Suvreen Guggal 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Yuvraj, Rathi and Mannu thinking and sitting on the bank. Yuvraj says that he doesn’t understand how Mumma Guggal know about their relationship. And then he stands up and says: Suvreen’s Mumma will ask him about that. And then he says that Puppa Guggal asked him 3 question. First: How are you? Second: What does your Father work? Third: What do you want to do after collage? Her Mumma will ask more than 1000 questions.
Next scene: Suvreen says to Annie: Why is Yuvraj behaving like my Mumma will eat him?? (They are in the class) Zorro is sleeping.. Suvi says: My Mumma wants only to meet him and know him more.. Zorro says that he have not be in tension. Her Mumma is trying to know him.. And then Annie says that he is right. Suvi hopes that everything will be ok. Behind Suvreen, Rehan is hearing everything what they are saying. RC knows that Suvi is in Tension.
Back to Yuvi.. Rehan goes to his car.. He asks whos the car front of his car is?? Yuvi is sitting on the floor and he looks like tensed.. He gets up and says that he will bring his car out. RC is calling him and Yuvi gets off of the car. RC comes near him and asks him how he is. He says I’m ok. Rehan says that he want to say anything. He says that he knows Yuvi is in stress. Yuvraj asks him from where he knows everything. RC says that if Suvreen is in tension then she shows it with her face. And he says that he heared everything what Suvi told to Zorro and Annie in the class. Yuvi says that they are too young now. But RC says that he knows that they can’t take decisions yet.. They are not ready.. And then RC wishes All the best and goes.. Yuvi screams *Bye Sir* while RC drives the car.
Next Scene: Suvi is in the collage and waits for her Mum.. After a while Mumma Guggal comes.. Alisha is looking behind them. She goes to Suvi and says Hi. Mumma Guggal says that Suvi told about Alisha but she doesn’t tell that she is thin. And then Mumma Guggal asks Suvi where is Yuvraj. Suvreen says that he is waiting for them inside. Alisha gets shocked and asks does aunty know?? Suvi says that she told everything about her relationship with Yuvraj. And then go to meet Yuvraj. Alisha is talking with herslef. She wishes that her Mum interesed in her too.
Back to Yuvi.. Rathi holds Yuvraj’s hand and says that he is the cheetah and all.. And then he sees Suvreen coming with her Mother. Then Rathi and Mannu are going.. Yuvi all tensed tries to touch Mumma guggal’s feet but she shows her hand to stop. Yuvi says: Namaste aunty ji… She asks him since when is this all going on. Yuvraj is tensed and says that he doesn’t know it. His and Suvi’s relationship is different. He always knows that Suvi is different. Slowly she is from driffent to special, from special to more special. He doesn’t know why she is special. They were fighting anytime but they got together. When they didn’t talk together then he relised that it’s difficult to live without her. When he was in the hospital then he relised that it’s important to live together with Suvi. Mumma Guggal says: I hope it’s real what you say but it’s not important.. how can I believe you?? Alisha is behind them and looks at them. She says: Dunno what Suvi’s mother will say.. she came to the collage soo she is definitly protective. Yuvraj says: Don’t believe me…!! Suvi and Mumma get shocked! And then Yuvi says: Believe your daughter.. Suvreen is a good girl. She know it more than him.. If she is with him then he couldn’t do something bad. He looks at Suvreen.. Yuvraj says that he is lucky coz Suvreen loves him.. awww… Their cute background tune is playing.. They are looking at each other.. This is the girl who teached me to be happy.. I only want her to be happy. Suvreen is almost crying.. He says Top.. and then he corrects himself and says Suvreen.. You don’t have to be in tension if Suvreen is with me. He will make her happy forever. He will protect her forever!! And then he comes closer to Mumma Guggal and holds her hand. and says: Please believe me when she is with me she won’t be sad. NEVER! Suvreen thinks: I thought Yuvi will not handle this situation.. Mumma Guggal says: Enough.. I believe you now. I believe your love! I believe your truth. I believe your believe! I know that my daughter took her decision correctly. Suvreen hugs her. And then Yuvi touches Mumma Guggal’s feet and says thanks. He says that he is afraid from Suvi’s dad. Mumma says that she is afraid too but she will tell him.. Both Yuvraj & Suvreen hug her.. And then they look each other..

Precap: Suvreen says to her dad: I believe in love.. And I also believe that love can happen everyone and every age .. I believe in love coz I’m in love!!! Puppa Guggal gets shocked! Mumma too.. Baby is smiling..

Update Credit to: nazomel

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