Surreal(Behir FF) – * Let’s heal each other* Chapter-7

“Too insecure, so I moved closer to you… but all I saw was hurricane, storms and only chaos”
Karishma: Maa, you’re a rock star, trust me Mahir really believed your words. And he spent his night with me. It was the night of pleasure, Maa. What I’m gonna do without his body in my life? He’s like a drug to me. And don’t worry about the producer. Tell him that I’ll satisfy his urge soon”.
(Karishma turned back only to witness Mahir who got his hands fisted in rage)
Neerja who heard what Karishma said to her mother, smirked at Mahir. Mahir was hurt not because of Karishma for cheating him. But on himself for breaking Bela’s heart.
Being hurt Mahir left the room after taking his luggage and left in his car.
Neerja is driving the car and Mahir is sitting behind her…even though he’s physically present in the car. His mind is with Bela. With a heavy heart, he remembered everything he did with Karishma and his heart broke into pieces thinking about Bela.
He remembered how he told Bela…” I’m sorry, Bela. It’s just an attraction”
He remembered the blood red eyes of his Bela. Dipped in hurt, he was crying continuously. Neerja saw her friend crying she wants to console him but at the same time, she thought Mahir deserved this pain since he has broken her soul sister’s heart.
Mahir asked Neerja to stop the car, but Neerja being stubborn drove the car instead of stopping it. Later after some time, Mahir asked Neerja to drive to her home because he wants to see his love. Neerja refused at first but at the same time, she can’t see her another best friend crying. So both of them went towards the Neerja’s flat.
It was evening when both Neerja and Mahir reached the flat of Neerja where Bela was staying. Neerja knocked on the door and after few minutes Bela opened the door.
As soon as she opened the door, Neerja hugged Bela and started crying along with apologizing for making her believe that Mahir is better than Sid. Mahir who heard what Neerja said was hurt, but he knew he was wrong. So he kept quiet standing afar looking at Bela.
Bela went inside with Neerja and Mahir came inside after thinking a lot whether he should go inside or not.
One thing which was noticed by Mahir was that Bela looked calm and she behaved as if nothing happened. Mahir wanted to talk with her. But she avoided him and went inside her room.
Neerja constantly saw Mahir’s efforts and asked him
Neerja: Mahir sir, why are you still here? Go back to your Karishma. She must be feeling tired after your physical reunion.
Mahir: Neeru, I know you’re angry on me. But, try to understand. I thought she really loved me and never in my dreams, I thought that Karishma will stoop down to this level. I just fell by the words of her Maa.
Neerja: Like mother, like daughter. And what good can you expect in Karishma? See, from the starting of your relationship with her, I told you that she’s for no good and she only wants a physical relationship with you. But you never paid any heed to listen.
Mahir: Can we talk about Karishma later? I’m not in a mood to talk about her now. I just want to know how my love is feeling now. I’ve hurt her a lot. I brought more damage to her life than that Sid did. I’m ashamed of myself.
Neerja: You must’ve thought low of my Bela because she accepted and reciprocated to you so soon? That’s the reason you took her for granted. Don’t you?
Each word which came out of Neerja’s mouth pierced his heart like an arrow but it showed how she cared for her best friend, Bela. Mahir understood the blunder he did. But he can’t say anything because he has lost that right. After talking with Neerja. Mahir doesn’t know how he’ll face Bela. So he went back to the living room.
Bela came out of the room and Mahir’s eyes darted towards his love. One thing he noticed from her expressions was she looked normal. She looked as she was before nor hurt nor sad but calm. Bela went to Neerja and asked her to join for dinner outside as her new film crew members invited her. Neerja denied saying it’s too late as it is 11 PM. But Bela seemed stubborn to join with her crew for dinner.
Mahir who saw the fight erupting between two friends. Went there to solve the problem as if he’s a problem-solving genius.
Mahir: Neeru, why you’re always behaving like a kid? Let her go. She’ll go wherever she wants.
Neerja: You shut up. She won’t go anywhere. She’ll give importance to my words unlike you, who trusted a b*t*h.
Bela: Neerja why you wanna create a fight now?
(Neerja showed her eyes and Bela who understood her best friend went inside the room. Being tired Neerja slept on the couch itself)
Mahir who stayed in the Neerja’s flat couldn’t even sleep with the phone calls of Karishma. He roamed in the balcony. Later he went to check on Bela thinking she must be asleep. But when he opened the door, he saw Bela sitting on the bed looking out of the window. Mahir stood near the door admiring her. He saw her puffed eyes and tired face. With one look at her face, he understood that she didn’t sleep yet.
He went inside the room and sat beside her. Mahir kept his hand over her, Bela politely shrugged his hand from her. Although this act of Bela broke his heart. He didn’t say anything.
Mahir: Bela, it was so stupid of me to trust her. Forgive me if possible. You know I love you right? That’s enough for me. I can’t live without you. I fell in the trap made by Karishma and her mother. I should’ve trusted Neeru. The biggest mistake I’ve done is trusting her back and allowed her to join with us for the trip.
He expected Bela to say something but instead, she stood there like a doll without opening her mouth.
