Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan) Shot 14 by Marsuu

Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan)
Shot 14:
Recap: swasan and shiddat went to meet aliya as she came out of the coma. Swara bought aliya to her home and all decided that she will live their until she gets well. Aliya behave like shiddat’s mom but shiddat was more comfortable with swara. Swara and sanskar has hidden fear of losing shiddat. At night, swara slept with aliya as she wants to sleep with shiddat.

Next Morning:
Swara came to her room and saw sanskar is still sleeping. She went near the bed and took off the blanket from sanskar. ” sanskar it’s too late, get up” she said. ” swara stop irritating me in the early morning” he said hiding his face in the pillow. ” huh!! Your daughter is better than you, atleast she wake up early” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar lifted his head and asked ” where is shiddat?” “She is with mom as aliya is getting ready” swara smile at him. ” swara come here” he held her hand and made her sit beside. ” what happened??” Swara got confused as he got serious suddenly. ” what if aliya will take shiddat with her” sanskar asked staring in her eyes which suddenly showed fear. ” where aliya will take her she is also living with us” swara tried to divert the topic. She don’t want to talk about it.
” stop running from reality, shiddat is aliya’s daughter. You have no legal right to keep her” sanskar said as his eyes got wet. ” why are you saying like this?” Swara’s tears feel down her cheeks. ” i want you to be strong so, that if such a situation comes you can let shiddat go” sanskar said. ” how can you say like this sanskar? Shiddat is our daughter, you know she can’t live without me” swara chocked due to crying. ” okay calm down” sanskar side hug her to relax her. Sanskar’s fear enhanced as he know hard time is coming. “Swaraaa” sujata called her. ” stop crying and go” sanskar wipe her tears and she left the room. Sanskar signed and ran his hand through his hairs and went to washroom.

In the hall, all are sitting on the dining and having breakfast. Shiddat is sitting in swara’s lap and sanskar is beside them. Aliya and sujata are sitting at front. ” swara” aliya called her and she looked at her. “Did arjun called you ever??” She asked hesitately. ” no” swara sternly said. Aliya sadly started eating. After breakfast sanskar was about to leave for office and swara came to leave him with shiddat. She took off from office for few weeks. ” why did you lied that arjun didn’t called?” Sanskar asked. ” because i don’t want aliya to meet him” swara said. ” but she love him and if arjun is also regretting why don’t you let them meet” sanskar held her hand. ” arjun don’t deserve aliya” she said. ” give One chance to arjun may be he has some reason for leaving aliya” sanskar tried to make her understand. ” okay but just once” she said.
” good now i should leave” sanskar said. ” bye shiddat ” sanskar kiss her cheeks. Then he lean and peck swara’s lips “love you ” swara smile and came back after biding him bye.

Sujata swara and aliya are sitting in the hall and shiddat is also playing.
“Swara why shiddat don’t come to me like you, I’m her real mother? ” aliya asked. Swara blankly stare her as she don’t know what to say. ” because shiddat is living with swara since her birth and real mother is not only the one who gave birth but she is who care for the baby and give motherly love” Sujata said. Aliya nodded. ” don’t mind aliya but the bond which swara have with shiddat is priceless and no one can ever have that bond with her” sujata said clearly. Aliya felt bad that she is saying about her daughter like this but still she pretended to be normal.

In the evening, sanskar came back after a tiring day. His all tiredness vanishes when he saw swara and shiddat playing in the garden. He parked his car and went to garden. ” hello ladies” he said taking seat beside them. ” huh!! We are girls btw” swara roll her eyes. Sanskar chuckles at her. Shiddat jumped into sanskar’s lap. ” how is my baby??” He asked kissing shiddat’s cheeks. Shiddat kiss sanskar’s cheeks and he know swara must have taught her. ” sanskar, arjun is coming tonight ” swara said leaning on sanskar’s shoulder. ” you called him?” He asked. ” hmm” ” aliya know about this??” He asked. ” yes” swara said. They were sitting their for some times and then came inside and have dinner.

Later, the door bell ring and swara went to open it as she know arjun must be there. “Hello swara” arjun greets as swara opened the door. ” hi” she said and he came inside. Arjun and aliya got emotional after seeing each other after long time. Sanskar is sitting with shiddat at one side. Swara also went and sit with them as they want to give time to both of them. ” how are you aliya?” Arjun asked with teary eyes. ” I’m good how are you?” She asked. ” not good without you ” he told. ” then why you left me?” She asked. ” i was helpless, i know i did blunder by leaving you but trust me i was not having any other option you know mom blackmailed me that if i will not leave you she will kill herself” arjun told the reality. ” i was so scared and told you that i don’t want you” tears were flowing from his eyes. ” then why you want me now?” Aliya asked. ” because my mother realized that she was wrong. After i met you last time i was always sad and i never talked to anyone. When she saw change in me she gave me permission to marry you but at that time you were gone” he explained. Swara took shiddat from sanskar and he went to give water to arjun as he was choking. ” I’m sorry aliya please give me one chance” he said. ” you know there is someone else whom you should say sorry” aliya said. ” who??” Arjun asked. ” your daughter” aliya picked shiddat and went near arjun. He was numb after seeing his daughter. He never know what he missed in his life. Arjun picked shiddat and she started crying after seeing stranger. Sanskar took her back and calmed her down. Aliya made arjun sit and told him what all happened in one year and how swara took care of shiddat. ” thank you so much swara and sanskar” arjun said joining his hands.
” I’m so lucky to have swara” aliya said smiling at her. ” don’t worry now I’m back aliya we will marry and live happily with our daughter” arjun’s words pinched swasan. They really don’t want shiddat to leave.
” we will go to London” arjun said. ” why?” Aliya asked. ” because I’m going to start my law office there” arjun told her. ” even you can continue your studies” he further said.
Aliya nodded. ” arjun you can live here tonight” sujata said as it’s quite late now.
” thank you aunty” arjun said. ” shiddat will sleep with us tonight” aliya said and took shiddat from sanskar. Shiddat didn’t reacted as she was sleepy and now she is little familiar to aliya. Aliya and arjun went to guest room with shiddat. A tear escaped swara’s eyes which sanskar and sujata noticed. ” swara let’s go to our room” sanskar went near her and held her hand. She nodded and went to their room.
To be continued…..

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