Suvreen Guggal 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th November 2013 Written Update

Manani tells Suvreen Boss to inform her if Suvreen does anything wrong, she is also tells him to make life hell for Suvreen. The Boss agrees he says why is Manani doing all this she gives him the money tell hims to be quiet.

Both Rohan and Vikram are competing against each other for Manani task, Rohan tells Preeti Vikram is makign designs for Manani this is wrong, Preeti says you should also participate to Rohan she offers to help him, she says it a really good opportunity.

Suvreen Boss tells Suvi to hurry and hang all the bags, he then gives her the duster and tells her to tidy up, Suvreen is really annoyed. Samar rings her he asks Suvreen if she is ok, Suvreen says yes she tells Samar to bring Yuvraj to the nearby cafe she wants to talk to him.

Suvreen Boss gives Suvreen more clothes to hang. Soni thanks Manani for the flat, Manani says dont call me Manani call me Mam now, Soni asks Manani to get her some roles in the industry, Manani says not so fat enjoy the flat, she tells Soni from now she will ask Manani permission before she does anything. Manani says to herself you just wait and watch what happens to you Soni.

Yuvraj and Samar come to the cafe, Yuvraj is shocked to see Suvreen he says what are you doing here Topper? Samar says he forcefully brought Yuvraj from shoot, Yuvraj says why didn you tell me before? Suvreen says she told Samar not to tell anyone she wanted to tell Yuvraj in person, both Yuvreen Smile. Samar orders 3 coffees, he says he is outside when you lovebirds finish talking he will come, he needs to make an important call Samar leaves.

Yuvraj says to Suvreen what did she want to talk about? Suvreen says whatever decision they took about one another were emotional, she says they need to think practically. Yuvraj says he wont ever disappoint Suvreen again or give her an opportunity not to trust him again, Suvreen says she always trusted Yuvraj, she thanks him for understanding her and supporting her she says she has hurt him a lot she says she doesnt want to be impulsive, she says is everything like before, Yuvraj says he loves Suvreen. Suvreen says are you sure? Yuvraj says yeah what is this? Suvreen says do you love me or am I habbit? Yuvraj says Habbit yeah but so what? Suvreen says you shouldnt have habbits, Suvreen says she has been hurt a lot now she wont be able to take it and she says even you wont be able to take it, she says to Yuvraj we have to thing practically. Suvreen says they need to give each other time be distant from one another, and during that time if they miss each other and come back to one another they will be together. Yuvraj is shocked. Suvreen says to Yuvraj to say something. Just then Samar comes saying have you guys finished talking or shall he go and make another call, Yuvraj says to Samar to lets go shoot is delayed.

Suvreen says she is trying her best to achieve something in life, but if she doesnt achieve anything she will go back to Kathgodam, that’s why she is keeping Yuvraj away from her she knows this he wont be able to take it if he is hurt.

Papa Guggal rings Suvreen, he says how is Suvreen? he says have you eaten? Suvreen says yeah she is eating, Papa Guggal says what is wrong with your voice, Suvreen says it becuase of the weather she says she needs to go and disconnects the phone.
Suvreen is 5 minutes late the Boss calls Suvreen ueless and shouts at her, customer complains about AC not being on, the Boss quickly switches on, the customers says I gave my suit for alteration where is it? the boss goes to get it, the customer shouts at the Boss badly. Suvreen says she can fix the coat give her 5 minutes the cusomer agrees.

Rohan is excited about showing his designs to Manani so he can become the cheif designer of TGI, both Rohan and Vikram are fighting amongst themselves.

Samar is taking Yuvraj pictures, Samar says 10 minutes break to everyone,Samar says to Yuvraj to speak or else everyone will think they are sitting here and gossiping like girls, Yuvraj says there is nothing to say, Samar says how can this be? Yuvraj says why they are not indiagate that they will stay in one place, Yuvraj says Suvreen is taking all decision he said sorry to her and he said he loves her and always will be with but it seems like Suvreen want to be with me, Samar says then you should move on you cant be stuck in one place if Suvreen isnt thinking about it you shouldnt either. Yuvraj says you are saying that Samar says yeah that how Maddy rules dude, he then says have you ever seen me ever with one girl, Yuvraj says I haven’t seen you with any girl, Maddy says exactly becuase my girlfriends dont interact with my friends they get annoyed, Maddy says to Yuvraj you need to move on. they both end the discussion (I think the witch heard it)

Alisha comes there she asks Yuvraj to come for a coffee, Yuvraj looks at Samar, Yuvraj agrees to go but he says to Alisha dont take this yes the wrong way, Alisha leaves happily.
Samar says the first step of plan is complete, he then tells Yuvraj he needs to make Alisha fall in love with him she needs to be crazy for him, she needs to agree to everyone thing you say. Yuvraj says all this isn’t right, Samar says Alisha caused so many misunderstandings between Yuvreen, she is a chudial, bhootni and Kamini. Yuvraj says he understands the plan and not to swear.

Samar says great he is going home to have lunch for 1 hour, he tells Yuvraj to spend time with Alisha he says you have to do all this for Suvreen.
Suvreen fixes the coat, the customer is very happy, a lady Gloriyah is impressed with Suvreen work the way she fixed the coat.

Precap Gloriyah says Manani had told her not to give her job, Manani tells Alisha Suvreen works in a shop as a sales girl, she tells Alisha to take Yuvraj there.

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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