Sur-E-Ishq – Episode 3

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Hello everyone! Soso is back with the third part of SUR-E-ISHQ.
I hope you are reading and you like it??

Episode 3
Kunj and Twinkle comes out of the pond. They had a lot of fun.
Kunj: Oh God! 8pm!
Twinkle: So what?
Kunj: Nothing. Just. I have to run. Oh God.
Kunj picks up his phone which is kept on the bench.
Kunj: Twinkle aren’t you afraid of your family? They’ll see you are late and scold you.
Twinkle: No. Actually. I live alone. In a rent house. I don’t have a family.
Kunj: What?

Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle: My father and mother left the world when I was little. I have uncle and aunt who left me in an orphanage.
Kunj: I’m sorry..
Twinkle: Never mind. We should learn to forget and not concentrate on past. Don’t worry about future. We never know when we will die and for how much time we can be friends Kunj Sarna.
Kunj: You mean? What?
Twinkle: Nothing Kunj Sarna. Go fast. It’s 8:15pm
Kunj: OMG.. Thanks! I should run!
Twinkle: Me too I think. Twinkle picks her violin and phone up and goes. Kunj runs the opposite way.

Kunj gets in. Manohar is sitting on the sofa. He sees Kunj. He stands up.
Manohar: Kunj..?
Kunj: Papa…

Manohar: You’re so late Kunj.
Kunj: Papa, Actually.
Manohar: You didn’t even meet the guests. They were so disappointed.
Kunj: Sorry Papa…
Manohar: It’s okay. But why are you so wet? Were you playing with mud?
Kunj is speechless.
Manohar: Go change and come back downstairs for dinner.
Kunj: OK Papa.
Manohar: I don’t know What’s wrong with this boy.

Twinkle gets in and changes. She gets out of the room.
The rent house owner stops her.

Owner: Twinkle, You have not paid the rent for 3 months.
Twinkle: I will ask my uncle for money.
Owner: I will only let you stay here when you pay your 3 months’ rent and of the coming month too. That will be around 30000/-
Twinkle: 30000.. I will see..
Twinkle tries to get inside her room.
Owner: Now you cannot stay here until you pay.
Twinkle: But..?

Owner: You are a girl so I am not harsh to you. Get out or I will kick you out of here.
Twinkle: But? Where will I spend this night?
Owner: That’s your problem.
He goes in. He gives her the violin, her phone and throws a blanket towards her.
He closes the door.
Twinkle looks.

She messages Kunj.
*Kunj’s house*
Kunj is having dinner. His phone is kept on the table. He sees the message.
Kunj: Papa. I’m done.
Manohar: What? How?
Kunj: Bye Papa, Goodnight.
Manohar gets annoyed but doesn’t say anything.
Kunj leaves.
***End of the episode***

precap: kunj is lying on his bed with his phone and smiling. twinkle is lying on a bench of the park with her blanket and her violin. they both are smiling. they chat. twinkle forgets everything when she chats with him.

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  1. SidMin

    Hwww loved it so sweet ????
    Love you post soon ?

    1. Soso

      Thankyouuuuu❤I am glad you liked it..m
      Love you too?

  2. Presha

    Hey soso awesome amazing update yaar loved it

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Preshaaaa❤❤

  3. Hi Soso, ??
    Buddy I didn’t knw that b4 ki ur a pianist ??, that’s very good, ???
    Well the epi was shooo much lovely,??????? Enjoyed twinj scene, Love it very much,??? Aww twinkle is very joyful girl ☺☺ but felt bad 4 her,?? but now where twinkle will stay,she have no place to stay,?? Plzzz post next soon,?
    Love you buddy,????

    1. Soso

      Haha thanks priya❤❤
      You’ll see what happens. Love u more

  4. Lovely n sweet episode…

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Asnaaaaaa???

  5. Soumyad

    Hey soso the episode was very nice and lovely…felt bad for twinkle…plz post next episode soon…

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Soumyad?Soon?

  6. Awesome episode Soso loved it

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Sushmitha??

  7. Maggi

    Aww dat was a cute epi…
    I’m luving d concept☺☺☺
    Post soon?

    1. Soso

      I’m glad you like it Maggi?

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Hoping best to come in twinkle and kunj’s way.. amazing update

    1. Soso

      Haha?keep up the hope?
      The future story is a surprise
      It’s gonna be good! Stay tuned..

  9. Wow soso lovely epi……egarly waiting for the next….

    1. Soso

      I’m glad you liked it?

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey soso,
    I guess my first comment on ur.article… yaar I m in love with ur ff… its written just so beautiful… feeling bad for twinkle.. but it was short try to post a bit long… I m not forcing u it’s just like to read long epi in my loved ffs…

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Soso

      Haha thanks Tamanna?
      Thankyou for the suggestion.. i will write longer episodes now??

  11. Hey soso
    Awesome amazing
    So sad fr twinkle her house owner is very bad
    But episode was superb
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Soso

      Thankyouuuu Ramyaaaa???
      I am glad you liked it

  12. Chiku

    Awwww!!! That sosoooo pretty. Lovely. Loved it??
    Post soon

    1. Soso

      Aww thx chiku❤

  13. RUTU.....

    Lovely episode dear

    1. Soso

      Thanks Rutu❤

  14. SidVee_Yashvee

    Superb epi.. loved it.. but felt bad for Twinki.. where will she stay now.. eagerly waiting for the next. ❤

    1. Soso

      Thankyou Yashvee?
      You will see what happens

  15. SidMin23

    Hey the episode was nice and waiting for more of it

    1. Soso


  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

    1. Soso

      Ty Purnimaa

  17. Baby

    ohhhh god soso☺
    too cute pity twinkle awww…..too cute n emotional☺
    loved it sooo mch even previous one was kunjs story☺
    loved it soooo mch☺
    love u lods♥♥♥

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