The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 10

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Chapter 10
Ragini, Lakshya, Swayam and Sharon were tired. They had covered only half the distance till now and the food supplies were decreasing.
Lakshya: we would have covered three-fifth the distance by now.
Ragini: ya, But all thanks to you, we haven’t. Now it will take one day more to reach the head quarters.
The two started argueing.
Sharon: guys stop it. We have to prepare for dinner.
Raglak stopped arguing.
Ragini: Sharon u are taking responsibilities now. Glad to know that u learned something from me.
The boys went to get wood for fire and the girls took out the food. Soon they were sitting around the fire and discussing further plans.
Swayam: i am going to get fresh.
He signalled Sharon to follow him and left. After a minute Sharon also excused herself. She took a different path and as soon as she was out of sight went towards Swayam. He was behind a huge tree.
Swayam: we don’t know how the infection spreads. Do we?
Sharon: no we don’t. But why are u asking this?
Swayam: Mishty was infected but she touched the things we also did.
Sharon : she was humming the last i rember before fainting.
Swayam: so the chances are that we all are infected. You are getting what i wanna say.
Sharon: yes. Anyway i didn’t think much of the quarentine idea.
Saying this she went towards swayam and kept her hands on his shoulder. He also held her by her waist.
Sharon :(giving a peck on his cheek) u don’t know how i was missing your touch.
Swayam: i know because i missed it too.
Sharon wanted to say something but couldn’t. Swayam had locked her lips in his. Their love could be seen in the kiss. They broke the kiss after a minute. Sharon had her cheeks red.
Swayam: alter your look. Ragini and lakshya will understand everything if u didn’t alter it.
Swayam went back. Sharon waited sometime before going back. Raglak had finished their food and were preparing to sleep when the reached the camp. Swaron looked at one another. They hoped the that the other two sleep early today.
Raglak were sleeping and Sharon had kept her head on Swayam’s chest. Both slept after sometime wishing to wake early the next morning.

Swayam had decided to protect sharon. Just then some men with powerful torches in hands entered the cave. They had swords in their hands.
Man: hey what are u doing here.
Swayam: yhe heat has killed all the people on surface.
Man: i dont know what happened. But i will do my work. (raising his sword)
Swayam: u let us go and we will give u our food
Sharon: no we will not.
Man : i dont………
Before he could complete his sentence, he was hit with something and the torch fell on floor. All the men left Swaron and were attacking the new one but he had an upper hand on all of them. The torch of the leader of gang was on floor and Swaron saw a pair of boots. They weren’t ordinary but were military ones. Swayam picked the torch and shone it towards thei man.
Military man: thank me later. We have to leave. By the way, my name is Lakshya.

Swayam woke with some sounds. Sharon whose head was still on his chest, woke too. There was something in the trees that was making the sounds. Sharon shifted away from swayam when she saw who was it. Ishaan had reached their camp and he had a dagger in his hand. The dagger was covered in blood.
Swayam was shocked. He couldn’t move or speak.
Sharon :(shouting ) lakshya, ragini, wake up. Wake up Lakshya. Ragini.
The two woke up.
Ishaan: guys you have to help me. YOU HAVE TO HELP ME. THERE ARE BUGS IN MY HEAD. ITS GONNA BURST.
Everyone was shocked
Precap : what happened to Ishaan?

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