Sunn Zara – Listen To My Heart Ft- Shivin And Tejasswi – SS Part 2


Hai friends it’s been long since last part of this SS was posted. Thank you Shesha and Jasmine for your support. This is the last part . Let’s go to episode .
Reality : Bold Flashback: Normal font.

Nisha is driving towards wellness temple. Past days run through her mind.

Nisha and Rishi get engaged. Their dads are friends and so decide to get their children married to each other. Few days after engagement Nisha and her mom are travelling in the car.
Mom: Nisha beta Rishi will really be your support in your life and will never let you alone

Suddenly the car hits a lorry and topples. Nisha survives with few injuries but her mom dies on spot.
Days after her mom’s demise Rishi and family visit Nisha and her dad

Rishi’s mom: Mr.Kapoor we will come to matters straight….this sudden demise feels like an ill omen…I think this marriage shouldn’t happen after this

Mr.Kapoor and  Nisha are shocked

Nisha runs inside her room and locks herself. She doesn’t come out for days. Nisha tries to call Rishi but he doesn’t respond .  Nisha’s condition detoriates. Mr.Kapoor gets to know about Aarav and sends Nisha there.

Nisha is brought to reality  by her ringing mobile

Nisha: Rishi

Rishi: Nisha where are you…you very well know that you are unfit to drive

Nisha: Rishi don’t treat me like I’m a patient with a dying illness

Rishi: Do you know that I came all the way to this boring resort as per your dad’s request to be with you and take care of you as he feared you will go back to your drugs

Nisha: So none of you believe me

Rishi: How will we all of a sudden by just a piece of paper…you know what I shouldn’t have accepted your dad’s request to take you back in my life…

Nisha:  What….

Rishi: What.. Did you think I will love some drug addict…’s because your dad begged me and my dad needed your business if not why will I come back to a mental hospital and agree to marry a mental…initially I agreed for business and now I came back for your dad’s begging as he begged me not to leave you because if I do you will become an addict again…(he laughs)

Nisha gets angry and throws the phone out.

Memories of her with Aarav flash . They are camping out and Aarav is playing a guitar and singing.

She remembers their moments in the hospital where she dreams of them making a clay pot together and Aarav asking her to close her eyes during meditation when she was watching him.

Nisha reaches the Wellness temple and goes in search of Aarav . She sees Aarav standing in the dark in the balcony where they enjoyed the ice cream .
Nisha: Aarav..Sorry Dr.Aarav

Aarav turns to her.

Aarav: Nisha….is everything alright

Nisha: No..nothing is alright.. I should have confessed this long back…only those papers knew it but I should have told you when the papers knew it too.

Aarav is confused (so are the readers) Flash back plays. 
Nisha is in her room in the hospital. Every time she closes the eyes she sees Aarav’s cute face . She realises that she is in love.
She pens down her love in the diary.

Next morning she is supposed to discharge and goes to Aarav to convey her feelings


Nisha: But…you said that you hoped that we never meet again so…I realised that I’m just one of your patients here and thought of not confessing my love to avoid being in your bad books…but I was wrong…I should have atleast told my love.

Aarav: Nisha..what you have on me is just a crush or infatuation .you love Rishi and his past actions have wounded you go back to him forget the past and live happily with him. He is back to you now so you should

Nisha: Aarav…I love you..I love you very much… it’s not infatuation…I have fallen in love with your love and care..the love which my mom gave me and talking about Rishi…I was a fool from beginning to think that he loves me it was all a business for him…if not …leave it…I dont want to think of him even. I left in the morning thinking that I can get over you but every moment reminds me of you and that’s when I realised how strong my love is…I ….I didn’t expect a yes from you …. all I wanted is that you should know that there is someone in this earth loving you like anything….I won’t force you to love me.

Saying this she turns to leave. Aarav is unable to control his feelings anymore and pulls her into an embrace.

Aarav: I love you too Nisha..I love you so much

Nisha is surprised and shocked too.

Flashback runs. Aarav is in his room reading a book while resting on his couch.
He remembers his moments with Nisha.

