SURREAL- A BEHIR FF Chapter 4 (Did it hurt?)

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“Love comes in all ways but when it leaves, it leaves you broken”
Mahir and Bela are on the way to Mahir’s home. Mahir tried to talk with Bela. He wants to know more about her. But, on the other hand Bela was silent. She was responding to his questions in one word. Because her mind was occupied by Sid. All the scenes happened between Sid and her in the morning was running like a film inside her mind. Unknowingly tears escaped from her eyes. Tears of hurt and anger. When Mahir saw Bela crying, he stopped the car near some garden. And wiped her tears, this made Bela come back to the reality.
Bela (looking here and there): Uhm, Mahir. It’s just an eye infection.
Mahir: Bela even though you’re an actor. You can’t lie. But nice try haan.
Bela: I’m just home sick. I miss my home. But I’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of few hours nothing more.
Mahir: Why are even trying to lie, Bela? When you can’t. You’re not home sick but you’re sick of something. I can see that something is bothering you. Sometimes we must open up, it will help us to feel good. You can trust me. If you wanna share with me. I’m all ears for you always. And if you don’t wanna talk with me then ok. You can tell Neeru. Wait, I’ll call her.
( Saying this Mahir took his phone out and started to dial Neerja’s number. But before he could call his friend. Bela snatched his phone)
Bela: Mahir, I told you right? I’m homesick just leave me alone for few minutes. Why’re you so interested in my life?
Mahir: I’m sorry, Bela. I crossed my line. Let me get you home before it’s dark. ( started driving the car)
Bela: I’m so sorry. Actually, I’m not well. I’m having mood swings since morning and don’t worry I’ll be fine. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I’m…
Mahir: Hurt! You are hurt. I can see that in your eyes. I can see behind your smiling face. What happened Bela? Neeru always used to talk about you and she said you’re in a problem. I don’t know what that problem is but, I really wanna help you. To be honest, I don’t know you that much but let me help you Bela. Let me heal you.
(Bela started crying. She’s not a woman who shows her weakness to anyone. Sid’s not her weakness but his actions were taking a toll on her. She’s angry on herself for letting him become her weakness. Mahir is surprised and shocked to see Bela breaking down. He just held her hand close to him and drove off to his home)
Mahir held Bela close to him and helped her to walk even though she wanted to walk and manage alone. Once both of them reached the living room and sat on the sofa. Mahir went to bring water for Bela. When he returned from the kitchen he saw a Bela lying on the sofa unconscious. He called Neerja and informed her. He then sprinkled water on Bela’s face. She got her conscious but she was not strong to sit. So, Mahir carried her to his room and carefully placed her on the bed, pulled the blanket over her to take some rest because at this time, she needs rest. But when he was about to leave, Bela held his hand and asked him to sit beside her.
Bela: Stay here please, at least till Neeru comes back.
Mahir: Don’t worry Bela. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll bring something for you to eat.
Bela: Stay Mahir. You wanna know right? Why I cried in the car? I wanna share with you.
(Bela started crying holding Mahir’s hand. Mahir sat beside her and held her close with him to let her cry. Because he knows sometimes crying will help to reduce the pain in the heart. And Bela started narrating him the story which left him shocked)
Bela: You know Mahir. I was not from a rich family. Not everything I received easily. I was the third child in my family. I used to study hard. At the age of 14, I started my modelling to get pocket money and even I used to stand the whole evening at a wedding’s reception smiling at the people and welcoming them. They will give me 500₹ per hour. And I’ve not gone on any college trips. I used to do part time jobs to earn money. Now I’m earning which is more than I need and I require. So, I’m giving others. But he… he abuses me. I thought he’s my world but he just want to me as his most priced possession.
(Although it crumbled Mahir’s heart to know that there’s someone in Bela’s life . Right now he wants to know what made her broken beyond repair)
Mahir: Bela, I can understand. But you need rest at this time. We’ll talk about this later. I promise, I’ll always be there for you as a friend. Take rest.
Bela: You know when I got into a relationship with Sid. He became my world. I literally forgot everyone around me. I started to depend on him even while, I was earning. One day, I gave some money as a donation for the orphanage when Sid asked me to keep the money to buy the brand new Audi for himself. But when he got to know that, I gave away the money to the orphanage. He was so angry. That he dragged me to his room and tied my hands and made me sit inside the tub and poured the cold water on me. He didn’t stop with that he forcefully kissed me and slapped me hard on my face. (Mahir fisted his hand in anger but controlled himself seeing Bela’s state. Bela was constantly weeping)
Bela (continued): After slapping me, he… he tried to rape me. Because, I didn’t let him touch me before marriage. So, he tried to take advantage of my situation. But, I got saved by my manager. He saw Sid dragging me to the car from the venue. So my manager informed my friends about the incident and they saved me at the right time. If they didn’t arrived at that time, then probably he would’ve probably raped me. His lust filled eyes still haunts me. It still affects me, Mahir.
(Mahir was out of words. He was angry at Bela for believing a guy like Sid and on top of that he wanted to know why she stayed with Sid on the first place even after he tried to rape her. But, he knows that it’s not entirely Bela’s fault)
Mahir: Bela even after this incident, you stayed with him? I can’t believe Bela. Why? Why you gave a second chance to a bastard like him who tried to rape a woman?
Bela: I loved him, Mahir. He asked for forgiveness and said he tried to rape me because he was insecure. I don’t know what got inside me at that time and I forgave him. Now, I realised that’s the biggest mistake I’ve done.
