Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly telling Sumit that Rajneesh’s marriage can’t happen. Sumit asks what. He says I will think of something. She asks him to do anything, else she won’t let wedding rounds happen. He thinks what to do, is it his marriage. He tells Jasbir to manage Dolly, she is trying to stop marriage. Jasbir says what, she did the right thing, I agree with her, is this any marriage. Jasbir goes.

Sumit tells Maya that mum and dad are angry. Maya asks did he know all this. He asks do anyone tell me, after things spoil, they ask me to manage. She asks him to manage. He asks her to help and tells his plan. She agrees. Dolly sits crying. Happy Tau ji whistles seeing Pavitra. Nirmal sends him. He shows the veg food to Pavitra.

Sumit and Maya come, and say we heard Rajneesh will stay with you. Nirmal says yes, for children’s happiness. Maya says Sumit also invited my parents to stay with us, it was fun, everyone was together, my and Sumit’s parents, they love to be in crowd. She tells about the fights for bathroom, and all the problems that happened. She says but my parents went back in one month. Sumit says I wonder what problem anyone can have to stay with my parents.

Jasbir dances with the kids. Nirmal and Pavitra get annoyed with music. Maya says Sumit, I think band played. Nirmal asks Jasbir to stop this dance. Jasbir asks where will we dance then. Monty and Paggi bring wine. Nirmal and Pavitra get shocked. Jasbir says wine is good, marriage is such dull. Nirmal and Jasbir argue. Nirmal throws the wine bottle. Jasbir gets angry and asks Pavitra to dance on glass pieces.

Nirdharit struggles to get free. Dolly hears some sound and goes to check the washroom. She sees him and asks who is he. She says Nirdharit and frees him. She asks who tied him. He runs outside. Jasbir and Nirmal argue. Dolly asks Sumit did he do what she said. Sumit says I m trying my best. She goes. Nirdharit comes to Sumit and asks him to relax, he won’t do anything, Jasbir and Nirmal are here to spoil this marriage. Maya asks them what are they doing, this marriage will happen, look at Rajneesh and Simran. Sumit asks them to think, if they cancel marriage, all the expenses will get waste. The wedding rounds start.

Dolly stops them and complains about Simran’s family. Dolly says the difference between Rajneesh and Simran will be seen, I was preparing them, I did not wish Rajneesh to be left by the girl again. Rajneesh and Simran take second round, and Pavitra stops them. Pavitra says we will not stay with Rajneesh and Simran. They all get glad. Pandit starts third round. Nirdharit stops them. Simran asks what happened Nirdharit bhaiya. He asks them to continue. Everyone stop them in every round and complain plenty. Jasbir complains about food. Pavitra calls Dolly a selfish lady. Sumit says its enough now, pandit ji continue.

Sumit asks Pavitra how could she tell this to Dolly, which he could not say till now. She says sorry. He says you are great aunty ji. She cries. Maya calls them as mahurat is close. Rajneesh and Simran run and take rounds, and are very happy. Sumit stops them in the 7th round, and says I have to say something. He says I know mahurat has just 5 mins, but mummy and aunty are right, this difference brought Rajneesh and Simran close.

He says life has good and bad, we have to remember good and forget bad, we remember mummy’s awesome pakoda, and not the spoon by which Papa ji used to scratch his waist. They laugh. Sumit says we Walias are strange, Simran knows this well, when Rajneesh asked her what she wants in wedding present, she answered weird, we are unique and Lord is proud making us. He thanks Nirmal and Pavitra for marriage arrangements. He entertains everyone by his talk. Maya signs about time.

Sumit says I know one min is left, marriage is successful when we remember good things and forget bad, I wish you both get good memories, welcome to Walias Simran Bhabhi. Pandit says just 30 secs were remaining. Rajneesh and Simran run and take the final round. They jump happily. Pandit says wedding is completed. Rajneesh and Simran hug everyone. They all pose for a happy family picture. Jasbir stops them and says Dolly has to say something. Dolly says we made a plan, we will make 2nd floor on our house for Rajneesh and Simran. Jasbir says now I will have two houses for all my things. He thanks Sumit for all this. Sumit asks how. Jasbir says you used to say Walias are strange, but stay happy together. Dolly says I used to say Sumit Sambhal Lega. They all laugh.

Maya tells Sumit about reunion. The girl does not remember Sumit. Sumit and Rajneesh dance at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yaar plzz don stoo this show its awesome

  2. Dont stop tis iam a fan of tis serial & specially jasbir walia. I wait to laugh.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Yaar… it was soo soon…
    plz don’t end the show…
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz…… itna acchha show…. pllzzzz new new episode dikhao… but end mat kro….

  4. Please don’t end it. Get a good sleep after a half an hour laugh. A very nice one

  5. Wat they ended the show??

  6. Plz don’t stop dis serial this is my husband’s fav serial this is the only serial which we watch together

  7. Plz for heaven sake dont stop dis serial…i love sumitttttt

  8. I heard that it will again restart..2nd session…when?

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