The Survivors (Raglak and Swaron) chapter 4

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Chapter 4
The bergs were now flying very low. It seemed to people on ground that they would land and the killers inside them would shoot them. But nothing of that sort happened. The bergs were fhying and the killers standing on the rope ladder were aiming darys at escaping people. At one point, some of the killers jumped from ladders as it helped them to shoot darts with mostly correct aims. Ragini, Sharon and the other two were escaping to reach a safe place. Swayam was inside the cottage when he noticed Lakshya signalling him. He rushed to where Lakshya was standing. There was a dead killer beside him. He was holding the weapon from which darts were shot. Lakshya gave him the weapon, took a rope with a tool tied on one end to help the rope fasten to things. He gave one to Swayam.
Lakshya: wait for my signal. Till then kill these killers.

Swayam was about to ask what to do but Lakshya had gone away till then. Swayam began his part of plan. He hid behind trees and cottages and shot the killers. He had shot just two when the bergs began going back. Lakshya had waited for this to happen and then threw his rope on the berg. The rope tool got stuck at the bottom of berg. Swayam knew the plan. Lakshya was going to enter the berg and attack the invaders. Swayam waited for signal abd did the sam thing as Lakshya. But his rope didn’t got stuck and was about to come back when Lakshya got hold of it. He tied the rope with his and signalled Swayam to come up by climbing it. Swayam syaryed climbing.he soon reached the same height as that of lakshya
Lakshya:you have to take risk. Throw your rope again.
Swayam did as he was told. He knew time could not be wasted arguing over it. The rope could break with their weight. He threw the rope very carefully as he was throwing with one hand. Hi other hand was clutching Lakshya’s rope. This time the rope got stuck. He shifted to his own rope and both began climbing to reach the berg. But the pilot of berg flew it over forests in such way that both of invaders were covered with bruises over legs.

Swayam: looks lije they know we are coming.
Lakshya: well then climb first before they think to cut ropes from top.
The idea was terrific fir Swayam. Both started climbing. They reached its bottom where they rested for a minute. They tried to open the entrance. To their surprise it was not locked. They were careful as they thought they would meet army with weapons in hand shooting darts. They entered the berg. They were standing inside a short room. Lakshya had a torch and searched for a door leading to the corridor.
Lakshya:here is it. But it is locked.
Swayam:shine the torch in that corner. I thought that i saw an axe there.
Lakshya:(shining the torch) pass it to me swayam.
Swayam did as he was told. Lakshya hit the door with it. It produced a such a loud sound that both had to cover their ears.

Swayam: lakshya, this sound is loud. It will attract our enemies.
Lakshya: have to take risk swayam. Pls find something yo attack them. We can not fight with bare hands.
Swayam searched through darkness. The torch wad being used in opening the door. He thought he felt a rod. He picked it up and handed it to lakshya. He again started to search something to attack for himself. He felt a box and pulled it. It made noises as the things in it shaked.
Lakshya had nearly opened the door. Swayam’ eyes soon made out what was written on it. He was shocked.
Swayam: Lakshya read wats written over this box.
Lakshya shone torch on it. He was alsi shocked. There had been written
Swayam hoped he had not touched the box as there were chances of virys present on the box also
Lakshya: so this is what they threw at us. Thats why people died. When attacked with it.swayam i am going to open the diir now
Swayam: go ahead.
Lakshya hit the door one last time. It opened as the lock was broken. Both were ready to attack their enemy. A shock awaited them. There was no one to attack the two. The whole corridor was empty.

Precap : events in berg. The berg crashes.

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