Suvreen Guggal 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th November 2013 Written Update

Suvreen is surprised to see that time Alisha acts surprised and says u work as a sales girl sorry I never knew this.suvreen says stop acting u know I work here and she is about to tell yuvraj something when he says u didn’t tell me but alisha knows u are working here.Okay fine u want to stay alone then u live alone a life of a loser and leaves.Hearing this Suvreen is shattered,Yuvraj says in mind that sorry I didn;t mean to hurt u.Seeing this alisha is very happy and feels manini plan worked.while leaving Yuvraj thinks that he spoke to her more rudely than he did in iris and feels sorry.Alisha says she will drop him but Yuraj refuses and leaves.
Suvreen reaches her house and Sits outside and thinks why did yuvraj behave this way she is upset and decide that she has to be strong if she has to fight alone ,also her parents must not feel sad for her.She enters her house and pappa gets a cake,she asks what the occasion ,he tells for your new begining.Then cut the cake and feed each other.Yuvraj calls but Suvreen does not pick it up.

Yuvraj calls samar and tells him eveything what happened in store.He asks him why is she working as a salesgirl.Samar says he has no idea.He tells samar to speak to suvreen and tell her about their plan.samar tells if we tell her she will stop us or not speak to us so its better we don;t tell her.

Next day all interns along with Samar and Yuvraj are making plan to teach manini a lesson.Samar tells vikram and rohan not to fight as it is manini’s plan.They all decide to work together.Samar tells they have to steal the contract of forever 15.Preeti says how it is possible.samar tells somebody will distract Manini and u steal the contract.

At the store gloria tells suvreen u are lucky for me and i got a new deal and I need a designer for it so I am hiring u we need to complete it together.The store manager ooverhears this.

At the office samar asks Manini for payment .Preeti enters along with samar ,she tells what are u doing ,she tells she needs the printer as her printer is not working.manini gets distracted with the noise of printer,so samar tells we go outside and speak.They are shown talking at that time alisha tells shoot is ready manini goes to her cabin she sees preeti with contract file and asks why is she holding,Preeti says for taking copy,manini says leave it there,at that time she receives call.preeti leaves,samar asks all work done she nods.

Manini gets call from manager he tells her everthing.hearing this manini is angry and starts screaming how dare gloria employ suvreen.i will destroy suvreen.

Precap Yuvraj is shown overhearing manini tell to manager on phone about burning the consignment.

Update Credit to: sujairohit

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