Suvreen Guggal 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Jolly informing Ira that he doesn’t have a problem with RC but his problem is that she cant see that RC is not reciprocating her feelings, Ira asks him how does he know that, Jolly tells her he knows more about men, Ira asks him then why isn’t he helping her since he knows so much

Jolly tells her that few days back he had a problem attracting a guy but his new approach did all the work and if she wants she can try that, Ira thinks about it and asks him what is the new approach, Ira asks her does she know why potatoes are cheap and apples are expensive, Ira replies she doesn’t know, Jolly says because potatoes are easily available, he advices her to be a little pricey and not be an ‘Aloo’

Jolly leaves a thoughtful Ira
Suvi arrives home happily to see the lights off and Soni sitting in the dark, Suvi switches on the light and calls out to Soni but getting no response, she goes to her and asks her what happened but still no reply, after asking her many times Soni starts crying, Suvi asks her if something happened at night, she asks her why is she crying but Soni hugs her and cries and tells her she was right Jatin is a cheat

She sobs and informs her that there was no audition in Hyderabad, the role he promised her was given to another girl and that he just wanted to take advantage of her, Suvi consoles her saying that atleast she got to know everything at the right time but Soni shouts out it wasn’t the right time and that it was too late by the time she found out
Soni cries and says she is a dumb girl to not listen to her, she starts crying as Suvi hugs and comforts her, Soni then says he just wanted one thing, all the sweet love talks was just to get her to bed, she shouts out angrily are girls objects to be played with, she shouts out all boys are ‘kaminas’ and starts crying again, Suvi tells her not all boys are like that only this one was, she then comforts her

At Ira’s place she thinks about what Jolly said to her while applying nail polish, Ira thinks goes to fb thinking about what RC said in the morning that it was all a mistake, she goes to another fb in the office where RC deliberately hid from her, Ira’s phone starts ringing, she sees the caller its RC, she thinks about Jolly’s words ‘be pricey don’t be an aloo’, she puts her cell on silent, RC on the other hand keeps calling asking her to pick up as he needs to discuss about tomorrow’s meeting but Ira goes back to her nail painting ignoring his calls
Back at Suvi’s place, Soni tells her all the late night chats, the longdrive, coffee everything was a lie, she goes on that its all men’s concepts to use girls, she curses Jatin, but then says that she is the dumb one who didn’t understand even after Suvi tried to explain, she tells her it’s all her fault
Suvi consoles her and then goes to the table to get water for her but Soni tells her she doesn’t want to drink water, Soni gets up and gets two glasses and a wine bottle, Suvi asks her what is she doing, Soni opens the bottle and says she is going to drink wine so that she could forget everything, Suvi tells her not to and advices her to sleep and she will feel better in the morning, Soni tells her if she really wants to make her feel better then she should join her to finish the wine bottle

Suvi tells her she doesn’t drink and plus her past experience has been so horrible she doesn’t want to do the same mistake, Soni says she did drink once and now she cant drink again for her, she tells Suvi to join her to celebrate this heartbreak, Suvi asks her if she’s mad or what, she tells Soni she shouldn’t be thinking about that cheap guy and she is behaving like a filmy crazy lover, Suvi tries to stop her from drinking and tells her they should be breaking his head

Suvi pleads her to stop drinking, Soni tells her that he was such a ‘kamina’ as the money she saved up doing her job he took all from her saying he lost his wallet and then the rent problem was also because of him as she gave 10000 to him, Suvi gets shocked and asks her if she didn’t kick him twice when she got to know, Soni tells her she didn’t get the chance as he saw him doing hanky panky with an actress in the corridor and she just ran and came back

Suvi says sorry but Soni tells her she doesn’t want sympathy she wants support, Soni pours wine for both of them and hands over one to Suvi, Suvi agrees to have one sip, Soni tells her what will happen with one sip, Suvi then says for the exit of the parasite from Soni’s life she will have one drink, they both cheers to each other and drinks the wine
RC on the other hand checks his phone and thinks why Ira didn’t call yet, he messages Ira Alisha and Suvi, Alisha is shown partying hence she doesn’t notice the message on her phone, Ira is busy applying nailpaints and doesn’t notice the message, Suvi is busy drinking so she also doesn’t notice the message from RC

