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~There’ll be light, there’ll be love~


When Bela reached her home she was happy. She started packing her bags & left her home after looking it for one last time. By the time she reached the airport she was already tired. When she was on the flight she remembered her times with Sid. She wants to know, why a girl like her… who’s independent and confident in her decisions have chosen a wrong guy? But it wasn’t her fault. She thought that, she’ll have her happy ending with Sid. 

When she was going down her memory lane she remembered the first time she met Sid on the sets of her first film. Sid did a cameo role in her film and in fact Bela’s first scene was with him only. Since Bela is friendly with everyone. Sid started talking with her and he intentionally visited the set many times to see her and have a conversation with her. Sid is a chocolate boy for many girls and his cuteness really worked well with Bela and soon she fell in love with him or rather she got attracted with him. But, Sid very smartly fooled Bela about his first wife and kid. 

When Bela learned about Sid’s divorce with his wife. She backed out for sometime. People say that love is blind and it doesn’t matter even if their parter is good looking, well mannered have some morals or values. When time flew away, Bela drenched in Sid’s fake promises and love.


(Mahir’s apartment)

Karishma: Only god knows why this Mahir always wants to see his parents. Ok. Let me give him a surprise when he returns. I’ll go now and put makeup in order to impress him. There was a time when he ran behind me saying Karishu, I love you!. But now everything changed upside down. Urgh! When he’ll return from airport man?

(Mumbai Airport)

Mahir’s manager: Mahir sir, we must rush now. Else you will be surrounded by your fans. 

Mahir: No one will recogonise me. Don’t worry. I’m having a headache I badly need one coffee. Ask the driver to stop the car near some cafe.

(with that both Mahir and his manager left airport soon and headed towards the cafe)

On the other side of the airport Neerja(Bela’s bestfriend and her personal stylist) is waiting to receive her bestfriend. Neerja knows the struggles Bela has faced since childhood. She always wished Bela to have a perfect and a happy life. But she also knows that as long as Sid is around Bela will not grow in her professional life as Sid always stood like a wall infront of Bela’s happiness.

Bela wants to go back to Hyderabad as considered Sid’s idea to start a family and have kids and then everything will be back to normal. Pushing aside all the thoughts about Sid, Bela decided to move forward and start fresh. Soon, she reached Mumbai. But when she saw her bestfriend waiting for her at the airport to receive her inspite of having a tiring day, all the bad vides about Sid has disappeared and she was on cloud nine.

Bela: Oh Neeru, I really missed you baby. I’ll be here for one month.

Neerja: Hey, that means you’ll annoy me for one month? I can’t bear your tantrums for one month. Anyways come let’s go home but before that I want you to meet my new friend. You know he’s really sweet and hot too 😉 even you will love him and Sid will disappear.

(Suddenly Neerja remembered what she spoke and tried to cover it up. Bela has understood what Neerja said and she don’t want to make things awkard for her. So, she decided to go with the flow.)

Bela: Ok, No problem come let’s see your new friend. 

Neerja: Just now i’ve called him. He said he’s in a cafe nearby and asked me to join him. Come I’ll introduce you to him.

Neerja and Bela has got inside their car and started going towards the cafe.


Mahir: Manager see if you wanna go home, you can go. I want to meet one friend of mine. She has spared her time to meet after a long time. So, we may go home late after talking everything related to our lifes.

Krish (Mahir’s manager): Eh? Girl? Oh my god! Is sir referring to that fevicol karishu? No, I can’t leave my sir lone with her. She will stick with him and irritate him.

Mahir saw the uneasiness in his manager’s face and asked him for the answer.

Krish: NOOOO!  I’ll stay even I wanna meet your friend. All your friends are really nice except your ex girlfriend. (Notices the annoyed look on Mahir’s face and changed his topic) I mean there’s no one in my home now. My wife has gone to her parent’s home so I can stay here.

Mahir: (in stern voice) Krishhh. Ok stay.

Neerja and Bela has reached the cafe. Mahir suddenly feels that something good is gonna happen. And he really becomes happy. Krish notices the happiness on Mahir’s face after a long time and asked him the reason. Mahir couldn’t tell the exact reason. And he sees his friend Neerja coming out of the car with someone behind her.

Neerja: Bela come fast know. Who asked you to wear heels even while travelling? See you can’t walk properly.

Bela: Arey, just now I narrated the entire story to you about how I left home.

Neerja: OK OK. Stop. Please. Don’t start again. Come he must be waiting.

With that both the friends entered the cafe and Neerja waved at Mahir but Mahir’s eyes fell on the 5.7′ inches figure behind Neerja and his jaw dropped. Krish who was devouring his macaroons seeing Mahir’s jaw dropping and thought that Mahir is opening his mouth for the macaroons and fed him one. Mahir started chocking and scolded Krish for being stupid. But when Krish’s eyes travelled Mahir’s, he got the reason for Mahir’s sudden burst of happiness.

Neerja and Bela sat in front of Mahir and Krish moved and sat beside Mahir to have a closer look on Mahir’s face.

Neerja: Sup dude? Missed me. BTW how am I looking?

Mahir: Gorgeous, pretty, adorable, cute no cutest. (Seeing Bela)

Neerja and Krish looked at Mahir who has got his eyes fixed on Bela. And they now know what they have to do and smiled at eachother.

Neerja: UMM Mahir meet my bestfriend Bela. Bela meet Mahir.

Mahir: Hey, Bela actually i know a lot about you, Neeru always used to talk about you to me. I must say that you are really very pretty and no one will do so much for the kids. You have a great heart. Even i wanna contribute something for the kids.

Bela thanked Mahir and she remembered Sid’s words (Bela it is so stupid of you to run an orphanage are you a Mother Teresa?) And she smiled at Mahir for being so humble and thought this guy is really good.

