Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 15 last episode

Recap mendhi sangeet function tina wants to run away suraj confesses to tina that he doesn’t love her sukor share romantic moments suraj sneeks in chakor room and covers with haldhi

Chakor;now the haldi rasaam is complete ?nd u thought i would let u get away with u covering me in haldhi…suraj notices chakor mendhi and opens her palms…chakor;?such as much as u want but u wont find ur name….suraj;already see it suraj leans down and kisses chakor plam in which his name is written on…chakor;suraj!there’s only an hour left for the rasaam to start and uv covered me in haldhi what will every1 say i need to take this of…chakor walks of but suraj pulls chakor back and rips hee doori of…chakor feels the pull…and leans bk on suraj…chakor;my blouse!? suraj;why dont i help u take it of i mean it will much quicker if i help?chakor;no there is no need suraj lifts chakor and takes her to the shower he runs the shower and starts to rub the haldhi of chakor….vivaan sees imli….vivaan olv i can’t stay away from imli no more i need to tell her that i love her! Vivaan;imli i love u..imli;vivaan i love u to vimli hug…imli;but vivaan i cant do this to didi i need to stay away from u the haldhi rasaam starts vivaan and tina complete the rasaam…kaustri olv where is chakor?tejswani olv where is suraj…vivaan and tina walk of to take a bath and to get dressed for the wedding…tejswani notices chakor is also not around…tejswani olv could it be? chakor leans against the wall and suraj holds chakor suraj comes closer to kiss chakor…chakor closes her eyes….kamal olv where r suraj and chakor…ranjana;everyone dont we worry suraj must be resting since he has a cold and chakor to must be resting i dont think the haldhi rasaam is important its not greater than the marrige…kaustri,tejswani;yes ur right lets prepare for the wedding ritual…chakor holds suraj but tina knocks on the door…sukor gasp…chakor:suraj u need to leave some1 is here?suraj;who cares im not leaving…chakor pushes suraj out and signals him to leave…chakor quickly wears her clothes and opens the door…tina closes the door and hugs chakor…tina;chakor please help me escape i need to leave from here! I dont like suraj he use to eye me…chakor olv what my suraj is not like that? chakor;tina i think ur mistaken suraj wouldn’t eye u like that…tina;that’s the same thing he said? but please help me…tina takes her lengha of she sees the window in chakor room and escapes…chakor;but tina where will u go…tina;i have a friend nearby who will help but u friend have helped me alot…suraj spots tina running away…suraj olv?my museebat ran away now how do i stop chakor’s….ajay phones chakor…chakor olv why does inspector ajay keep calling me…chakor;hello? Ajay:chakor jee i love u so much please marry me i will keep u very happy…chakor;what!look inspector ajay i respect u alot and u will find a nice girl but i already got married i hope u the best in life goodbye…ajay cuts the call…ajay;but miss chakor i loved u? No i need to move on if miss chakor is happy i should be happy for her and leave her at peace…chakor texts adi and ria…chakor;suraj managed to stop the engagment and tina ran away now there is one problem left and where r u guys…ria;well chakor me and adi followed ur route we got married in a mandir chakor;what?u guys never told me so u wont be able to make it…adi;why r u getting so shocked did u tell us about ur marrige chakor no and suraj ur paathi is there he has done so much i bet he has a final plan up his sleeve…kaustri comes in and dresses chakor in a dark red lengha…ranjana comes in and sees chakor…ranjana;wow my bahu looks so pretty im sure vivaan won’t be able to stop looking at u…suraj runs in his room he takes out his alcohol bottle…munna,sikki;suraj what are u doing…suraj;that tina ran away…munna;what! Suraj jumps on his bed in happiness…munnaand sikki join suraj and all 3 drink tejswani overhears the conversation….tejswani;what! Suraj and his friends jump of the bed and stop drinking…tejswani;what is all this i need to inform kamal jee! Suraj;mom no its ok im fine tejswani walks of in anger….suraj olv how shall i stop mom? Suraj whilst walking out spots imli…suraj;mummy i know we can fix this il er marry imli! Tejswani;what! Suraj;yh il marry imli and then we will tell everyone that tina left and imli saved our family izaat…suraj;mom dont worry il convince imli..

