Suvreen Guggal 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 14th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Madhura asking RC what has he thought about her dress for Cannes. He shows her the design and she feels its gorgeous, RC tells her that its Ira’s thought. Madhura finds confused Suvreen and asks her to give her thought on it. Suvreen tells her to transform it into a saree rather than a gown as Saree is a trend setter while gown is a trend follower. She thinks saree will suit her personality more. This impresses RC and Madhura while Ira is just irritated..

There Geeti is pissed with Rohan and her bf Vikram, and she scolds them and runs away from there.

Here, Madhura is very impressed about Suvreen’s thought and decides to go with a saree. RC applauds Suvreen while Ira has a not so convinced face.. Madhura tells her to not judge people so soon.

Suvreen is very happy, she is talking to herself. She is finally so happy but then thinks about last night, all the wine fiasco and stuff.. She gets a letter from Yuvraj to meet him for a surprise.

There, Maddy has got Soni for an outdoor shoot. She is surprised to see him the other way round. He tells her to pose with a mango on road. He then stops the car and tells her to pose naturally with an umbrella on the road. He kinda flirts with her too.. Soni is not happy with the locations, but Maddy tells her that she looks good with natural locations and poses, and tells her to pose in a garage. She actually looks stunning.. She changes in his car and tells him to not look back, he tells her to stop behaving so, as he is not interested in looking at her. He has seen many models like that so not interested in looking at her..

She still tells him to stop blushing..

There Rohan tells Preeti that something is not right between Geeti and Vikram, but she tells him that those are common fights between any couple so its ok. She gets a bouquet of flowers with an empty letter, but she tells him that her boyfriend Raj has sent a sorry letter for her. She gets call from a wrong no. but pretends as if its her bf, Rohan makes an excuse from there.

Part 2

Soni and Maddy are sitting in a restro, and Soni again teases him saying that he loved her pose with exposy legs the most haina.. He tells her that she is impossible..

There Yuvraj has set a surprise lunch for Suvreen and she is very happy for it. Yuvraj tells her that she always keeps doing so many stuffs for everyone , so there should be someone to take care of her also na.. He tells her that he is very lucky to have a girl friend like Suvreen, and expects that Suvreen will say the same. She tells yeah, he is very lucky to have her… haha

But seeing Yuvraj’s puppy face, she tells him that she is really very lucky to have Yuvraj as her bf.. This makes him blush..

Yuvraj asks her about Soni and Suvreen is feeling guilty of hiding the last night fiasco, that she celebrated Soni’s breakup with Maddy and wine..

Part 3
Maddy continues to shoot Soni,

There Yuvraj is trying to be romantic with Suvreen, he is pampering her and Suvreen tells that she needs to confess something to him.

Madhura praises Suvreen for her hardwork and tells her to always listen to her mind and she’ll succeed always. Alisha and Ira are giving weird reactions..
Suvreen calls her mother, and her mother cuts the call in tears, she doesn’t want to tell her what all has happened back home. Surveen is doubtful..

Update Credit to: Kana

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