Surprise Sunday Spoilers

This short spoiler post is to serve viewer’s interest and shows are added based on their choice stated. More shows will be added based on fresh inputs. So keep checking the Spoilers Section regularly….. Please discuss the show or spoiler only. Keep it a healthy discussion place, without any wrong and unethical comment on Tellyupdates or any other related site. We are trying to respect everyone’s choice and include the spoilers for their favorite shows. Also, rate the spoiler section and your feedback on the spoilers written.

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  1. If u make ruhi hate more/forget ishimaa then u end the serial
    It would be

    1. Yes, the next damaged serial, if you bring back Ruhi before she act in Ad films and make money for Shagun this serial will survive. If not forget it. Its gone. Just to pull the serial don’t drag the story like this. The viewers (us) will not buy the crap

  2. Sastri sisters devyani wil deal with neal and astha

  3. Lets stop posting the comments until ruhi is back to ishimaa otherwisd we will get irritated if we show more like these epsodes now

  4. Surprise spoiler was awesome…!!!! Love u Nisha n Kabir……

  5. Post spoilers for Gangaa serial.
    YHM needs to come on track soon.

  6. Very very eager to watch NAUC

  7. Want Veera spoiler plz Veera is besttttttttttt

  8. Surprise rajput

    Please stop this chutiya PA show and most worst acting is bulbul act over acting and bakwas in sister role pls stop this serial

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