Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir, Rajneesh and Sumit gifting Dolly a watch on her birthday. She likes it and says I always such watch, my mum had same. She gets bill of 21000rs. Sumit says bill was left in box by mistake. Rajneesh says what. Sumit took just 2000rs from me and dad. Jasbir says I will pay more. Rajneesh asks what did Sumit want to prove that he is their Shravan Kumar, when mum dad get blind, I will take them in basket on world tour. Maya looks on. Rajneesh says no I will give money. Maya helps him in calculations. Sumit and Rajneesh argue. Dolly asks them to stop it and return this watch, this is curse. Sumit asks her to keep it, he has went to markets to get same clock, I lost 2 kgs to find this, you will like it. Dolly says it means Jasbir and Rajneesh did not help Sumit in

finding the watch. Jasbir and Rajneesh scold Sumit.

Sumit says nonsense, I should have not got this. Dolly says so you find gifting mother is nonsense, take this watch. Sumit gets sad. At night, Maya asks Sumit why does he not gift her any special thing. He says my every gift is special. She says what special, you gift me kadai on every birthday, will you not do anything special for me. She cries. He laughs. She asks why is he laughing. He says yes, I m laughing on my fate, I bought a special new year gift for you, this will shock you. He gives her clues. She asks what is it, sorry. He says go, forgiven… and gets tensed.

Rajneesh and Simran watch movie and have a romantic moment. He switches off lights and gets close. The door bell rings. He switches on the lights. Simran opens door and its Sumit. She welcomes him. Rajneesh calls him enemy. Sumit asks did she do new year shopping Simran. She says yes. He says I want to give special gift to Maya. She says Maya loves pyjama. He says I know, what else.

Rajneesh asks him to go out and think. Sumit says I want to show my ideas are original, tell me. Rajneesh tells Simran about special gift to Dolly, and now he is in pressure from Maya. Simran says sumit you are sensitive, whatever you choose will be good. He says I like non stick kadai. Rajneesh asks do you not know Maya’s choice, Maya used to go to hill station to her uncle’s place, gift her that trip. Sumit says yes, great. Rajneesh says wait, I got another idea, gift her song album, which she liked. Sumit says but Kadai has spoon free. Rajneesh asks him to go. Sumit leaves.

Its New year, Sumit brings a gift for Maya. She gets stunned seeing the first edition of the her fav album. She thanks him and says I m so sorry I did not believe you when you said you bought something special for me. Rajneesh says this has beautiful poetry. Maya thanks Sumit. Dolly asks Jasbir why does he not give her any special gift. Jasbir says are these two monkeys less than beautiful gifts. Maya asks Sumit how did he get this gift idea.

Sumit lies and says how he got this idea. Sumit and Maya romance. Maya is happy with his gift. Simran and Rajneesh come home. Maya shows the gift by Sumit and says I love Sumit, he is so sweet. Sumit says I wanted to gift you trip, all those things are in my heart, I want to give you smile. Maya gets glad and says you… Rajneesh gets angry and says this was my idea. Maya says what.

Rajneesh tells Maya that all these were his ideas. Simran asks Rajneesh what was need to tell Maya that it was his idea and says what Rajneesh did for her. Sumit says that was mummy’s ideas. Simran and Maya get angry on them. Rajneesh says sorry Sumit. Maya asks Sumit not to gift anything as she understands she is not special and returns his gift.

Sumit says I put efforts in mummy’s gift as that matters to her, but you are not like that, you know love and feelings are imp than gifts, I m sorry to lie, but think Maya, just that man can tell lies who is special. Maya agrees. Rajneesh tells Simran that he also wanted to say this. Dolly come sand is angry on Jasbir. She says I got new year gift from Jasbir and he gave me recipe book, and asks Maya and Simran did they like the gifts. Simran and Maya say we are happy with the gifts. Dolly wishes them happy new year and hugs her sons. Maya says we two. Dolly leaves. They laugh. Simran says we did not forgive completely. Rajneesh and Sumit are at Jitos and say shayari. They laugh. Sumit leaves.

Rajneesh asks Simran’s parents can I marry Simran. Another guy of their community comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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