RC checks his phone after sometime and thinks no one replied to him, he asks himself what happened to all the girls(bechara RC)
Soni on the other hand totally drunk whines what happened to all the boys, while Suvi is busy drinking, Soni goes on that she doesn’t like two things about boys, one that they say and two they do, she says they don’t have a word such as relationship in their dictionary, they only want one thing

Suvi tells Soni that 4 weeks one sided relationship made her an expert, Soni smiles at her proudly, Suvi tells her but she shouldn’t be so cynical, Soni ignores and comments on the wine, she tells Suvi she is an expert because of the wine not the relationship, they cheers again and drink

Soni drunk says she opened all the doors, Suvi says yeah the bathroom door has a problem, Soni looks at her ‘huh’, she then laughs and says not bathroom door she was talking about the doors in her head, Soni takes a sip of her drink and then starts of that all boys are b******, she goes on and on as Suvi hears everything surprised
Suvi exclaims such awsum cursing words, she asks Soni where did she learn all that, Soni asks her if she never drove in north india, Suvi nods no, Soni says to try she will learn, she then says it is coming in handy as she could use them for that cheap Jatin, Suvi tells her shit happens and to forget him

Suvi drunk asks her if she has his photo, Soni replies yes, Suvi tells her to burn it right now and take the pic out, Soni searches on her phone for something, Suvi asks her what is she looking for there, Soni asks how will she burn the phone as all the photos are in there(hahaha omg Soni was so cute here ), Suvi sighs and says she should have brought printed photos, Soni tells her she is right, Suvi then tells her to delete the photos, Soni gets charged up and goes to delete from her cell, Suvi tells her to delete him from her life from her facebook and phonebook

Soni deletes from all and Suvi cheers and then asks if she had fun, Soni says she didn’t have fun, Suvi then tells her to wait and goes to get something while Soni drinks more, Suvi comes back with a sketch book and draws something at which Soni laughs, Suvi gives her the paper and tells Soni to burn it, Soni tears it and then burns the paper

Suvi asks her if she had fun, Soni nods yes cheerfully, Suvi lies on the bed, Soni says she will have more wine and she will totally forget him but she finds the bottle empty, Suvi tells Soni she wishes that Soni would get a guy like Yuvi who would love her so much just like how Yuvi does to her

Soni on the other hand wishes that she would get a little more wine but where would she get wine at this time, Suvi holds the wine glass in front of her and admires it, while Soni thinks if pagal padosi doesn’t come in help of padosi then who will, Suvi thinks she will put up a photo of the wine on facebook and calls out to Soni only to find her gone, she sees the main door open
Soni bangs on Maddy’s door who opens looking at her surprised, Soni sees Maddy half naked and asks innocently if his clothes are stolen(What an apt question), Maddy replies good he wasn’t in those clothes or else he would have got stolen, Soni asks should she lend her clothes to him, Maddy thanks her and says no, Soni says to think as she is offering a brand new top, Maddy says so generous and thanks her, Soni ignores him and goes inside as Maddy stares after her(Omg Soni-Maddy ka comedy is too good, Soni was really high)

Soni starts searching around at his place as he follows her, she asks him where does he keep the wine, Maddy asks she needs wine, Soni nods her head and says ‘we both need wine’, Maddy asks if she means them both, Soni nods no and indicates not them both and points at herself and towards the door
Maddy becomes happy to see Suvi who is drunk and waving at him

Precap: Soni tells Suvi PNP (Pagal Nangu Padosi) and they both start laughing as Maddy smiles and tells drinking wine he is seeing another side of Suvi, Soni laughs and says to give them more wine and see what other sides come out, Maddy says but he doesn’t have, Suvi and Soni stops laughing

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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