Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit telling Maya that he hates excuses, sometimes anger is needed to show he is senior. Maya tells about his promotion. Dolly and Jasbir come and show Sumit’s childhood pics. Sumit says I got some manly feeling for few mins, and then this. Rajneesh brings more pics. They all laugh. Sumit tears the pics. Jasbir says don’t worry, I have put it on social network.

Rajneesh tells about Sumit’s reunion party. Sumit says he will not go, whats the use to recall the bad things. Rajneesh says he was Lallu type. Sumit says not Lallu, sincere. Maya says we will go, I want to know how were you. Sumit says the classmates will show off. Maya asks why is he insecure, you have good job and have everything good, and even sharp moustache. Rajneesh says ya that’s right. Sumit says fine, we will go for 10mins and come.
Sumit and Maya come in his school reunion party. He reminds they are here for 10mins and asks Maya to see his bad friends. Sumit’s friend Monty talks to Maya and tells his childhood strange things. Maya looks at Sumit. They go to the food counter. Sumit talks to his friend Manish and tells Maya about Manish and Archana, the school sweethearts. Archana controls Manish a lot and scolds him infront of everyone. Maya asks them to talk, and goes to washroom.
Sumit laughs talking to Manish and recalls the old incidents. Sumit sees Nikita and asks them to see. Archana asks Manish to close his eyes. Nikita avoids Sumit and goes. Monty says she said hi to you, its great. Maya tells Sumit that she met Nikita and she invited them on her table. Sumit shows attitude to Nikita. Nikita asks is this Sumit, sorry I don’t remember him. Monty says he is the one who gave you wrong answer.
Karan comes and hugs Nikita. Nikita introduces Maya and Sumit. Karan asks Sumit is he alive, he felt Sumit died after dog had bitten him. Sumit says no, that was someone else. Nikita shows her school pic to Maya. A guy asks Sumit is he Rajneesh’s brother. Sumit says yes. The guy praises Rajneesh as star cricketer and asks what does he do now. Sumit says he is in police, and I m senior reporter on sports channel. Karan jokes on Sumit.
Maya asks Sumit to come for dance. Sumit refuses. Karan asks Sumit can he dance with Maya. Maya gives her purse to Sumit and goes. Sumit sits holding all the women purses. Sumit gets jealous seeing Maya dancing with Karan.
Later, Sumit comes home and throws away his shoes. Maya dances and he asks her to stop it now. She says I enjoyed after many days, I love dancing. He asks does she mean she will dance with anyone. She says I was enjoying with my friends, are you jealous. He asks did they become your friends, they used to push you in ladies washroom. She says they did treat me back. He says you are also like them, cool gang. She says I just danced, whats the problem. He says I would have stayed at home. She says you never go out, that’s you are not popular, you are big Lallu. He says if you were in my school, you would have called me Lallu too, if I m such Lallu, why did you not marry that Karan. She says because Karan is already married.
Its morning, Sumit is annoyed with Maya. His strange habits irk Maya. He says fine, tell me I m Lallu. She says I was saying, get ironed clothes. Rajneesh comes and brings clothes. Maya asks him about Nikita and Karan, they were missing him. Rajneesh tells good things happened in school. Maya says Karan dances so well, I danced with him. Rajneesh and Maya start dancing. Sumit angrily eats bananas. Maya praises Rajneesh to be such good dancer. Rajneesh says I m very talented. Sumit taunts him. Rajneesh asks what happened to him. Maya says Sumit can’t dance, he was managing purses. They laugh. Sumit leaves. Sumit comes home and asks Maya to come with him to disco, as she loves dancing. He says Saturday.. She says not possible, next week. He says no need, I know excuses of popular girls.
Sumit and Maya argue. She asks him to praise himself. He says he is good at heart, he has pointed moustaches, he has car… She says wow, you have your own car. She says dad’s car. He asks her not to waste time on him. She flirts with him and says he is not Lallu. He asks about Nikita and she gets annoyed. Sumit practices dance on 90s song. Rajneesh teaches him the steps. They dance crazily and non stop.

Maya scolds Sumit for deleting her marriage video. Sumit marries again to save memories. Sumit tells Maya that he does not regret to lose old video, but this time he will store memories.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Crap its an old episode. And even tye precap is an old episode

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Yes…. as show ended after Rajnish marriage….
    Star plus acche shows ko jaldi band krne me bada vishwas rakhta hai… or dusre crap shows ko chalta rehta hai….
    Going to miss Sumit Sambhal lega…..
    Come back with new season fast…

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