The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 9

Hi everyone. Again sorry for late update. So guys the incidents of past has begun. But they will occur in parts.

Chapter 9
Swayam and sharon were walking in direction opposite to the direction in which other passengers had gone. Swayam didn’t knew why but he was feeling that they were going the right way. The way which they took will lead them to their destiny. He was also shocked by the confidence of sharon in this situation. She was braver then him. He was being brave but inside he was scared. Sharon on the other hand was having a feeling mixed with curiosity and fear. She was feeling like they had survived. She didn’t knew what they survived and how, but she knew that it would change their lives. In fact swaron’s lives changed the moment they chose the way away from crowd. After walking for an hour, they reached the station from where they had boarded the train. It was an underground station with steps leading back to the ground. When they reached the surface, they were shocked. They stared at the scene for some minutes, then came down. They started running. They were struggling to breathe but they didn’t stop. They heard some footsteps behind them and were running like they had got a chance to live. When they were tired they stopped.
Swayam: can’t believe what we saw.
Sharon: its difficult to believe but it is the truth.
Swayam: how did this happen? And all died. That too soo brutally.
Sharon: i wasn’t able to see more. I closed my eyes. Tell me what was the scene
Swayam: people had died. But not with bullets, woth heat. Thei skin had melted. They were burned. I hope…….
Sharon: its useless swayam. When all died, how could our family survive.
Tears started to form in her eyes.
Swayam:(feeling guilty that he had caused it) Sharon, accept the truth.
Sharon:(wiping the tears) okay Swayam. Lets go.
Swayam: where?
Sharon: anywhere. But lets keep walking. I have a feeling that its our fate.
Both started to walk. Suddenly, they heard footsteps in large number. Swaron started to run. They were thankful for many tunnels. The reached a dead end and hid in a corner. Their chasers came and with the help of torches, found them. They had swords and swayam was scared. He felt Sharon clutch his shirt from behind. This lead to his decision that he would protect her. Protect her till his last breath.

Flashback ends

Swayam was the second one to wake. Sharon was tge first. She saw his expressions
Sharon: that dream again.
Swayam: yes.
Sharon: you know what. I had the feeling tgat our lives are gonna change. And this truely happened.
Swayam: i never told you but i also felt that we took the right path. And that it would lead to our destination.
Sharon: i dont know about destination but we obviously took the right path. ( looking at raglak)We lost our family but got it again in few hours.
Swayam: and now we may loose them again. (changing the topic) should we wake them up?
Sharon : only by shouting. Lakshya will kill me if he found that we touched him.
During the convo, they weren’t sitting together but far. Although Swayam wanted to sit as close as possible. But he knew Sharon would never permit it.
They woke the other two by shouting their names.
Ragini: good to see that you followed the rule. Wats the plan Lakshya?
Lakshya: hiking till evening and then eating. (getting up) lets start. We should cover three-fifth the distance today. They started walking. They walked and walked till afternoon. Everyone was hungry till then. Swayam suggested to continue the hike and eat on the way. His suggestion was thought as best by other three hikers. But the suggestion was not best as Lakshya couldn’t read the map well and they lost their way. This was pointed out by ragini. Fortunately, they hadn’t gone very far but couldn’t make to their destination till evening.

Precap : return of ishaan. How did he reached there. Swaron scenes and maybe past part 2.


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