Mahir: By the way Bela. Are you here for any work? Neeru said you are a doctor. But can i tell one thing frankly? If i was admitted in the hospital and you will be my doctor. I swear I’ll never leave the hospital bed. Just joking.

Before Bela could reply Neerja started talking.

Neerja: Ay hero, seems like you forgot my existence here? Btw, Bela is not only a doctor she’s also an actor. She’s here for a shoot. She will be staying with me for like one month. Actually it’s getting late. And you know Mumbai traffic I need to get Bela home before night so we’ll take our leave. Bye.

Mahir: Neeru are you going home? Come i’ll drop you both. Saying this Mahir took his car keys along with Neerja’s car keys and ran away.

Neerja and Krish laughed at eachother and Krish decided to play cupid for both Bela and Mahir. As he really saw the spark in Mahir’s eyes after a long time.

Neerja: Seems like Mahir likes Bela

Krish: I can see that Neerja. But, your friend is somewhat lost when Mahir sir talked about orphanage. why?

Neerja: Maybe because of Sid. Nevermind, If Mahir really likes Bela than I can help him. Afterall, I want my bestfriend to be happy too.

Krish: We’ll see.

By the time Neerja, Bela and Krish reached the car. Mahir sat inside his car with a grin on his face.

Neerja: Oh shit. How come my car’s tire got punctured? Bela even you saw right? My car’s tire oh my poor car.

Mahir: Ummm Neeru if you want. I can drop you and Bela home. I’m free only come. Bela come na. You can sit in front. You have travelled a lot you will need fresh air right? come.

(Neerja and Krish talking with eachother).

Krish: I think Mahir sir punctured your car. HAHA

Neerja: Look how I’m gonna take revenge on him. AY, Mahir actually I will take Bela on auto man. She will get a lot of fresh air. And you need to go to the gym na gym junkie. Bye.

Mahir: NOOO NOOO! I mean, I can skip gym today. Come with me.

Neerja: Why not you take Bela alone? I have an urgent work also, so can you  drop her or take her to your home na? I’ll pick her up from your place. I can’t trust my neighbours. Bela, is it ok for you?

Mahir: Come Bela.

Bela: (thinks for sometime and decided to go with Mahir as he is a good friend of Neerja) Yeah ok. Bye! Neeru. Come fast.

Mahir: Hugs Neerja and whispered I hope someone will lock you up in a room for few hours. Don’t come fast. Drive slowly and be careful. Bye Neeru.

With this both Mahir and Bela got inside the car and left.

Neerja and Krish started laughing. 

Krish: I Hope Mahir sir loves your friend. See, he really likes her and wants to spend some time with her. Can we send them on a date together? Uhm which place will be better. Should i call Bela as bhabhi?

Neerja: I must separate my Bela from that abusive relationship first. I can’t see her getting hurt all the time. She deserves all the love in this world.

Krish: Abusive relationship? Is my Bhabhi already in a relationship?

Neerja: Yes, I’ll will tell you all the things later. And be ready for tomorrow we are going to take both Mahir and Bela to some long drive.

Krish: I hope that fevicol be busy for few days. Else she will stick herself with Mahir sir and will not let him spend any time with my bhabhi.



Mahir: Bela, why look so upset. I mean you’re smiling but I can see the sadness behind your smiling face. Is there anything which bother’s you? Tell me if you feel comfortable. I will help you.

Bela( suprised): Mahir actually i wanna talk with you about..

Karishma: Mahir babyyy, I’m home. Oh wait wait. Who is she. I think i know her? I have seen her somewhere?  ( To Bela) Hey, I’m future Mrs. Mahir. And sits inbetween Bela and Mahir (as Mahir sat beside Bela). Baby, I got to know that you, Neerja, Krish and me are going for a long drive. Come baby, let’s go.

Mahir (clearly disturbed and irritated): Bela. We are going with Bela not you. We’ve planned to take Bela with us. And what made you visit my home Karishma? I forgot to change the lock for my flat. Thank you for reminding me with barging inside my home and separating me and Bela.

PS:- The next chapter will have more Behir scenes.


How was the chapter?

What do you think about Mahir and Bela?

From the next chapter the story will only surround Bela and Mahir. Sid’s part was necessary. And don’t think why Bela has not opened up like Mahir. Bela is already on a relationship and she has just took a break from it.

Don’t judge the story now itself. It will take some time for anyone who was in an abusive relationship. And this story is only based  on behir. well all i can say now is that time will heal everything.

Do tell me if you have like the chapter or not in comments. I would really love to read your comments. Will be good if you guys open up. Thank you.

I ‘ve already started writing the next few chapters. So there’ll be like two updates a week. Or if you guys want only one update a week it’s not a problem.


I have another story on my mind. Ofcourse on Behir.Whether I should start writing both the stories simultaneously or you want me to finish this one and then start writing the other one? (ATLEAST REPLY TO THIS).


wattpad: @vrushey

Instagram: @behirfanfiction

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  1. Hey Vrushey, u’re going great and i’m really liking ur ff very much. Please do continue with it. I too am a big fan of Behir. Love them a lot. And u’re talking of two updates a week. Well, I wouldn’t mind even if u update daily??. And do write that another story on Behir that u have on ur mind. Wud luv to read that too. About posting it simultaneously, u may if u want and update the stories alternatively. Behir fans will always love to have too much of them??. So happy writing & see u soon with the updates❤

    1. Vrushey

      Hey, Aanya! Thank you 🙂
      Yes, I’ve started writing two new stories based on Behir
      one on Behir and another one on Pearlbhi (Pearlvpuri &Surbhi Jyoti)
      apart from Surreal there are three new stories on my account in wattpad. Check it out. I’m leaving the link of my account in the next line.

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