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Hellooo sweeties!!!! This is Savanshi back with a two-shot…
An errotic one but in limit…
Sorry for not updating the other story but right now it’s really very difficult for me coz of excessive travelling… so a hearty sorry for that… I’ll try to come up with it soon… till then enjoy this lil creation.. hope it meet ur expectation… the next part will be up soon…
Now pounce on this and do let me know how is it and whether u all want it’s next part…
If u all want then only I’ll come up with it….
Now finger crossed..
Avoid any grammatical errors coz no proof reading….


            SUNDAY MORNING

It’s Sunday today and my Mr. Is in deep sleep like alwaz…
Huh!! This handsome… he alwaz tempts me..
God!!! Just look at his face… I’m awake from fifteen minutes admiring my Sweetheart. He is looking like a delicious dish of the most relishing cuisine on which I’m ready to pounce any minute.
Like seriously.. how can someone look so dashing and admirable in sleep also.
His dark black locks swaying in all possible direction and a few on his forehead are truly a pure example of perfection. I can bet over this thought that God has taken a wholesome amount of time to design this marvellous creation of His.
Now sliding a bit down his temple free from frowns; a high held nose that instantly gets scarlet red at two cases:
First when he is angry, which rarely happens and second when he catches cold. He really looks damn cute and kissable in that appearance.
Now those shiny black orbs that are dangerously hypnotising. None can remain unaffected by the charm of these eyes. But I’m sag right now since the are hidden under the covers of his large lashed eyelids. His cheeks covered slightly with beard patronising his manly charms are always ready to receive the gift.. what?? A kiss off course!!
Right now I’m not in a mood to kiss them coz I have some other wicked plan..
Wanna know???

Wait… wait I’m arriving there…
Now comes the main ingredient of the dish???
His lips!!! Uff!!! These soft folds are my favourite(hehe!! My dirty mind.. but why should I be ashamed.. these are my pleasury)
His lips has such magic that it alwaz leaves me in a delima.. like I’m in now.. that whether I should taste it or not.
And like alwaz.. I lost my battle and places mine rosy feather on his dry ones. A perfect blend of taste.. relishes me. A feeling of bliss. When I was about to break it up unheartedly my sleepy man grabbed my waist forbidding me to do so.. started savouring the taste of my lips. Moving in a magical way we deepend our moment trying our best to extract all off it. A gasp escaped from my mouth when he tickled my belly and he took up the opportunity and grinned like a winner for discovering a way inside and converting my soft kiss into a fantastic French one. We took our time to enjoy the delicacy out of one another. Finally after a couple of minutes we broke apart lacking our breaths.
I was still lying upon him trying to catch up my breath when he turned around and the next moment I was beneath him.

And when I looked up.. Oh my!!! I lost it… blo*dy hell… it’s mesmerizing.. God!!! Those benthic shiny eyes overloaded with loyal affection alwaz make me go insane.. I don’t trust myself right now coz this time my mind is stocked with such thoughts that aren’t even worth expressing.. so plz try understand my condition..

“Back to earth Sweetheart!!”

Gosh U!! U devil.. first u make me hypnotized then u ask me why I’m like this… really I never met someone who is so cruel..
But what can I do I love this cruelty and This Devil!!! I can lay my life for him…
Huh!!! Now let me gain my mood back coz I’m not gonna leave this delicacy so easily and I’m literally in no mood to make a breakfast.. so I’m gonna enjoy this ready made one….

Oh look man!!! How innocently he is gazing me. U innocent devil now I’ll show you who I am.
I took hold of his face gripping it his unruly hairs and smashed my lips onto his.. he was shock striken due to the sudden attack but before he can take any control I tightened my grip causing him to gasp thus succeeding my triumph. I smirked slightly kissing him squares. Today I was in a dominant mode.. before he can cope up with anything I rolled over him thus taking him beneath me while continuing my kiss.. the look on his face gives me immense joy. I just love to see him in this shocked look. I trailed down.. kissing his stubble jaws.. along with unbuttoning his shirt. I reached his throat leaving watery kisses on my voyage.. reaching his crook I gave a hickey there marking him   mine.. Again!!
My multitasking is well working and now his bare torso is ready to bear my soft torcher. I started relishing his glorious morning look.. taking in all at a time.. but my bad luck.. the devil is back…
This much time is enough for him to revive his sense…
And now here I’m ready to be his love’s  victim…
My God!!! Today my Sunday breakfast idea is gonna cost me so much…


HOW WAS IT?????????

