Suvreen Guggal 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 13th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Soni tells that she ans Suvi are in need of wine. Suvi says Heil hitler, sir- salutes him and then Maddy and goes to Soni and tells that he’s half naked paagal padosi. Soni tells that he’s Pagal Nangu Padosi. Maddy tells that he’s seen this side of Suvi for the first time after having wine. Soni tells that if they had some more wine, there will be some other shade that will come out. Samar tells that there’s no wine but he can make good tea of some kind i didnt understand(but guess is alcohol only) but Soni tells that she want alcohol. He goes to get alcohol for Soni but Suvi asks him to get tea. 3 of them start drinking and Suvi says that she’ll have the same tea. Soni asks for music. Maddy asks if they are doing an item number. Soni says if he does shoot a portfolio for her. The girls dance to the music and Maddy clicks pictures.

Next day morning, Soni and Suvi lie down on their beds. Suvi wakes up and recieves a call from Yuvraj. She tells him about Soni’s breakup. He asks if she isn’t
well. She tells she’s having headache and will probably go to office late. Yuvi tells her that the time is already over. Suvi sees and checks the message “meeting with Madhura at 9″

At office, Alisha tells Ira that a person who cannot be punctual cannot do anything in life especially during the initial phase of career. Ira thinks to herself how she can face Madhura. RC comes and Alisha tells that they can begin and Suvi can take notes from her. They discuss about it.Suvi comes and apologises, they continue discussing.

Preethi thinks that it’s time for lunch but hesitates to go to cafetaria cuz there’s Rohan and plans to eat in the cabin itself. Rohan comes and asks her to come to cafetaria. She tells him that she’s expecting Raj’s call. He tells okay and she closes the box.

Maddy wakes up and looks at all the pics in the camera and asks himself if it was his work and sighs.

RC comes and tells everyone that Madhura Naik is coming and he doesn’t want any goofs.

Part 2

Suvi says Madhura Naik doesn’t care about how the employees and their desks are. Geeti and Alisha talk about how they are going to behave with Madhura. Meanwhile Vikram rehearses how to introduce himself to Madhura.

Maddy rings the door bell of Soni and Soni mistakes him for her maid. Maddy asks him to come along with him. She says if there are two hot girls in the opposite flat, he just cant take them to date right away. he says he neither finds her hot nor is he interested in her.He says he has offer for her and asks her to get ready if she wantsto get her port folio done. She asks if this was a joke or some kind of flirting method. He groans and asks her if she can’t understand Hindi and tells her she has 30 minutes to get ready and that it’s now or never.

At Iris, everyone are expecting Madhura. Madhura enters the office by scolding Rohan. She turns back and everyone are back at their seats. Madhura calls out for the people in the office. Preeti comes there. She asks for RC. Preeti gets clumsy. Suvreen attends her and tells that RC is in the cabin. Madhura tells her that she’s the only one with IQ higher than room temperature. She starts walking and Alisha wishes her and introduces herself but she doesn’t care.

Part 3:

RC tells that they are starstruck or else they would have surprised her. Madhura looks at Ira. RC tells that she was the one who Madhura used to compete with. Madhura makes fun of her. RC tells Ira has an idea but Madhura says she doesn’t wanna experiment and asks RC to show designs. RC shows her the designs and tells the design is his but idea was Ira’s. Madhura, who was impressed with the design in the beginning snaps and asks for the reason behind Suvreen’s expression. She asks if Suvi isn’t impressed. ira tells that suvreen always has that face expression. Suvi tells that the design is good. Madhura objects and Ira says there’s no but. Madhura says there’s always but.

Precap:Madhura tells Ira to watch out for that one and not to judge people easily.

Update Credit to: SomerholicGirl

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