Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit, AdYa SS Part1

Summer Palace Part 1

The cover credit goes to @Mansi_Creations

A park….

We can see a group of friends there.

Some are lovers and some are just friends.

Alekha:Finally the exams are over and the vacation started.’s a relief.
Aditya:Exactly..we can escape from studies for some time.
Rohit:You guys are so lazy to study.
Shaurya:Who will believe that you both are the best industrialist Raman Bhalla’s and the Dr.Ishita’s sons?
Yug-Aditya laughed.
Sonakshi:Let us enjoy for some time guys.
Rohit looked at Sonakshi romantically:Yes…let us enjoy.
She blushed.

All the couples were busy while Rakshit-Drishti near the car.
Drishti:Rakshit..what will others think?Only we both are in the car.
Rakshit:Only here we will get privacy.

Drishti:But we need to go.
Rakshit:We will go.But after some time.
She blushed.
They sat inside the car and he leaned towards her face.

Seeing the pizza shop in the park Zoya went and bought it.She started eating it crazily.

Suddenly Asad held her hand.
Zoya:What is this Asad?Why are you not letting me eat it?

He took the pizza and brought it close to her mouth.
Asad:I want to feed you.
She smiled.
She opened her mouth hungrily to eat her favourite food.

When the pizza got over,Asad bought another pizza.They fed each other enjoying.

After the pizza is over Asad pulled Zoya closer.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Yug-Nandini were having fun there.

They bought coffee and drank it together from the same cup.

Aliya brought coffee to Aditya.
Aliya:Hot coffee for you Aditya.

Aditya:I don’t want hot coffee,but my hot girl friend.
Aliya:You are shameless.All are here.
Aditya:Everyone already knows that we are shameless.

He pulled her closer passionately.

Shaurya looked at Mehek sweetly.
Mehek:Why are you looking at me like this?

Shaurya:Mehek,I want to tell you something.
Mehek blushed:Say..

Shaurya knelt before her:Mehek..I don’t have to tell you anything as you know already.But still I want to open my heart before you.I love you Mehek.Do you love me?
She blushed.

Mehek:Even I don’t have to say anything as you know everything.Still I want to tell it by myself.So yes…I love you too.

She held his hand.

They embraced each other.

Shaurya was so happy that he he lifted her up and twirled around.

Mehek:Shaurya…all are laughing.
He saw all others laughing.Shyly he put her down.

They saw a puppy there on the ground.She picked it up

and they both pampered it.

Shaurya and Mehek sat down with the puppy.

The puppy ran away.
Mehek:Oh no…
Then they saw the puppy with it’s real owner.They smiled.

Sonakshi slipped to fall down and Rohit caught her.
Rohit smiled:When I am there why should you be scared Sonakshi?

She looked at him:I know that Rohit.I feel secure in your arms..only in your arms.

Rohit caressed her face romantically.Their eyed locked onto each other’s.

One person was staring at them with jealousy.It was none other than Karan.

Drishti and Rakshit came back.

Now all of them put a break to romance and interacted with each other. about going for a tour on this vacation.
Rakshit:Good idea.
Zoya:Idea is good.But where can we go? have a palace.Right?I mean you belong to a royal family as your ancestors were Kings or something.
Shaurya:My great grand father was supposed to be a King.That palace is there.
Aditya:No one is staying there.Right?
Mehek:Then why don’t we spend our summer vacation in that palace?
Everyone said:Yes.
Shaurya:Are you guys sure about it?
They all said:Yes.
Shaurya:Ok done.
Everyone got excited.

Bhalla house…

Ishita to her sons Yug and Aditya:Both of you take care.
Yug:Yes mom.Don’t worry.

Raman:Adi…we know that Aliya is there with you.But be in your limits.
Aditya was embarrassed:Yes papa.

Raman looked at Yug:You too Yug.
Yug:Ok papa.
Ishita:Raman…what is this?What kind of advise are you giving them before going for a vacation?
Raman:Ishita..don’t be a blind mother.I can’t trust these guys.

This generation is not like us.We need to control them.
Ishita became dull.

  1. Shesha485

    Wow, a supernatural fiction, its superb. Whatever Raman said is true about today’s generation. Every boy’s romance with his girl is awesome. Summer Palace title is intriguing.
    Beautiful Banner and pics.
    But there are many couples in this fan-fiction. Mehak-Shaurya, Aditya-Aliya, Yug-Alekha, Zoya-Asad, Rohit-Sonakshi, Drishti-Rakshit and single Karan are there. Who is Yug-Alekha? In which show, they are coming? Thankful to the pics, from that, I am sure that Aliya and Aditya are from someother serial.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.yug is from YHM.he was the adopted son of Ishra in yhm. Alekha is a fictional character.But abhishek verma n niti Taylor acted together in a music video.Aditya and Aliya are from Vish

    2. Shesha485

      Thanks for the clarification ☺️

  2. Supriya_r

    wow….nice intro….having karan is interesting…..excited for next episode

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you .Happy to see your comment

  3. Sidrina

    My favourite couple forver is AsYa❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Adhu

    I just loved every pair since all those pairs are my favorites.Their romantic scenes were really nice. Lovely episode. Waiting for next episode.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

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