Mahir: Are you still with him, Bela? look, I don’t know whether you consider my words. But, I want you to break up with him. Bela see what’s less in you? You will have a great life only if you leave that bastard. He doesn’t deserve a good woman like you. I’ll help you to get out of this mess. Let me heal you, let me help you. I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll protect you from his lust filled eyes. But for that , you must be strong. Will you Bela?
Bela: Mahir, just don’t tell these things to Neeru. She’ll freak out. She’ll blame herself for not with me during my worst days. Please Mahir don’t tell her this. And I trust you. I need some time Mahir to get out this mess created by myself.
(Mahir didn’t say anything. He just hugged Bela and patted her head. It took 2 minutes for Bela to come back to the reality and just hugged him back and said thank you)
Mahir went back to the kitchen to make something for them to eat and let her to rest. Like Mahir said after sharing her pain, Bela felt light and she slept. When he went back to his room to give food to Bela. He found her sleeping with some stress marks over her head. He touched and gently caressed her face and Bela smiled in her sleep. This made him realise that he has some effect on her.
Finally after she slept for two hours Bela woke up and saw Mahir watching football match on the tv. Bela went and sat beside him. Both smiled at each other and Bela saw a spark in Mahir’s eyes. But she couldn’t decipher the meaning. Mahir went to heat the food for them. Bela sat on the sofa to watch the match. Mahir returned with the food and when they was about to eat. Someone was calling him or rather banging his door.
Mahir: Oh god, I wish it’s not her.
Bela: Mahir, someone is on the door. I think it’s Neeru and Krish. Wait. I’ll open the door.
(Saying this Bela stood up to walk but she got slipped and fell on Mahir. They both shared an eye lock but as usual, Karishma opened the door with her spare keys and gasped seeing Mahir holding Bela close to him and she saw how Mahir’s hand is on Bela. And she thought that ” this Mahir is not comfortable in kissing me but see here he’s comfortable in having some b*t*h over him”)
Karishma : Mahir babyyyy, I’m home. Oh wait wait! Who’s she? I think I know her. I’ve seen her somewhere. (To Bela) Hey, I’m future Mrs. Mahir Sehgal. And sat in between Bela and Mahir. Baby, I called Krish he said that you’re busy. But, I called your director and he said that you took an off for 5 days from the shoot. And then I called your driver. Your driver said that you’re going for a long drive with your friends. So when are we going for the long drive? Tell me soon na, I should pack my hot bikinis and the protection too.
(Mahir was embarrassed hearing all the things Karishma said shamelessly in front of Bela. He knows she said this because she wants to show Bela that she’s with him. Bela saw Mahir’s face and smiled and this made Mahir’s heart jump in joy. Because for the first time he’s seeing her real smile but not the fake one)
Mahir(clearly disturbed and irritated) : Karishma how many times I should tell you that we’re no longer together? Can’t you understand? And, I’m going for a long drive with my Bela and my friends. We’ve planned to take Bela with us, not you. And what made you visit my home Karishma? I forgot to change the lock for my flat. Thank you for reminding me with barging inside my home and separating me and Bela from talking.
Karishma (sets her eyes on Bela): Baby, why’re you getting irritated. Oh is it because I still didn’t kiss you. (Tries to kiss him infront of Bela, to show her that Mahir is hers and she won’t let him be with anyone) But before she could kiss him. Mahir pushed her slightly, and Karishma landed on the floor. Oh shit. Mahir what you did? Why did you pushed me? Is it because she’s here? uhm Bela can you give us 5 minutes. I’m seeing my baby after one week and we didn’t get intimate. So, I hope you understand. (Bela was about to get up and go inside but before that Mahir got up and dragged Karishma out and shouted at her for interfering in his life even after they brokeup with eachother one month before)
Neerja entered inside the room and saw all the things Karishma is doing to irritate her friends. So, Neerja took Karishma’s bag and started to throw all the cosmetics she had inside her bag. When Karishma saw this she said, I’ll come back baby because your psycho friend threw away all my bobbi brown cosmetics now what will I do? Krish who was parking the car saw the things Neerja threw out the window said “IT’S RAINING COSMETICS WOOHOO”. Mahir and Neerja saw this started to laugh. Bela also started to laugh freely. This made Neerja realise that Bela needs Mahir in her life to make her happy. And Neerja determined that she will separate Sid from her friend’s life and will bring Mahir and Bela close.
Neerja asked Mahir to come with her as wants to discuss about something. Both of them left Bela and Krish to talk with eachother and went to the balcony to talk about Bela. When Neerja started to tell Mahir about Sid. Mahir said the things, Bela has told him and this left Neerja fuming in anger on Sid for assaulting her friend and she determined to teach him a lesson.
Mahir: UHM.. Neeru, I hope you don’t mind. But i can’t hide anything from you. I think i likes Bela. I think it’s love at firstsight maybe. But after she narrated about Sid. I want to be with her lifelong. I need Bela in my life Neeru. Don’t get me wrong …
Neerja: I saw it in your eyes Mahir. I saw that spark your eyes had when you saw Bela. Your eyes has love for Bela. Maybe you’re her happy ending. But now, I want her to come out of Sid.
Mahir: I can understand Neeru. I’ll help you to make her come out of Sid.
Neerja: Come let’s go. They must be waiting for us.
When Mahir and Neerja came inside they saw Bela asleep and Mahir carried her to his room and asked Neerja to stay with Bela and went to the guestroom.
*Mahir’s confession.
*Bela’s break up with Sid.
What do you think? Will Mahir confess to Bela about his love?
Will Mahir and Neerja help Bela to come out her abusive relationship?
Finally, what do you think about Karishma?
Have a great day☺️

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