Suvreen Guggal 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts of with Preeti asking Geeti for make up tips…Suvreen reads Geeti blog she says whats wrong with Geeti? why is she behavign so weirdly? Suvi decides to observe Geeti first then talk to her… Suvi sees Geeti taking drugs
Preeti tells Suvi so many emails have come for her … Suvi says Pepper has become popular so quickly… she then spots Geeti blog on Preeti computer… Preeti tells her Geeti writes a blog on fashion… Suvi reads Geeti blogs last line says close your eyes and jump tongiht I will do that… Geeti is thinking to Suicide becuase she cant handle her problems.. Suvi is shocked.
Suvreen tells Yuvraj about Geeti’s problem… Yuvi tells Suvi to talk to Geeti about the proble. Suvi says Geeti doesnt

want to talk to anyone about this when she did confront her she reacted very badly… Suvi says she is in a very delicate situation… Yuvi says what will you do? Suvi says she will keep a eye on Geeti she says Geeti wrote on her blog she will do something drastic… Yuvi says does Vikram know he might be able to help… Suvi says No he doesn’t know if he wanted ot do something about all this he would of done it ages ago he doesnt understand Geeti Suvi says she understands Geeti more than Vikram she then says Geeti is very depressed… Yuvi says we should help to reunite Geeti and Vikram…Suvi says no even if they patch up they will break up again… she says Geeti will be in the same situation again she tell Yuvi she saw Geeti getting drugs… Suvi then says Geeti thinks her relationship has ended everything is over she should fight for her relationship if its so important for her she should talk to her parents but she isnt she is depressed is doing nothing about it… Suvi is really stressed about the situation… Yuvi tells Suvi not to think too much he will talk to Vikram…Suvi says its no time to talk its tiem to take action… Yuvi says you try from your side I will try from my side.. Yuvi says he understand Vikrams problem he will go and see… Yuvi leaves… Suvi rings Geeti sister Millee and tells her she will come to their house tonight for the dress try.
Yuvi goes to talk to Vikram…he says why are you so sad? he says oh yeah your break up happened he says look at Geeti she is talking so happily to Rohan… you are sitting here like a devdas… he then says all girls are same… he never knew Geeti would be like this… Vikram shouts at Yuvi he says not to talk like that about Geeti… Yuvi says to himself Vikram still loves Geeti.. Yuvi apologises to Vikram he tells himt o come over to his house to hang out…Vikram agrees.
Mama Guggal is back Suvi is happy… Suvi says she needs to discuss something with her… she tells her Mom the situation she says her friend is lieing to cover up one lie all the time… Mama Guggal says if no is getting affected by the lie then its ok…she then says if one lie saves someones life its better than 100 truths… Suvi says she couldnt do anything as Suvreen but as Pepper will she able to do it? will it be right or not? she hugs Mama Guggal.
Suvi dresses up at Pepper with the blond wig and goes to Geeti house… Geeti was about to jump.. Suvi comes there and says Geeti!!!! Millee comes there and introduces Geeti to Pepper… Millee also compliments the lengha that Pepper made for Geeti..Millee tells Pepper to get Geeti ready for the Roka.. Millee leaves… Suvi says nice room and the balcony view is nice also.. Geeti says Suvreen.
Vikram is in Yuvi house… they are all drinking… Yuvi spills his drink in the plant.. he says I will go make another and come back Rathi says he needs another one too he follows Yuvi… Yuvi says to Rathi I thought when someone drinks all the truth comes out but this Vikram has goen into silent mode… Rathi says you dont even drink so you wouldnt know nothing happens if you have small amount of drink he needs more drink then watch he will blurt out the truth… Rathi pours more drink inside the glass… Yuvi says he wants to help a person hes making them drink which isnt good… he says aaj cheethe type feeling nahiye arahiye hai aaj toh ghadeh type feeling arahiye hai.
Suvreen takes of her wig and glasses… she says to Geeti i thought you would recongnise me… she congratulates Geeti and Geeti congratulates Suvreen for Pepper… Suvreen tells Geeti she needed money she had family problems financial problems so she had to do freelancing… Suvi says now Pepper brand has gone so famous so quickly she didnt even know… Geeti says such things happen when we dont know.. Geeti says her Parents are forcing her to marry their choice guy but she doesnt want to… Suvi tells her she needs to face all her problems… Suicide isnt a solution it wrong by this her parents would of been disappointed… Suvi says step 1 Break down your problems step 2 clarity of mind identify your problem… your problem is your parents and the solution is you… make a decision are you sure you dont want to marry… did you discuss with your parents? Geeti says no… Suvi says to her why didnt she tell her parents she needs to have a clear mind whatever she wants will happen… Suvi says to herself if its so easy why isnt she able to tell RC she doesnt want to disappoint RC sir… but why am I scared to talk.

Precap- Suvi says you didnt tell your parents because Vikram didnt want to get married… Vikram tell Yuvi he loves Geeti… Yuvi says they should leave now before its too late.. they go to Geeti house…Vikram tells Geeti he loves her they both hug each other.. Yuvi says everything is fine now.. Suvi says its not because they dont know what Geeti parents reaction will be.

Update Credit to: Anam Ali

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