The Survivors raglak and swaron chapter 5

Hi guys. I know the story is not clear but the next two updates will give you the reason for togetherness of raglak, swaron and mishtaan(mishty and ishaan). Here we go with 5th chapter.

Chapter 5
The whole corridor was empty. The boys were confused.
Swayam: (in a low voice)Do you think they might be hiding to attack us.
Lakshya: (in low voice too)well, they may be. The voice was too loud. We had to cover our ears. Be ready to attack, even if it is sudden.
Swayam nodded. He and Lakshya started walking in the corridor towards cockpit. Lakshya knew that even if all crew was hiding, there would be someone inside cockpit to guide the berg. His ears had detected some sound. He signaled swayam to stop.
Lakshya:(whispering) there are people inside this room.
Swayam :(also whispering)what to?
Swayam knew Lakshya would clearly understand what he was asking.
Lakshya : attack. There are chances of getting lead then.

Swayam nodded. He also wanted to attack but was confused. Lakshya was head of his military troop so he would know if defending was better or attacking. He decided that he would make their enemy unconscious. If it would be difficult then he would kill them, there was no option left in that case. The boys attacked but it seemed tgat the men inside were waiting for them. Swayam was beaten up but was returning the punches and kicks too. Lakshya had no intension of sparing them. Ke kad the rod and he was hitting it on men. Swayam had the axe but was not able to use it. He was not able to fight with it so he dropped it and fought with bare hands. He was surprised to know that it was much better. Soon he had an upper hand on men. Lakshya had lifted tge sword and was fighting with it.he was enjoying himself as he was fighting after nearly a year. Soon there was no one left to attack them. Swayam was surprised with his fighting skills.He didn’t know why but he felt that he would have to use them again. Leaving the injured men inside and locking the room from outside, the attackers made their way to cockpit. It was neither locked nor bolted. The boys were not surprised. The corridor was a long one and they had thought that the sounds would not reach inside the cockpit. There were two pilots. They turned when they heard the boys coming in. There was a man and a woman.
Man: hey who are you, and what are you doing here.
Lakshya:we want to get answer to our questions. Why did you killed innocent people with darts filled with a dangerous virus?
The man laughed.

Man: i can tell u the reason. But why waste time because you will not be able to tell your remaining friends. I had already asked the crew to put few darts and the thrower under the system.
He was taking it out when lakshya attacked him. Both were soon engrosed in fight.
Swayam:(to woman) tell us why you are doing it.
The women had cold eyes and there was wickedness in her speech. Swayam was a little afraid of her due to these features.
Woman: sorry my boy. These are orders.
Swayam : orders. Who gave you these. And why, tell us.
But the woman was continously typing something on the system. She had ignored swayam after replying to him. Swayam was able to read only the message that flashed on screen after sometime. It said BERG GOING TO CRASH. He understood what the lady was doing.
Swayam: hey what are you doing?
He was about to say something but his head collided with something hard as the berg descended. His head went blank and there was darkness growing around him. He just remembered that day’s morning. He again had that feeling. EVERYTHING WAS GONNA CHANGE NOW. He went into complete darkness and the berg crashed.

Precap: are lakshya and Swayam alive. What will happen now?

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