The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 18

Hey guys. This chapter will have raglak scenes. So lets begin
Chapter 18
Swayam was now worried. If he could, he would exchange his places with Sharon right now and die instead of her. He wanted to go down to help her.
Ragini:(understanding his state) don’t worry. Lakshya would help her reach the top.
After some voices(which Swayam and Ragini could not understand as the owners were underground) and a scream from Sharon, Lakshya came up literally dragging Sharon behind him. Swayam noticed that her left leg was red and she wasn’t unable to stand properly.
Lakshya : bring the girl where the others are, and Ragini will tend the injury. (turning towards Ragini) She slipped and her left leg came in contact with the water.
Saying this, he went towards the room where Swayam thought the others were. Swayam picked the injured Sharon (avoiding her statement that she could walk) and took her towards the room where Ragini had followed Lakshya.


Swayam woke up, surprised that he was the first one. Usually Sharon is, but now she was sleeping peacefully. Swayam admired her and thought that theur hardwork would now bore fruit. They could get the cure. After 5 minutes, he woke Sharon as the most of the others were awake.

It was exactly noon. The hikers gad sat down to have their last meal qnd their last war. Lakshya was ready for a war and had asked others to collect whichever weopon they could find. As the group finished, they heard some voices. The voices were singing songs, or to be appropriate, prayers and hymns. Sharon watched as Naira turned pale and Karthik’s face showed anger.
Naira: the voices are of people who survived and left the settlement. They are niw worshipping nature.
Lakshya : I am gonna talk with them. Any one interested.
Swayam and Karthik :me.
Naira: no. Don’t go. They aren’t friendly.
Lakshya : Don’t worry. We will just go and talk about why they left you both. Swayam will go with me, Karthik wont as he may loose his temper.
Karthik: true thing.
Lakshya went ahead and waited for Swayam, who was giving instructions to Sharon and Kaira. Ragini came there.
Lakshya : keep the others safe till I come back. Take over the leadership.
Ragini nodded and then hugged Lakshya. He thought for a minute and then hugged her back. Ragini could feel the loss of water from her eyes. They broke the hug, then as if it was a mistake that should not heve been done(of course, the step could prove lethal as virus may spread), they bith turned. Swayam came and Lakshya went towards the direction of voices. Ragini went towards the camp.
Ragini :(in mind) don’t know what came over me. But I felt as if I won’t see him again. He probably now hates me.But I so badly wanted to feel him. What is happening to me?
Lakshya :(in mind) I should not have hugged her back. But why I wanted that the moment should not end? Why I felt that this is our last normal meeting. What is happening to me?
Ragini turned back to see him walking ahead and turned back. Lakshya turned to find her walking towards camp and turned back. Little did they know that they were getting right intutions.
Precap : more raglak.

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