Sumit Sambhal Lega 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a lady coming to meet Jasbir. She asks Sumit does Jasbir stay here. Sumit asks what work do you have with him, you look a nice lady, don’t say I did not tell you. Jasbir comes and asks who is it. Jasbir and the lady smile seeing each other. He says Rita, how did you come here after so much time. He says Sumit is my neighbor, and also my son by mistake. Rita asks what, did you marry. He says no, body did marriage, soul is still bachelor. Sumit signs him and coughs. Jasbir asks him not to disturb.

Rita says I did not marry, I did not get anyone handsome like you. Sumit asks who are you. She says I m Rita, we were neighbors in childhood. Jasbir says I did not forget anything. They recall the old time. Sumit sees them and stops them. Rita says then Jasbir left

colony. Jasbir says I did not wish to leave. Rita says then we were not in touch, I shifted here in this colony, I was passing by and saw nameplate, I came to check. Jasbir says that’s the right thing I did. Sumit reminds him that he has wife and two kids. Rita says we are neighbors again, keep in touch. Jasbir says we will meet tomorrow to have kulfi. She says I will wait and leaves. Jasbir gets glad. Sumit asks him to be in his senses, his son is standing here. Jasbir says you have grown up and became my friend, help me, and I will also help you if you need it.

Maya laughs and asks Sumit about Jasbir’s old GF. Sumit says I m worried, Jasbir was red like tomato, what about mummy ji, Jasbir is going on Kulfi date, I felt mum and dad will have divorce. Jasbir does jogging. Sumit asks why is he doing. Jasbir takes him to side and says I m in love. Maya gets shocked. Sumit says Papa ji.. Jasbir says I m taking Rita to have kulfi, I lied to Dolly that I m going out with you, I have just few days, you want to snatch my happiness. Sumit says you are blackmailing me like mummy ji and agrees. Jasbir says I love you Sumit and Maya and hugs him. He falls down the stairs. Sumit asks what happened. Jasbir says I have fallen in love. Maya asks Sumit to tell truth to Dolly.

Dolly comes there and taunts Maya on her cooking skills. Maya laughs. Dolly tells Sumit that Jasbir is not coming on dinner program, is he fine? Sumit lies and says you should be happy that Jasbir will be healthy, think less. Dolly says fine and leaves taunting Maya. Maya hits tomato at Sumit angrily.

Jasbir and Rita meet at Jitos on their date. They eat kulfi. They meet often and meet kulfi. Sumit eats food. Dolly comes from shopping and shows her nail polish. Maya compliments her. Dolly says Sumit changed my life. Sumit says I did not do anything. Dolly says Jasbir is going to play cricket daily. Sumit asks daily? You have to stop him. Dolly says you said cricket is healthy for him. Sumit says no, just stop him. Dolly says I think there is something fishy, tell me. Maya says Jasbir has a girlfriend. Dolly asks what did you say. Maya says Papa ji does not go to play cricket, he goes to meet his girlfriend Rita.

Jasbir comes home. Sumit turns. Jasbir tells Dolly that he will come later and lies about cricket. Dolly stops him and asks for his phone to order sweets for him. He gives the sweets. She checks the phone and says I heard you have GF named Rita. Jasbir denies it. Dolly calls Rita and says I heard a lot about you, I m Jasbir’s wife, come on lunch tomorrow, I want to see you.

Rita comes on lunch and talks sweetly with Jasbir. Dolly taunts him. Jasbir says its destiny that Rita and I met. Sumit asks Maya to hide before Dolly explodes. Dolly says I don’t have any problem. They ask what. Dolly says I see Jasbir happy and that’s a wife’s duty. Sumit says I m fainting Maya. Jasbir praises Dolly. Dolly says I m not great, I m doing duty to be a good wife. Rita says no, you are very sweet. Dolly says no, you are sweet to regard my husband as yours, sister now assume my house as yours. They hug. Maya says Sumit, I m fainting too, whats happening.

Rita tells Dolly that this was her dream to cook food for Jasbir, thanks Dolly. Dolly says my happiness is in Jasbir’s happiness. Maya asks Dolly how can she let Jasbir do this. Jasbir says what to fight now in this age. Rita gives the food. Jasbir says I like it. Rita prays he likes it and shows the veg salad. Jasbir asks her did she forget to keep food. Rita says I made this beetroot salad for you, this is your food. He says you are mistaken. She says you will get this in food. Rajneesh laughs and says I like this new mummy. Jasbir says I will get slim. Rita says yes, you need to get slim, we will go jogging for 7kms at 5am. Jasbir says I can’t bear this. Rita says the rules and Rajneesh jokes on Jasbir. Jasbir says but… I also want to do something and give you surprise. She says I like surprises. He opens the door and sends her out. She knocks door and says there is no surprise here. Jasbir says walk and then dive in river to get surprise. Rajneesh laughs.

Jasbir apologizes to Dolly and asks her not to leave home. Dolly says I knew Rita will try to make you right, now bear it. He asks her to cook. She says you will get it after one week. She tells children that she is going Shimla with her friends. They clap. Jasbir begs her to stop. She leaves. Jasbir holds his head.

Simran shows the pic to everyone. They all see it and ask how did this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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