Sumit Sambhal Lega 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Monty complaining about the bachelor’s party. Rajneesh laughs. Sumit says Rajneesh will be becoming Mrs. Simran, whats there to celebrate. Monty says its boring party. Rajneesh says Sumit you called everyone to give me surprise right. He goes to check and sees his neighbor. The old man says I came to see what you are doing, where are the girls. Rajneesh says its my bachelor’s party. Rajneesh jokes that they called many girls. Old man scolds them and checks the room. Monty gets message and says I have to leave.

Sumit asks why is he leaving. Monty says I have to do duty to pick my wife, Sumit drop me. Sumit tells Rajneesh that he will come back, sorry. Rajneesh says no need. Sumit says why, its bachelor’s party today. Rajneesh says no, we will pack up, its great bachelor’s party. Sumit goes to drop Monty. The old man says girls are gone, but I got proof. Rajneesh says that’s my brief.

Sumit comes home. Maya says its just 8pm, even kids party does not end so soon. Dolly and Simran come and scold Sumit for breaking Rajneesh’s heart. Sumit says party was good, Rajneesh was laughing. Dolly says he is crying now, is this any party. Sumit says Rajneesh wanted some party, he told me not to do much things. Dolly says what people say and mean are different things. Sumit says Rajneesh would have told me straight. Simran says he felt bad. Sumit says Rajneesh is emotional too. Simran asks who does this with brother. Dolly asks him to give another party. Maya says that too grand. Sumit asks did you mean, food, wine and girls. Dolly says no, book at Jito’s. They tell their ideas. Sumit asks pink ribbons, roses? Is Rajneesh a 6 year old girl? Dolly blackmails Sumit. Sumit agrees to give party for the sake of halwa. Dolly says great, and leaves.

Sumit welcomes everyone in the party. Sumit talks to constable and others. Jasbir asks Sumit not to worry, music band will come. I will remind them with love. He scolds the man and asks him to come in 5 mins. Monty comes and gives the banner. Sumit says Rajneesh can come anytime. Nirmal and Nirdharit come and greet them. Sumit says I m glad you came in party. Nirmal says we came as Simran insisted, she said this increases love. Nirdharit says I hope you did call women with short clothes. Jasbir says even if they came, they would have worn clothes seeing you. Sumit laughs and says Jasbir jokes.

Sumit asks his friend did he get wine. His friend says I did not get wine. Sumit sees banner, happy birthday Jeetu…. He asks Monty whats this banner, and jokes to celebrate birthday. Monty says I will see right banner. Constable says cooks ran away as I have beaten them, I will do something. Sumit says Rajneesh would be coming, and party’s band already played. Jasbir comes with the band and dances.

Sumit asks who are they. Jasbir says they are music band. Sumit says I asked for DJ. Jasbir says it does not matter. Sumit says what a nonsense party, no food, music and wine, and we are celebrating Jeetu’s happy birthday. Monty says don’t worry Sumit, we will go in neighbor marriage and get wine. The guests also leave. Sumit is left alone at Jitos.

Nirmal says we did not know this party will be such peaceful. Maya, Dolly and Simran come to give surprise, and get surprised…. Seeing the guests gone. Sumit asks how did they come here. Dolly says we came to see whats happening here. Dolly and Maya scold Sumit. Sumit says I tried hard. Simran says poor Rajneesh. Nirdharit asks her to think, Sumit hates Rajneesh. Sumit says no, I did best. Jasbir says it was Sumit’s idea to call band instead DJ. Sumit says that was your idea. Rajneesh comes and asks whats happening here. Jasbir says its your bachelor party. Rajneesh says its over. Sumit says no, that was prank, this is real party. Rajneesh asks whats this game. Nirdharit says Simran told me, last party was bad, so your mum forced Sumit to give good party. Rajneesh confirms it from Sumit.

Sumit says I tried, and could not do. Jasbir says family matters. Dolly says I will give you good party Rajneesh. Rajneesh says party is good. Dolly tells Sumit that Rajneesh is in shock. Rajneesh says Sumit, its great party, you did all this for me and that’s big thing. Sumit says I m happy if you are happy. Rajneesh thanks and kisses Sumit. Dolly hugs them. Maya says we have best cook to make food. Dolly asks who. Maya says you. They laugh. Constable comes and Dolly says she will cook this chicken. Sumit asks Maya to show her world famous lemon chicken. Maya says sure and goes. Rajneesh asks Simran to show her veg magic. She smiles and goes.

Monty and guests come back again. Sumit asks how did they come back. Monty says he got wine from the neighborhood party. They all laugh. Jasbir asks the men to play band. Everyone dance. Rajneesh and Sumit dance in high spirits. Dolly and Maya laugh. Simran and Rajneesh dance. Nirdharit asks Simran to think again. Simran gets angry and asks him to stop it, calling him brother. She sends him to Nirmal. Sumit asks Maya for a dance and flirts. They dance. Jasbir flirts with Dolly and they dance.

Rajneesh and Simran’s marriage function is going on. Dolly says this marriage can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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