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  1. Sus

    ohh my my, its fantastic dear
    really u described in awesome way feeling of swara, ohh god why should we become shy in these things.
    really marvellous writing skills and description is too good. i really loved it

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a lot dear!!!!
      I’m glad that u liked it… and yes I don’t find it fair to be ashamed of having such naughty feelings coz I support equality????
      why should boys have all the fun????

  2. amazing….freaking amazing…reading swasan ffs after 8-9months…and came to tu after so long…and read this one…swasan still effects me so matter serial is over…but their effect on me is…god i cant describe…the way u described…uff…i again fell in love with sanskar??our hotty…loved swara this much bold ..totally loved it….continue soon…n thank u for warm welcome to me?as i read this one first after so long

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey dear!!! Well back here again.. and I felt heartily glad that I got the first opportunity to welcome u after so long… I’m flattered now… thanks for ur fair input… enjoy the other ff’s and works… they’re Great… thanks a hell lot again☺☺☺

  3. It was awesome post next soon

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u dear… will be back soon☺

  4. Awesome..

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u dear☺

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a lot!!!!

  5. Mica

    oh Goooodddddd!!!!!! oh Gooooddd!!!!1 i felt paralyzed damn it!!!
    this bhukhaaaad Swara… omg!!!!!!!! delicious Sanskar….

    I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you
    Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
    By the way, right away you do things to my body
    I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you

    I didn’t know that I… I didn’t know that I… ’til I tasted you
    I didn’t know that I… I didn’t know that I… ’til I tasted you

    By the way, right away you do things to my body
    I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you

    1. Savanshi27

      Hehe!!! Mica dear thanks for the starving input… I too love this song like crazy… yup babe there isn’t any regret mentioning Sanskar delicious coz it’s an universal fact… lucky swara???
      thanks a lot!!!!☺☺

  6. Simi

    Awesome ?

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u dear☺☺

  7. Scooby

    Hi savanshi.. Hr u????
    Ahem ahem ?? ur spoiling a kid innocent me????
    Okieee it was amazing ?? and swara had exclusive brkfast and nxt part sanskar wud have royal dinner???
    U have described beautifully and shying seeing ur words???

    1. Savanshi27

      Hello there sweetheart!!! I’m all well…
      Hehe!!! I’m not spoiling u dear just giving u the upcoming glimpse of future (hope I didn’t offend u)…??
      And truly a heartfelt gratitude to u…☺

      1. Scooby

        Haha ?? u did nt offend me but now i have take defense fir nxt part dr??? glad to hear ur good?

      2. Savanshi27

        Yup sweetheart keep ur defence ready… the next part is up do the show today only??

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks dear☺

  8. IME

    loved it!!

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey thanks a lot dear☺

  9. awesome…loved it

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks a tonn!!!☺

    1. Savanshi27


  10. Praju

    Awesome and lucky swara

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks dear… no regrets.. she I damn lucky?

  11. Arshaanya

    Ohhhh gosh savanshiiiiii dat was so good..
    Plz cross d limit of dere erotic session in nxt shot ??????????

    1. Savanshi27

      Ohhoo!!! My Arshaanya baby… first hello there in line and now coming to the headlines of the week… “ARSHAANYA GONE BAD”…????
      I’ll definitely try to meet up demands…
      and thanks a lot dear☺☺

    1. Savanshi27

      Hearty thanks dear☺

  12. Ufff??swasan r soo hot????i hope swara njoyed her delicious food?loved the way u described.. continue soon

    1. Savanshi27

      This is toh definitely true dear…
      our SWASAN are damn hot… I means freaking hot… off course who wouldn’t enjoy such a delicacy… Thanks for the input dear.. will be back soon☺

  13. Raina

    hey! savanshi dear!!! aww!! my admirer!!! i became your admirer now!!!
    god!!! swasan spoiled us so much!!! all their fans are way too innocent!!!

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey Raina!!!! Now I must say u are flattering me… but yes I won’t contradict on the fact that Swasan are spoiling us… I second u here???
      but yet a heartfelt thanks… any new updates from u??? Plz inform if any☺☺☺

      1. Raina

        i wrote an os recently named ‘Finding the true love of my life… SWASAN OS’

      2. Savanshi27

        I’m gonna look for it.. thanks babe☺

  14. Vyshu10


    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks Vyshu dear… but u are late.. i hoped u would be an early one… nevertheless it’s UR presence that matters.. happy u showed up☺☺☺

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