Mahir who witnessed this continued…
Mahir: I know whatever you’re going through now is because of me. But, I behaved like a stupid forgive me, my love. Give me a chance if possible. I know you’re breaking inside, but I’m too broken.
Bela: I’m not upset, Mahir. You’re right. Even, if I was in your place… I would’ve believed Sid but I wouldn’t speak the way as you did. I really love you, Mahir. But I can’t take it.
Mahir: Can you come with me? To my place? Let’s be together. Let’s start fresh. Please. One last chance?
Bela dipped in the pool of thoughts, she doesn’t know what to do. Her mind reminded her of the words said by Mahir. “Sorry, Bela it’s just an infatuation”. But her heart asked her to give another chance to Mahir. He saw her lost somewhere. So, he got up and was about to leave only to be pulled back into the bed by Bela.
She hugged him and hid her face in the crook of his neck and cried pouring her heart out. He hugged her back patting her head, with silently weeping. Bela dozed off hugging him. And Mahir with a contented smile on his face hugged her more realizing that she loves him for real. And vowed that he’ll never leave her, again.
Neerja who woke up with a jerk after having bad dreams saw another empty couch and went inside the room to check on her best friends. When she opened the door, she saw Bela snuggling more in the warmth of Mahir. And Neerja noticed the tears which were dry on Mahir’s face, realizing that it was a night of confession and mending ways. She closed the room behind her, but not before watching Mahir’s hand which were around Bela, pulling her close to him.
When Mahir heard the sound of door locking, he opened his eyes and placed a kiss over Bela’s forehead and left the room to talk with Neerja and to apologize for the nth time.
Mahir sat on the couch along with Neerja having a cup of coffee. Both of them started talking normally after Mahir promised her that he’ll never ever break her bestie’s heart. Neerja saw the time and asked Mahir to woke Bela up since it’s time for her film’s Pooja.
Mahir went to check on his love while someone banged the main door of the house. Neerja opened the door and the sight in front of her made her laugh so hard.
Neerja saw Karishma who’s got drenched in water and Krish was standing behind her laughing so hard. Karishma asked for Mahir, Neerja blocked her way. Karishma started calling Mahir’s name after pushing Neerja aside.
Krish entered with Karishma’s makeup box and eyed Neerja to come with him. While Neerja and Krish had a tough time to control Karishma. Mahir went to wake up Bela but when he opened the door, he saw her getting ready and he hesitated to proceed further. Bela took her suitcase and packed all her clothes and other things. Mahir gleamed in joy realizing that she’s gonna stay with him. And when she’s done with packing. Mahir went beside her, pulling her towards him. She turned and hid in his torso hugging him.
Bela: Take me with you. And this time, I’ve complete belief in you.
Mahir: I still wonder that how you forgive me.
Bela: Who said I forgave you? I’m coming with you because I love you. Not because I forgave what you did. What you did was not correct. Even if I was in the place of you. I would’ve dropped her home, not slept with her. I still don’t know why you slept with her? Is that the intimacy you shared with her, you’re missing now? Cause there’s no place for s*x to console one person. It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes. Even I lived with Sid even after he tried to rape me, but I did only in confusion.
Mahir: I’ve got answers for your questions. But now, I’m too tired. Let’s go to our home, please. I can’t wait to live with you in the same room.
Bela: Oh, hello. Mister. I’m gonna live in your home but I’m not gonna share the bed with you.
Mahir: We’ll see that later.
Bela dropped her bags and went near him to kiss him on his cheek. Mahir smiled widely when he felt the presence of her lips on his skin. When she was about the leave, he pulled her back towards him. Placing his lips over hers for a soul-bearing kiss. He finally understood one thing, that while kissing her there was no place for lust only love. He understood that whatever he had with Karishma was lust and not love.
Mahir turned back when Bela backed off seeing Karishma.
Karishma: I know you will leave me again for this b*t*h. Did you leave me for this one? really? She spoiled my life.
Mahir: She didn’t, you spoiled our relationship. You did. And stop calling her a b*t*h. Now get aside.
Bela went outside closing the door. And Krish who saw this got afraid and went inside the room to check what Karishma and Mahir are doing. When he entered, Mahir asked him to stand on his place and sneakingly went out of the room while Karishma who was speaking looking outside the window, turned and hugged Krish.
Krish: Chi Chi… I’m a married man. Get aside. This is how you know to apologize? Go and learn some manners. And stay away from my Mahir bhai and Bela bhabhi.
Karishma: Bhabhi? You decided that she’ll be the one to marry your Mahir bhai? I’ll show you who am I later, bye.
After Karishma left, Mahir went to arrange things in his house for Bela. Neerja who was surprised by Bela’s behavior asked her, why she forgave him when he did unforgivable.
Bela: Neeru, this is life. Everyone will experience things like this in their life in some part. We will love people that we’ll sometimes lose, but we will also find people who are gonna stay in our lives, forever. Mahir is one among them.
Mahir came back to Neerja’s place to take Bela with him.
Bela hugged him and said, “All I ever ask is that you keep it real with me”. I love you a lot more than myself.
I don’t know, what’s wrong with my account. I’ve posted the story two days before itself. My drafts also got deleted. But I’ll write again. And I’ll post it this weekend.
I wrote this chapter again today. So, don’t mind any mistakes.
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