The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 13

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Chapter 13
The four understood that the bergs had shot the residents of the settlement and that the disgusting smell came from the decaying dead bodies.
Lakshya: maybe all of them died.
Just then they heard a voice.
Everyone turned around and were shocked. First because they didn’t think anyone would be alive, and second, because the owner of voice had clothes covered in blood. He looked like a teenager and had look full of scare and anger. Swayam took a step towards him.
Teenager: stop there. Stop if you want to survive. But if don’t wanna, move.

Swayam was shocked hearing it. He looked at Sharon and then at Lakshya. Both gave him a green signal. And as Ragini didn’t stop him, he guessed she also supported him. After a few seconds, Sharon also joined him. The teenager began to walk without saying anything. The two followed him with raglak still where they had been. The boy stood in fron of a cottage. A voice came from inside.
Voice: dear, who are those abd what they want. Ask them to leave if they love their life. I don’t want to have the blame of more deaths.
Boy: its okay dear, these are fed up of living.
Swaron were confused about the convo.
Boy:(to swaron) my names is Kartik. The one inside is my best friend and she was shot on her left shoulder. Whether you know or not, the virus spreads. Are you sure u wanna come inside now also.
Sharon : yes

The three went inside. A girl was lying on a bed. Her left shoulder owned bandages, all due to the injury caused by the darts.
Sharon(in a polite tone) what happened.
Kartik: the bergs attacked, many were killed. Some of others started behaving weird, so the sane group decided to leave. They asked me but I wanted to take care of my friend and stayed. Soon, the wierd group left.
Swayam : we found a map with the headquarters marked in it. Maybe they would have a solution. Will you like to accompany with your friend.
Kartik: if you wanted only me to cone, the answer would have been no. But i need to think as she is also being asked to came. You also go and talk to the other two. Not sure whether they would approve or not.
precap: some raglak scenes.

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