The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Ragini and Lakshya turned to see why Sharon had called them. They noticed the expression on their faces. It was hard to guess the state of their mind.
Lakshya: what did the boy showed you?
Swayam : the boy, whose name was Kartik took us to his cottage. There was a girl lying on bed, who was his friend The girl..
Sharon : (interupting) Naira.
Swayam :yes, well Naira,(pausing to choose words) was shot near her shoulder with dart by the people on burgs. And she hasn’t shown any symptoms of craziness since now.
Swayam was feeling the guilt as he said that. Kartik hadn’t mentioned anything about craziness nor had they asked him. Maybe he said it to convince Lakshya to
take them along.
Lakshya :so.
Swayam : we told him about the journey and offered him…
Lakshya :what he said?
Swayam :he told us to discuss it with u.
Lakshya : well he did good because we are not going to take them.
Ragini : but Lakshya…
Lakshya: no Ragini. The girl has virus. If I was alone, then maybe i would have taken them. But now as u are along, I can’t take risk.
Sharon : Lakshya listen. You and Swayam had boarded the berg that attacked us and it was crashed. So they couldn’t have attacked this after ours. Even if the attack was just few minutes before us, Naira would have died by now or would have gone crazy and maybe attacked Kartik too. But he hasn’t any injury or blood stains exept those caused by Naira’s injured shoulder.
Ragini: she has a point Lakshya.
Lakshya:(sighed ) ok but don’t complain if anything happens.

Naira: they won’t come Kartik. They will continue their hike. You should go to them and leave me.
Kartik :no Naira. They will come. It was said by the promise which I was in the girl’s eyes(Sharon’s eyes). And as for leaving you, I already told you that i won’t do that till my last breath.
Naira:(tears forming in her eyes)please Kartik leave me. You know that the victims of darts and the ones who were with them died. Either with craziness or with dart. Why do u want to give me the guilt of your death. Don’t you want that I should die in peace. Why are u making me feel responsible if you die.
Kartik cupped her face, wept her tears and hugged her. There was a knock at door(though it was open).
Swayam: Kartik and Naira pack bags and get ready. We need to leave as soon as possible.
Kartik(shocked):what. You mean tge other two agreed.
Swayam:yes. Lakshya and Ragini think in favour of it.
He looked at Naira who gave him a thank you look while Kartik looked at them, and smiled. He went outside and saw Sharon.
Sharon : assured you that we will not leave you, turn our backs and go. I fulfilled it.

Precap:swayam and lakshya go to investigate the source of some songs. Are they safe or is this a trap?
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