Sumit Sambhal Lega 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home after Jaipur trip. Maya welcomes him in romantic way and he expects some quality time. She plays their wedding album, and he is bored. She insists and he teases her about post wedding moments. She sees the video and is glad. The cricket match starts and she asks did he change mode, why is she cricket match instead marriage. She looks at him. He sits silent. She checks DVD and says there is no file of wedding, you deleted the video. He asks why did she make marriage video in rewriteable video. They argue.

Sumit goes downstairs and takes cornflakes. Dolly says she will make parathas. Jasbir comes and asks where is potato in these parathas. Dolly calls him a Aloo and says potatoes are not allowed in your diet. Sumit asks them not to argue, where is Rajneesh. Dolly says its not Rajneesh’s mistake if bull has hit him. Sumit asks Rajneesh did he find anything. Rajneesh says yes, he is in jail. Dolly asks who. Rajneesh says videographer, he did crime to make honeymoon video without permission. Sumit says it means I won’t get marriage video, can I get here as PG mummy ji. Jasbir asks how much rent will you give. Rajneesh asks what did he do. Sumit says he has overwritten cricket match over marriage video. Jasbir laughs. Sumit says Maya won’t forgive me. Dolly asks him to remarry. Sumit says Maya is annoyed, but divorce… Dolly says no, marry Maya again. Rajneesh says we will record in hard drive this time. Dolly says I will fill happiness in your marriage and do all arrangements, it will be fine. She hugs him. Sumit gets glad and goes to Maya.

He says he has bad news, she can’t be annoyed for more time, good news is he did not get marriage video copy, they will be remarry. Maya asks what. Sumit says we will marry again, and make 10 copies, upload in net also, so that we get eternal. She gets glad and hugs him. She likes the idea and says Aaliya’s dream will turn true. He says to attend our marriage. She says I did not know you are sentimental. He says thanks mum… Maya ji. She asks him to keep mummy ji away, else she will take over. He says this is not right. She says please. He says fine, I will manage.

Rajneesh comes to Sumit’s house, with walking aid. He asks about doing preparations himself. Sumit says he is making snacks menu, this is just symbolic update of marriage, we will keep it at home. His friends come and scold Sumit for repeating the mistake. They joke on Rajneesh. Bobby asks for bachelor party. Rajneesh says there is no dinner. His friend says people go in marriage just for having food. Sumit tells what all he decided. Rajneesh gives idea of cake. Dolly comes and asks what am I hearing, you are doing arrangements without me. Sumit says I thought… She says I understood. Maya told you this, I m your mother, your marriage can’t happen without my blessing. Sumit taunts about Rajneesh’s marriage. She pushes him and he falls on Rajneesh. Rajneesh screams.

The guests come in marriage function. Jasbir asks musicians to play a good tune. Sumit asks for old tune. Rajneesh comes and Sumit asks where are white orchids, call decorator. Rajneesh says pandit is missing about mandap cake. Sumit says pandit was not fitting, so I cancelled. Dolly brings paneer dish to keep in snacks. The pandit asks Jasbir to call bride. Aaliya says Kanya mummy is coming. Maya comes there smiling. Sumit and Maya get married and exchange garlands. Maya gives a wonderful speech calling him an ideal husband. Everyone clap. Jasbir says she made him emotional. Sumit has no words. The pandit asks did he not get any note. Maya says Sumit is clever boy, he would have know it by heart. Sumit coughs. Maya gives him water. Sumit compliments Maya. He says he is very happy to be here, that she is happy. She stares at him for this bad speech. Sumit says fine, I forgot.

Sumit says I did not write speech. Maya says we decided. He says I forgot, it does not mean I m not ashamed to delete marriage video. The pandit says very bad. Sumit says Rajneesh is recording everything, I won’t let this marriage get missed. Rajneesh asks Sumit when did you tell me to record. Sumit says sorry Maya, see all arrangements, I ordered white orchids too, it was your favs in college time. She says even I forgot that, you remembered it, I was right, you always take care of my happiness, I really love you. They hug. Sumit and other men see the match and suddenly marriage video starts. Sumit says I did not do this. Jasbir scolds him.

Aaliya shows the barni. Maya says I will sacrifice this barni. Rajneesh and Sumit hide the barni from Dolly and hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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