The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Everyone had collected all the things and were ready to leave. Just then Mishty fainted. Ishaan sprinkled water on her to make her conscious. She woke and sandwiched her head.
Mishty: it pains. It is gonna burst. Help me.
Swayam: Mishty are you feeling that there are bugs in your head.
Mishty: yes. It does.
Everyone was shocked. There were tears forming in Ishaan’s eyes.
Swayam: you are INFECTED Mishty.
Mishty : you all go. I can’t let this happen. I can’t be the cause of your DEATH. Saying this she started screaming out of pain. Ragini moved and went out
Ragini : come on. Lets do it.
No one moved.

Mishty : (shouted) go. I said go.
Lakshya went out. He was followed by sharon and swayam.
Swayam : come Ishaan. We need to leave.
Ishaan stayed still like a stone
Mishty: Go Ishaan go. Think it as my last wish.
Ishaan: i am bad Mishty. Bad. I will not complete your last wish. (turning to Swayam ), go. Tell others that i am not coming.
Swayam left. He gave the message to others.
Lakshya : lets leave then.
They started the journey. Lakshya and Ragini had copy of map each. They avoided each other’s touch. Others also walked as far as possible. They were together but far from each other. At the end of day they had covered only one-fifth of the total distance. Lakshya suggested that they should stop and rest. Everyone agreed to begin the journey again the next day. They ate and discussed.
Ragini: so we know that the virus really spreads.
Swayam: ot can’t spread with touch as she(Mishty ) didn’t touched anything other than the things we touched.
Lakshya : maybe she had touched one of the infected. Did she helped in lifting the dead.
Ragini : yes. She, sharon and i did it.

Sharon: i Think that the vieus really spreads with touch. But the time at which one begins showing symptoms differ from person to person. Most died when attacked. The ones who were alive died within two hours. And the ones with better immune system were showing symptoms the next day.
Lakshya : wat about Mishty?
Sharon: she also touched the infected. But maybe the virus took time to act on her body.
Swayam: Sharon is right. Because she was humming a tune before fainting. Also we saw the LIVING INFECTED in that room.
Ragini : this means that we all may have the virus. So lets stay away as statef earlier.
Everyone made preprations for sleeping. All slept exept swayam. He slept a litle later.
Flashback ——–
Swayam and sharon were travelling in underground trains. It was third day ahter her birthday. They had vacations for a full month. Swayam was lost in his own world.
Sharon:(who was sitting on right to that of his seat)what are you thinking?
Swayam :(out of his imagination now) about tge hols. And how to pass them.
Sharon : well, we are neighbours. We will still greet each other. We can do some activities like going for walks, shopping, paintings canvases and maybe steal one or two kiss in your basement.
Swayam (in mind ) the last suggestion made me smile. But this was joke as she is laughing. She thought i got it at first but the smile on my face was not because of the joke. It was because of the suggestion. She is the crush of all the boys in college. Why will she choose me?
Just then the lights in train start flickering and then they got swithched off. The train stopped suddenly. Swayam lost his balance and found himself in sharon’s lap. Other time he would have enjoyed it but now he was scared. The lights in the tunnel were also flickering. All the passengers left the train. Only swaron were left. They also got up and came out of train.
Swayam : Sorry. I just….

Sharon: its okay. You lost the your balance.
Swayam : (looking at the two ways) which way to go?
Sharon : the others went in that direction. (her tone was saying that we should go in the opposite direction )
Swayam : then lets go in this way.
Sharon noddded. They started walking.

Precap : more past

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