The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Sharon and Swayam were helping Karthik to pack things as Naira had an injured shoulder. Ragini was standing by the door. Lakshya was nowhere to be seen. He had stated that he wanted to gather any supplies left. Sharon, Swayam and Ragini knew that it was just excuse. He had gone so that he doesn’t order Sharon not to help the two in case of any virus transmission.
Ragini:(first one to speak after Lakshya went) did all the residents die in attack?
Karthik: no, the ones directly hit died. Others started behaving mad. Due to fear, the rest of surviving residents left.
Ragini :what about your family?
Naira: Karthik’s parents died during the sun flames. They were the ones which we could spot. Don’t know what happened to his sister and my parents.(tears forming in eyes) since then karthik has taken care of me. I always tried to take place of his sister but it was he who succeeded in never letting me remember my father. And now also he is here with me, knowing that my company could cost his life. But still by my side like a true friend.
Karthik wipes her tears.

Karthik: her brother left her. He was the only member of her family that we found alive. But he left his own sister to rot so that he could live. The very sister who he loved more than his life is now not worthy of his company.
Ragini could feel a sudden rise of anger. She remembered Ishaan, who had even hugged Mishty when he was sure that he would die certainly after that. She prayed that she never met him even if possible as she didn’t knew what would she do then. On the the other hand, she was touched by the care shown by kaira for each other.
Swayam : which way did the surviving group went.
Karthik : the left way from the enterance to our Settlement.
Sharon: where is Lakshya. Find him and tell him that we are ready to go.
Swayam : my guess is that he would be at the entrance himself.
They went towards enterance Lakshya was waiting there. The hikers, now 6 in number left the ruined settlement. Lakshya was navigating with the help of map. Swayam noticed that they were heading in the direction where the rest of survivors went. He wasn’t getting a positive feeling.

Precap : Encounter with Naira’s brother.

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