Imli looks outside vivasns room…suraj grabs imli hand and takes her to his room…imli;suraj? suraj;i have no time do u love vivaan yes or no…imli olv no i cant say yes? suraj;imli answer me! Imli;yes….suraj;i have a plan get ready in tina clothes i convinced mummy that u will marry me imli;what no! Suraj;yh i to dont wanna marry u but il get u married to vivaan…imli;but didi! Suraj;dont worry about ur didi just trust me il get what i want and u will get what u want…imli hesitates and agrees…suraj signals sikki to go in chakor room sikki swaps the veils imli covers herself in chakor veil whilst kauatri puts imli veil on chakor…suraj gets dressed and heads downstairs vivaan and suraj sit in the mandip….preist;please get the brides its time for the ritual…suraj smirks…tejswani worries she sees chakor and is relieved to see that imli agreed tejswani holds chakor and makes her sit next to suraj…suraj olv well im getting married again this time infront of society…chakor hesitates…chakor;olv i can’t marry vivaan ranjana gets imli and makes her sit besides vivaan the ritual starts…preist;please get up for the phere…suraj and chakor stand up…chakor;no i cant betray suraj as a married woman i cant marry another man! Suraj notices chakor feeling hesitant and holds her hand to take the phere…sukor and vimli go around the fire 7 times…priest;now place the sindoor and maglassothra on the bride suraj places sindoor and the manglsoothra on chakor…chakor olv these r suraj hands? vivaan places it on imli…preist;the marrige is now complete…sukor and vimli take of there sehra and veil…imli and vivaan smile seeing each other suraj winks at imli…imli smiles at suraj…vimli r happy seeing each other married…vivaan olv how did this amazing miracle happen…mahiya plays chakor is shocked to see suraj…suraj smirks…kaustri;what is all this chakor with suraj and imli where is tina…tejswani;tina ran away…richand;i cant believe this im so ashamed…im sorry kamal jee richand walks of in disappointment…suraj whispers to chakor…suraj;pathni jee get ready for some overacting…suraj;chakor is my wife what is all this…chakor;i cant stand suraj i dont accept this marrige…suraj olv chakor what do u mean u r overreacting a little bit to much…ranjana;what has fate done suraj and chakor u cant deny ur husband and wife u need to accept ur marrige and imli and vivaan u to need to do the same…kauatri hugs imli and chakor…kaustri;i don’t know how this happened but i want both of you’s to try and fulfil ur marrige chakor and imli cry bhavan and kaustri greet kamal and leave the guests also greet kamal ranjana and tejswani and leave…sukor smirk at one another…suraj;so i did what i wanted i married u infront of everyone…vimli approach sukor…imli tellz vivaan and chakor the plan of suraj…vivaan;but suraj why did u wanna marry chakor i thought u hated her…suraj;well u thought wrong me and chakor were married ages ago we did this to make it offical without upsetting the family? vivaan;what ! Suraj;u should be thanking me i united u with ur love…ranjana comes and takes imli to vivaan room…vivaan follows imli ranjana leaves vimli hug…vimli;i love u ….kamal;suraj chakor whatever happened was wrong but now chakor u r the bari bahu of rajvanshi family and my blessings are with you tejswani blesses chakor tejswani and kamal leave…sukor hug and smile and one another…suraj pokes chakor…suraj;what did u mean u didnt accept our marrige?chakor?ur the one who told me to act…suraj lifts chakor up and takes her to his room…chakor;so mr rajvanshi ur hard work has payed of u united vimli and married me again? suraj;what were u thinking i mean did u seriously think i was gonna let u go and u didnt even speak up during the marrige meaning u would have left your husband and would have forgotten ur marrige with me…chakor kisses suraj cheeks…chakor;i would never leave you your my everything as soon as you held my hand i knew it was you…chakor leans ontop of suraj…chakor touches suraj lips with her fingers…she leans foward and kisses suraj…suraj;wow i didnt know u were so romantic…chakor;well today u will learn alot about me suraj rajvanshi chakor lays ontop of suraj and holds him tightly..chakor leans foward and turns the lamp light of…

3 months into marrige Sukor live a happily married life suraj wants a child and chakor reveals she is pregnant the whole family celebrate…the family accept imli for vivaan and suraj for chakor sukor live happily and await for thier child….

Thank u everyone for the support i hope u enjoy the last epsiode…

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Beautiful ending. Loved sukor romance. Suraj’s plan was awesome. Happy that nobody got a sniff of sukor’s secret marriage as it would have created a big drama. Will miss this story

  2. last part wow I really liked it ?

  3. Beautiful ending! Loved Suraj’s plan, it was perfect. Loved Sukor romance and bold Chakor. Sad the story had to end, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

  4. Bidisha Karar


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