The Survivors (raglak and swaron) chapter 1

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Chapter 1
A leap of 1 year.
Swayam suddenly wakes up from hi sleep. He had felt hot and had removed his blanket. But the cold air made him take it again. This action had broken his sleep. His eyes searched the whole room for Lakshya. There he was, still sleeping on his couch. Swayam had an unusual feeling that things were now going to change. He got out of bed, freshened up and got dressed. While wearing his shirt, he shouted at Lakshya to wake him up as it was morning. Lakshya murmered something which sounded like after 5 minutes. The unusual feeling was now decreasing as reality dawned over him. It totally disappeared when he stepped out of cottage and saw the condition of trees. He knew that Sharon would be on her favourite spot. It was high on a mountain on river bank. There were two rocks that could be used as seats. On his way, he noticed that a beautiful flower had blossomed. He wanted to pluck it to adorn it on sharon’s silky hair but did not do so. He knew how angry she would be when she found that he had interfered in nature’s cycle. He had now reached the spot but hid behind a tree to stare at her. She was as usual reading. The ebooks were replaced by old books which she found in library in ruins of a school. Sharon felt if someone was staring her.
Sharon:(without even looking back ) stop staring at me swayam.
Swayam was embarrassed at being caught but praised her senses. He walked up to her.
Swayam: how u know that its me?
Sharon : its simple. Lakshya or ishaan would not be here at this time.
Swayam:very clever

Sharon:u came at right moment. I was just starting to talk to myself.
Swayam:and on which topic?
Sharon:(sighed) my sixteenth birthday. U know i always think that 16 brings bad luck. I turned sixteen and the second day we were running for our lives.
Swayam:well talking about party, you did not even noticed me. U were dancing with that guy… Now what was his name, yes with charlie.
Swayam was cursing himself as he secretly felt happy that they were stuck in this as it increased his chances with sharon.
Sharon: actually i didn’t knew u were such a good dancer untill the day you saved my life. You were the sportscaptain and dance didn’t fit together with it.
Swayam:but you were my neighbour from childhood.
Sharon:but we hardly exchanged greetings when we used to meet.
After a pause. Swayam
Swayam : yes sharon.
Sharon: the look on your face is different today. What happened?
Swayam knew that he could not hide it from her.
Swayam:the nightmares….
Sharon: i know it is difficult to forget past but we have to.
Swayam:let me complete sharon. The nightmares didn’t came last night. And i felt that things are gonna change.
Sharon:it is just a coincidence Swayam. I am sorry to say that but nothing is going to change. Our every hope is waste now.
Swayam felt sorry for making her remember the past.
Swayam:(to lighten her mood) now hurry
We have to go back otherwise ragini will organise a search party for us.

A girl with haired tied in bun is shown cleaning her cottage. Lakshya comes there.
Lak:good morning rags.
Rag:good morning lucky. Where is Swayam?
Lak:where you think he may be. Its obvious that he is with sharon. So the question is where is she?
Ragini gave her a you know where look
Rag:on her favourite spot. I know you know where it is so do not waste time and take me there. I have to assign them their duties.
Lak :i dont know whete is it. I mean i know its up on mountain but i dont want to interfere in their chats.
Rag:lets wait by the mountain’s foot for sometime. Then we will go up some distance and shout for them.
They reach the mountain and waited. After some time, ragini started going up. She had just taken few steps when she saw swaron coming down?
Swaron: well i have excuses but honesty is best policy. Swayam took me higher the mountain and we……..
Swayam blushed even though he knew that it was a lie. He always praised sharon for her ability to make him blush.

Precap : rain not of water but of darts

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