Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 14

recap surajs friends stop the engagment sukor r relieved chakor phones suraj…

chakor;i didnt think you would be able to do all that! suraj;well you should never underestimate me….kaustri;chakoria are you ok now…chakor;iv got to go bye…suraj but…tejswani; so suraj beta how r you feeling i hope ur better for the sangeet nd mendhi since ur not well ur papa has decided to not do the sangeet and has instead opted out for doing the haldhi and the day after the marrige…suraj olv what so soon! tejswani;you take some rest and il see you tommorw…chakor;mai im much better now…kaustri;well chakor kamal jee has decided to only keep the sangeet for u nd vivaan as suraj is unwell so get some sleep as ur haldhi is also tommrow…chakor worries and falls asleep…

kaustri;chakor imlu get up!!! we have no time to sleep imli wakes up…imlu olv vivaan baabu i love u how can i have fallen in love with vivaan no i cant do this cheap act he is didi suhaag i need to stop thinking about vivaan…chakor olv i cant do this anymore i need to stop this madness chakor gets up and gets ready chakor wears a beautiful green lengha…chakor stares and her necklace…chakor;suraj what are we going to do…
tina olv whos help shall i take i cant marry suraj! richand and tina enter the haveli tejswani and ranjana greet tina and make her sit…chakor enter suraj stares from the balcony…suraj olv wow my chakor looks so beautiful i need to go down to see her! chakor spots suraj chakor winks at suraj…suraj;wow….(sighs) munna;oh lover boy what are we gonna do today! suraj spots imli staring at vivaan and vivaan staring at imli…suraj olv could it be that vimli like each other…suraj;oh il take matters in my own hand now i just need to confirm one thing and then im set you guys sit bk and relax and see the wedding unfold suraj gets ready and heads downstairs…mahiya plays sukor stare at one another….tejswani olv why is suraj eyeing chakor? he didnt even look at tina… tina olv chakor yes only she can help me i need to escape…the mendhi rasaam starts chakor and tina apply mendhi…suraj texts chakor….suraj;make sure you hid my name well…chakor olv what does he mean suraj signals chakor to look at her palm chakor is shocked to see suraj name and panics…suraj olv chakor why r u forgetting we are married obviously i wasnt gonna let you put another mans name on ur palm…ragini;

well thier is no music or dancing lets start the fun ragini takes imli and starts to dance with her ragini takes vivaan and makes imli and vivaan dance together…vimli dance to thum he hoo and stare and one another….vivaan olv i love imli? chakor looks at her mendhi and smiles suraj signals chakor to meet him…chakor and suraj slowly walk of…suraj hugs chakor…suraj; i missed you so much i mean before this wedding drama i use to see u everyday…chakor;then we should do somthing about this…suraj;well the mendhi rasaam is done but we didnt do one rasaam which was the engagment…suraj takes out a ring and places it on chakor finger…chakor lays her head on suraj chest….chakor;suraj i cant do this drama anymore suraj spots tina…suraj;chakor go bk in i need to finish an important work suraj leaves and chakor heads bk downstairs…tejswani trips on chakor…tejswani;im sorry…chakor;its ok….chakor walks of and washes of her mendhi…ranjana;wow ur mendhi is so dark ur husband will love u alot chakor olv well that is true my husband does love me alot chakor smiles…suraj sees tina and approches her…tina;suraj i dont want u im not happy ik uv been eyeing me but i cant live with you…suraj: what you think i eye you suraj olv iv never directly looked at you before why would she think i eye her…suraj;well im not happy we need to brake the marrige i dont like you either…tina olv this suraj is so rude…tina washes of her mendhi and is surprised to see it very light…suraj;so even this mendhi color indicates that i dont want you or love you suraj olv i only love chakor…suraj leaves…tejswani olv wait thats the same chain suraj said he brought for himself….why was chakor wearing it no could it be or am i over thinking….chakor and tina change thier attire for the haldhi ceremony vivaan and suraj also change thier attire…suraj walks past chakor room and spots chakor by herself suraj sneeks in and locks the door he hugs chakor and kisses her back…chakor;what r u doing here…suraj helps chakor wear her jewellery suraj notices the haldhi he puts the haldhi all over chakor face arms and waist chakor closes her eyes…chakor;suraj what have you done…chakor touches suraj cheeks and smudges the haldhi on his face sukor smile…

precap chakor helps tina escape suraj celebrates tejswani is shocked to see suraj behaviour tejswani and kasutri conivnce imli to sit as the bride sukor worry what will happen in the marrige

  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved sukor’ romance. The haldi part was also nice. So suraj understood vimli’s love. Waiting for next. Hoping sukor will be married without any drama

    1. Thank u sukor will marry one another whilst vimli will get married

  2. Hey tipu the whole episode was awesome. But please don’t separate sukor. The precap is good.

    1. Thank u so much dw sukor won’t seperate

  3. Amazing update! Loved how Suraj managed to have his name written on Chakor’s hand and how he applied haldi to her. Will there be bride swap? Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Yep and suraj will be aware of the swap nd thank u glad u enjoyed it

  4. nice update it’s interesting to know what will happen next as Imli is going to sit on Tinas place.

    1. Thank u i changed it abit suraj is the one that convinces imli to sit

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