He looks at the book which Nisha took with her by mistake on the first meet and smiles to himself

Aarav to himself: Dr.Aarav Malhotra…what’s all this…she is your patient….is she just a patient…I don’t think so…she is special to you…indeed she is special…I have met many here but she has that smile on my face when I just hear her name or think of her…Nisha…you have literally spoilt me…I love you…

Nisha: Then why did you tell that you never wanted to meet me again

Flashback runs again.
It’s day of discharge

Aarav is standing in the terrace while Nisha runs to hug her dad. Aarav watches her happiness .
Mr.Kapoor: Here is a surprise for you

Rishi comes there. Aarav sees this and decides to hide his feelings for her.






Aarav: I thought that you got your love back and I didn’t want to disturb you with my feelings. When you have confessed your love I can’t hold my feelings anymore.

Mr.Kapoor and Rishi who came there overhear their conversation and Rishi leaves in anger while Mr.Kapoor understands his mistake and Nisha’s love. He too leaves with a happiness that Nisha has found her true love atlast.

Aarav  holds her tight 

Sunn Zara Arziyan Main Mangta Hu
Mere Khuda Se Teri
Sun Zara Khwaab Meri Neend Mein Bhi
Karte Hai Baatein Teri

100 Bar Khuda Se Manga Hai
Manat Ka Tu Woh Dhaaga Hai
Tu Pyar Ke Badle Mein
Apni Yaadein De Gaya

Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya
Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya

Hathon Ki Lakeere Bikhri Hui Hai
Kismat Mein Jaane Kya Likha
Kaash Tu Kahin Se Mil Jaye Mujhko
Sajde Main Karta Sir Jhukha

Main Yaad Mein Teri Har Lamha
Arse Se Khud Mein Rehta Hoon
Tu Khwaishon Se Badhkar
Jhoothe Waade De Gaya

Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya
Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya

Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya
Main Gair Tha Tere Liye
Phir Mujhe Sapne Kyun De Gaya plays in background

Aarav and Nisha together: I hope that we never separate again.



  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode and ending. So, Rishi is a selfish guy who just used Nisha. Poor Nisha suffered a lot after her mom’s death, NIsha confession to Arav was lovely and so Arav to Nisha. Their hug and dancewith thes ong was so nice.
    My favorite moment was pillow moment and jogging moment.
    “I have met many here but she has that smile on my face when I just hear her name or think of her…Nisha…you have literally spoilt me…I love you…” – Arav
    “all I wanted is that you should know that there is someone in this earth loving you like anything…”
    These were my favorite dialogues…… Lovely ending

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shesha!! So happy that you liked the ending and the episode. Very happy to that you liked Aarav and Nisha’s confession to each other. Thank you so much for supporting this ss 🥰🥰

  2. Jasminerahul

    i felt very sad when nisha lost her mom.shocking that considering the tragic incident as a bad omen rishi’s mom called off the marriage.why was rishi talking about drugs?did nisha take drugs during depression? rishi calling nisha mental n telling her openly that he is back to a mental girl only for the business benefit n his dad forced him was so irritating.I am happy that finally nisha realized that she should have confessed her love to aarav.nisha remembering her moments with aarav was sweet.nisha confessing her love to aarav was emotional. nisha saying that she is not expecting yes from him but he should know that there is someone who loves him like anything was the best dialogue.aarav confessing his love n saying that he hid her love only bcz he thought that she got rishi back was nice.the last scene with song was romantic. perfect pics.can’t thank you enough for writing ts on this music video by giving it a happy ending.
    plz write ts on the other tragic music videos of shaheer tejaswi,gurmeet sanaya, arijit taneja- sanaya n Teri galliyan couple

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Nisha was into drugs when she was in depression that is why Rishi was talking about it.Happy that you liked Nisha and Aarav’s confessions and last song sequence. It’s my pleasure that you wanted me to write this SS . Hope that you liked the happy ending version of Sunn Zara. I’ll definitely write the SS of tragic music videos.

  3. Jasminerahul

    my favourite moment was aarav nisha’s most awaited confession.I also liked all the sweet moments on them you added as a song sequence

    1. Sai07

      So so happy that you liked the confession of Nisha and Aarav.

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