.. Mumma talks to herself and cries.

Suvreen goes to her house but Samar says : Suvreen guggal.! Suvi says that she doesn’t drink yesterday.. he says ofcourse not coz you are Suvreen guggal. No no.. you are Suvreen Goodgirl. And then he makes faces how she was drunk.. she laughs!! Suvreen says that she did it for Soni. Suvi says not again.!! He asks two times?? She says that at college.. he makes jokes’ she says thank you because of yesterday. You are a really nice photographer. I saw the pictures. Samar: I know everybody says maddy when you came everything changed in my life. and then he wants to go to his house but she says: one minute. (I didn’t get what they said) and then he goes. Suvreen starts smiling.

Rehan says that he has news for them. They are in the office. RC says that he is going anywhere.. (didn’t get where??) Alisha and Svureen can go with him. Everybody gets happy but not Suvreen. She looks sad/shocked/confused. Pritty asks her what happened Suvreen?? Suvi says to RC that she really wants to go but she can’t. Rehan gets shocked.! Alisha smiles!!

Update Credit to: nazomel

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