Surreal Perfection- Twinj (OS) part two

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“You are almost there” cheered Professor Gustav. Currently, Twinkle was learning the strokes, the fact that she was blind and do much more, was what amazed the Professor. Although she knew of advanced painting, strokes used in Live Art was different.

March 11, 1896
“Today, you’ll be learning the real Live Art” Professor said in a stiff voice, he was truly stunned by the basics, that Twinkle had painted these past few weeks. “You have worked hard, and you have to do much more” he said continuing seriously, he knew his student would out par him too. “Let’s begin”
“Lesson one, you have to imagine a character and there shall be no distractions whatsoever” he began. Twinkle nodded understandingly. “You have to mold the character traits, as if you are day dreaming of the real person, the only difference being is, it isn’t”. Twinkle was quick to follow, with her pure compassion she started to imagine a strange figure. The dark silhouette was the only one focused thing in her memory. “It would be like a black spot on the white canvas, you have to imagine and trace one by one traits” Professor’s voice was slowly decreasing to a lesser octave. Twinkle’s imagination has been reached to the point where the silhouette’s eyes and nose were unveiled. To say those eyes were gorgeous would be an understatement. The light honey-brown eyes shone in the dark, like a moon gleaming in the dark midnight sky. As if they were telling you a story, like they say—person’s eyes are door to their soul, they can reveal you much more when you’re not speaking yet. Well his brows and well sculpted nose were like a perfect piece, but Twinkle’s mind drifted back to those mysterious eyes. “Back out of it” Professor snapped his fingers to give it a effect. Twinkle’s eyes flew open, even though she was blind, her imagination was pretty perfect, believe me or not blind people can dream too. That figure and those eyes has already bound her dreams. “You are getting distractions, you did great, but have to try hard” Professor dismissed the class.

April 21, 1896
By this time Twinkle has discovered a lot of the silhouette’s traits, like their (his) physical attributes such as his total face, his masculine structure. Twinkle’s class was dismissed as before for three more times cause of her distraction—sole reason being those mysterious eyes. “You have learned molding the character, now it’s time to create it” Professor guided her. Twinkle had a special canvas and brushes, since she couldn’t see but they say—people who have lost one thing will surely gain something. She couldn’t see her art but her masterpieces were one among the best. You couldn’t believe, that they were painted by a blind girl. “Now you have to feel the music, the aura around you, if you want it to be of any theme like a girl nurturing the baby, or anything it might be, right from motherhood to divine nature alright, you feel it and paint it, the music is going to play itself as your strokes make their way on the canvas” Twinkle excitedly nodded at her Professor’s words, she had come this far and was truly enthusiastic to reveal her dream man, Yes! Dream man, as and when part by part had been revealed for her, she couldn’t just stop thinking of him.

May 2, 1896
“You shouldn’t have any insecurities, if you could see your self in the mirror, then you couldn’t believe yourself, you are that beautiful Twinkle, no matter what happens to you, I’ll always adore and love you endlessly. I don’t expect anything from you, I just want you to love me and trust in me as I do, that’s all I ask” honestly confessed Kunj.

So sorry guys, I had an emergency, so I am posting whatever I have written on the draft, I’ll try to finish this off next part, pakka, please forgive me Thanks???? you r some fab ppl (trying to woo u guys?)

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  7. Fatimaa.

    Heyy dope…
    Woww it was outstanding…u always leave me thinking dat how can someone write so well..
    I wont ever in my life wud b able to write like dis?????..
    U r actually a masterpiece…
    Well loved the epi…post soon..
    Love u❤❤

    1. Dope65

      Awww thank you so much fatimaa, i’m glad someone out there like my writings, and one more advice never belittle yourself, believe me i struggled a lot just to write a few words at the beginning but eventually it comes to u have faith in urself, bye tc love you too:);)<3<3

      1. Fatimaa.

        Thnk u soo much fr ur advice…i ll surely follow dat?????

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